How to Play iOS Games on PC Using Emulators [Smart Ways]

How to Play iOS Games on PC

The number of people involved in the gaming world is on the rise. Hence, it is an increasingly popular question of how one can recreate one’s tiny phone screens on one’s PCs. Precisely, this article talks about how to play IOS games on PC Using Emulators.

What is an emulator, you ask? An emulator is computer hardware or software that enables one computer system (called the host) to behave like another computer system (called the guest). In short, these are programs that recreate your iPhone screen on your PC. Luckily, this ultimate guide will provide you with several emulators and also another way if you wouldn’t like to use an emulator to play iOS games on your PC. To know about the best box 360 motorcycle games, click here.

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The 5 Best Emulators to Help in How to Play IOS Games on PC

There are several emulators that one can use for such a purpose. Among the most popular are the following emulators that you may download and use without any tech knowledge.


It has to be one the most widely used and among the best emulators on this list for how to play IOS games on PC. It can easily be used on Windows and is used by several app developers to test iOS apps. Smartface offers both unpaid and paid (starting from $99) versions from which you can select based on your needs.


Download: Smartface

iPad Simulator

This list cannot be complete without the mention of this emulator. It is compatible with Windows and Chrome and is ideal for playing iOS games on your computer. Using this application, you won’t even need a physical iPad because of its functionality.

iPad Simulator
iPad Simulator

Download: iPad Simulator 

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This has to be the next on this list, and I think I can safely call it the best iPad emulator. It is highly user-friendly and is compatible not only with Windows but also Mac OS and Linux. It can also replicate Apple features like Siri and iMessages on your computer screen. Using this application, you can easily play iOS games on your PC. However, one downside to using this emulator is that it provides paid services.


Download: iPadian

This emulator is one which is a cloud-based iOS emulator that you do not need to download on your PC. Despite this, it is highly functional and apt for gaming purposes. wouldn’t be my personal favorite on the list since it offers paid services.

Also, if you are thinking about applying modules to the ROM for your Android, then give this article a read.

Download: is also a stable and satisfactory emulator. It has promising and easy to use interference, which makes it perfect for usage in gaming. The only con of using this emulator could be the long uploading time which makes it difficult for how to play IOS games on PC.


Some other emulators which are worth a mention are: Mobione Studio, Xamarin TestFlight, and Ripple.

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Is Using Emulators Only Way to Know How to Play IOS Games on PC?

No, using an emulator is not your only option here. You can also go with the less popular way of merely connecting your phone to your PC and seeing the screen on your computer as you perform the actions on your mobile. You can use a mirror such as FonePaw, that mirrors your phone screen onto your computer.

This second method is not my favorite as using an emulator can have various advantages over it, especially while playing video games.

Are Emulators Worth Using?

Below are some pros and cons for using emulators

  • Pros
  1. It provides higher resolution.
  2. It allows you to do try out different new things that you couldn’t do before.
  3. Also, it allows you to use multiple new controllers.
  4. Most importantly it provides you with a bigger screen to play your favorite video games, so you don’t have to strain your eyes.
  • Cons
  1. Very often, emulators can have high costs.
  2. Programming wise also, emulators can be difficult to create.

I feel that the advantages of emulators outweigh its disadvantages. Hence, it can be worth for how to play IOS games on PC.

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To summarize, there is not just one but two ways in which you can play iOS games on your PC. The popular one being the use of emulators (which, in my view, is worth a shot), and we have provided you with a list of our favorite emulators above. Even though emulators have sure cons, in my view, they are still the best that you can get to play iOS games on your PC. If you are still not convinced, you can give them a try and see if you can play games or not.

After reading this content, you will now be sure that about how to play iOS games on your PC. Whether you choose to go with the popular way or the unpopular way, or whether or not you decide how to play iOS games on your PC at all, I genuinely hope that this content comes in handy for you.

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