As a regular TikTok user, you may always use the text in your videos in exciting ways to make them more visually appealing and entertaining for your viewers. Making the words in your TikTok movie disappear is an inventive way to use text in videos. Here is a quick tutorial on how to make text disappear on TikTok.

Customize the text according to your wish. Click Done once you are finished. Click the text overlay presented on the timeline. You may now drag and drop the text to the video, adjusting accordingly. This can help you to make text disappear in your TikTok video.

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The two best ways to make text disappear are creating a text box that is the exact color of the background using the built-in text tool and adding a text overlaying to the video using a third-party application. In the videos, this effect creates a fantastic effect. Try making some song words suddenly disappear; it would look amazing. Here are several justifications for how to make text appear and disappear on TikTok.

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Describe Tiktok

TikTok is a platform that encourages originality in video production by letting users utilize a range of effects to create content that isn’t conventional. The text could only be used for generating captions, despite having access to various filters and editing tools.tiktok

Creators, ever the clever bunch, scribbled on scrap paper, attached labels to themselves, and used editing and animation software outside the app to add or remove text from the video frame.

How to Make Text Disappear on Tiktok?

How to remove text on TikTok? On TikTok videos, there are just a few techniques to conceal text. Use a third-party program to add a text overlay to the video.text appear disappear With this, you can either hide the reader by making it the exact color as the background progresses or hide it behind an object in the video. Hold down the camera button to watch the video.

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Use Text Box

These procedures should follow if you want to know how to make text disappear on TikTok.

  1. Open the app and start recording whatever video you like. It might include anything from a music video to an entire narrative. Even you can use an existing video from your gallery.choose video
  2. Then decide the part of the video you want the text to appear in. If desired, you can reduce the video’s length. When you’re finished, a text-filled option will be at the bottom of the screen.tap on text
  3. You can type whatever you want by clicking the text. When you are through writing the text, you can alter the color and font. After that, select EDIT. Then tap on the text you wish to make visible or invisible. Then, a menu will emerge.tap on edit
  4. You can select the text duration from the menu. It determines how long the text in your movie will be visible or disappear.set duration
  5. The wording is selectable so that you can make any necessary changes. The red shows the time of the text’s appearance in your TikTok. You can also decide which text will replace the one that has disappeared.move to trash
  6. Set the other text’s duration similarly. When finished, the display text will be represented by the red area.

You can use this technique how to make text disappear on TikTok. Once satisfied with the desired effect, you can add a fitting caption and share the photo using photo organizing software.

Use Third-Party Apps

How to get rid of the text on TikTok? Use a third-party video editor if you require additional effects, such as fade in and fade out and other text animations, while making your text appear and disappear.appear disappear text

It offers hundreds of font choices and text styling features to add motion to your words and change their appearance. Follow these easy steps to add movement to text disappearing in a TikTok video. If you want to learn about Free Sound Boosters for Windows 10, click here.

  1. Apply your video clips to the Timeline by dragging and dropping them by directly uploading them from your smartphone. Remember to select the appropriate 9:16 aspect ratio for your TikTok video here.step1
  2. Then select your preferred text effect from the Text option in the left toolbar and add your words to the video. Additionally, look at other choices and make customizations as necessary to edit your TikTok video texts. Then choose an animation for your text’s disappearance by selecting it from the Out under the Motion symbol.step2

You now know how to get rid of text on TikTok. You will master this effect modification after a few attempts and will know “How To Make Text Disappear On Tiktok.” It is easy to use and may add fun and intrigue to various videos.

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How To Remove Tiktok Captions?

You may acquire a caption by tapping the caption icon above the video’s description at the top of the screen when watching a video on TikTok. Auto-captions will now appear on the screen. By pressing the captions symbol on display and then selecting Hide caption, you can turn them off. There won’t be an auto-caption option anymore for how to make words pop up on TikTok.remove tiktok captions

In TikTok videos, captions are more frequent than ever. You may need captions if you’re hard of hearing or deaf. Many people are shocked to realize how easy it is to remove captions. You need to tap the caption and select the caption bubble to hide. Avoid wiping the button if you don’t want to use TikTok’s captioning. Click the caption icon on the screen’s far right if you opt to include captions in your video.

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How to make words disappear on TikTok?

You can either record a video using the TikTok app or select one from your camera roll. Make text changes to the font, color, etc. When finished, tap the Text icon and click the checkmark icon to enter or remove the desired text.

How can the TikTok text duration be changed?

You may alter the duration of the text by dragging and sliding the text overlay while in the Timeline of your TikTok movie to make it appear and disappear at different points.

How can text in videos appear and vanish?

You may now drag and drop the text overlay on the Timeline to specify where your text should appear and vanish. Once you are satisfied with the length of the text, click the checkbox. When you play the video, your words will then appear and vanish.

How do I get prizes on TikTok?

Users can earn prizes in real-time by asking their friends to join TikTok. To start earning with TikTok, you must invite all your friends using your referral link or invitation code. The TikTok referral program is called TikTok Rewards.

What exactly is a Tiktok font maker?

Since Tiktok does not permit characters in names, fonts that can help people keep them in their nicknames are created using the Tiktok font generator. The TikTok application may assist you in obtaining various Tiktok-style fonts and improve the feel of the descriptions.


Several techniques you can employ, depending on whether your goal is to make the writing unreadable or an optical illusion. You now know how to make text disappear on TikTok from a text box and edit videos using a third-party editor.

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