The gaming community has watched Minecraft develop over the past 11 years from a struggling independent game to the massive pop culture sensation that it is today. Since its debut in 2009, Minecraft has consistently been among the most-played games on the market. It is widely popular, and many users have reported that playing with Xbox One is fun. But installing it on Xbox One is quite a difficult task. So how to play Minecraft Windows 10 with Xbox One?

This step-by-step tutorial will show you how to play Minecraft on Windows 10 with an Xbox One. If you need to log in, start by going to the Microsoft Store and logging in. Search for “Microsoft launcher” in the Playstation Store search field, then click “Get” to purchase it. MSA can be helpful if you want to install the Launcher and log into the Minecraft Launcher.

Here is a step-by-step guide that will walk you through the entire procedure on Xbox One, playing Minecraft on Windows 10.

Stepwise guide to “how to play Minecraft Windows 10 with Xbox One.”

Follow these steps to quickly download the game on your Xbox and start having fun right away!!

Step 1: Visit the Mojang website in step one.

The first step to the question – “how to play Minecraft Windows 10 with Xbox One?” is to go to the browser you like the most. You can also go to the browser that you use most often. Then type “” into the address bar. mojang website

It will lead you to the game development studio’s home website. This site is responsible for making fun games for emerging platforms. They also use the website for advertising their Xbox One games and updates

Step 2: Open your Mojang account and log in.

Look immediately below the Mojang logo to access your Mojang account at the top of the page. Under it, you’ll notice some links to subpages; select “Account.” In case you don’t have an account, you can create one using the following stepslogin mojang

Go to the login screen. Check your screen’s upper right corner again, then select the “Log In” button. After that, enter your email and Windows password. You can enter by pressing the enormous green button.

You can also visit this link to register for a new account – After that, to find the answer to the question – “How to play Minecraft Windows 10 with Xbox One?” enter your password and email address, then confirm your entry by going to your email address and accepting the URL Mojang sends you.

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Step 3: Activate your code (if applicable).

The solution to your question, “how to play Minecraft Windows 10 with Xbox One?” is just a click away now. Once you redeem the code, you’ll immediately be taken to your games directory.

You can find the Minecraft Windows 10 Version link, guidelines, and a “Get Your Free Copy” button in the standard Minecraft PC edition. This step will lead you to the Microsoft Account login screen.activate code After entering into your Microsoft or Live/Outlook email service, the website will direct you to another website where you may install Minecraft Windows 10 Edition for free! Remember that you will require a Microsoft account to claim the game.

You can register on any Microsoft site by opening a free email account, including Xbox Live, and make clips on Xbox One. You can open an account by clicking on the link “,” but only if you do not have one. It will take you closer to the query to play Minecraft on Windows 10 using Xbox One.

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Step 4: Install the game.

Go to the Microsoft App Store. Search for “how to play Minecraft Windows 10 with Xbox One” Edition in the top-right corner of the screen after signing in with the same Microsoft account you used to get your game. You can also share your game on Xbox One. You will find it on your desktop shortcuts bar or by scrolling down at the left side of your Start Menu (a paper bag silhouette with the Windows icon representing it).

Click on it. A search bar drop-down menu will be visible. It will help you to reach the home page of the game. Please enter your password to install the game for free after picking the option with premium since it downloads the entire game. install game

Select the “Free Trial” button if you don’t already own the original Minecraft PC edition and don’t want to pay for the completely open beta version. The free trial lasts roughly 90 minutes and includes most of the game. After 90 minutes, you won’t be able to advance your world, but you can keep creating new worlds to continue playing.

Pick the version with the price tag in the App Center if you don’t have Minecraft but still want the complete game. It costs roughly $10 to purchase, but aside from that, it’s less expensive than buying the full version of Minecraft for the PC.

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Step 5: Start the game!

When the download is complete, click “Open,” and the game will immediately begin! It is “how to play Minecraft Windows 10 with Xbox One,  but make sure your Xbox One doesn’t keep turning off.start game You must sign into both your Xbox Live and Microsoft accounts must be used to sign in. 


How can you get a free of cost copy of Minecraft for Windows 10?

Go to and select the Windows 10/11 download option.

For PC, is Minecraft Windows 10 free?

If you already own the game's PC version, Minecraft: Windows 10 Edition is real and costs nothing. This article will guide you in this process along with 'how to play Minecraft Windows 10 on Xbox One.'

Can you play Minecraft on Windows 10?

Minecraft for Windows is a version of the game made for computers running Windows 10 or later. It supports cross-play with users of 'Bedrock devices,' such as Android smartphones and iOS.

What is the price of a Minecraft PC?

The cost of a Minecraft PC is USD 26.95

Where can you buy the Java Edition of Minecraft?

Minecraft: Java Edition can be purchased for USD 26.95 or equivalent in other currencies at It is a one-time deal. You can buy an account for yourself or a code to offer to someone else.

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In this article, we have listed all the steps to answer your queries regarding how to play Minecraft on Windows 10 on Xbox One, for which you can even use your laptop as a monitor for Xbox one.

Did you know that the dragon egg is Minecraft’s costliest item and cannot be easily obtained? Get one for yourself that you enjoy playing Minecraft on the Xbox One running Windows 10! 

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