2 Ways How To Make PPT In Phone With Pictures [Full Guide]

how to make ppt in phone with pictures

PowerPoint is a very effective tool when preparing a nice presentation, whether for a school project or office work. But if you don’t have a laptop or desktop near you, making a ppt can be challenging. Well, we have prepared a full guide on making a ppt on the phone with pictures.

The picture can be added to the PowerPoint presentation on the phone in two ways. If you want to take a picture and add it directly to the slide, you can do this by clicking on the camera button at the bottom of the screen. The other approach is selecting the desired image by tapping done after clicking the image button, which will display all images on your phone.

This article will provide a complete guide on making a ppt on the phone with pictures and a slideshow and also explain the different elements available in PowerPoint mobile app.

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How To Create PPT On Mobile

Firstly, we’ll learn the basics of creating a PowerPoint presentation on mobile. For Android, download it from the play store, and for iOS devices, you can check out the app store. If you already have the app, let’s make amazing ppts.

powerpoint presentation on mobile

When you first open an app, you will see a blank page stating, “you have no recent presentations.” To create one, click on the top right “+” button. 

Now you can see all the slide templates, choose whatever you prefer, and click on it.

The slide template you just selected will appear in a new window. Now let’s see the different components you can add to your ppt. Click here to learn the best IPTV player for Windows 10.

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  1. To add the text, double-tap on the text to edit it.text
  2. At the bottom, you can find common text editing features like font size, font format, text color, etc.


If you want to change the layout of your current slide, you can do it.

layout in powerpoint

Tap on the first icon in the bottom left of the screen.


  1. The table button is also located at the bottom. By tapping on it, you can have a table on your slide. You can increase or decrease the row by the option at the bottom once you click on the table. table
  2. Additionally, you can customize the table’s color to your preference. Suppose you want to delete the table. Just click on it and tap on delete, which you will delete.

Read this article for the best websites for downloading free Ringtones for iPhone.

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  1. You can also add an image from your phone gallery to your presentation. The option to do so is at the bottom of the screen; click it to access your photo gallery. Choose the desired image and click on donepicture
  2. You will add the image to your slide. You can edit it accordingly. It is how you can make ppt on the phone with pictures. To delete it, follow the same steps as for deleting a text.
  3. Suppose you want to add an image directly from your phone’s camera in a ppt presentation on mobile. Tap on the camera option at the bottom of the screen. This way, you can add an image you recently clicked.

Also, your phone’s history is very important to monitor. You must understand how to alter this data and get it back if you lose it.

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  1. Suppose you want to make PowerPoint presentations more attractive. Using shapes in your PowerPoint presentations is a fun way to spice them up. Once again, towards the bottom of the screen, you can choose to add shapes to your slide. add shapes
  2. There are numerous shapes and lines you can choose from. However, the colors and sizes are editable.


You can reverse your action by clicking on the undo button, which is the last option available at the bottom of the screen.  Slide to the left, and you will see the button. 


Of course, in the presentation, we need multiple slides. You can create slides on a mobile device by following these steps. You can add slides to the ppt presentation on mobile in two ways. 

  1. First, click on the plus button available in the right corner of the slide section. There you will find the new slide option. The other way to add a new slide is by clicking on the Show command button and scrolling down. You can also choose a layout by tapping on the layout just below the new slide option. slide
  2. To delete the slide, tap on it to select it and then click on the delete button. how to delete slideIf you want to cut the slide and paste it again, click on the cut icon and paste icon. Breaking your phone screen can be a grave issue as it can cause everything to pause. Solve it before proceeding further.

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Now you know how to make a ppt on the phone with pictures. Let’s look at how to make a PowerPoint slideshow with the presentation on mobile.

  1. The slideshow icon is situated in the screen’s upper right corner. After that, click on it, and your presentation will automatically go into the slideshow view. When you tap on your slide, choices will show up at the top of the screen for you to make edits to your slide. slideshow in powerpoint
  2. The first option is for audio. You can rehearse your presentation skills; however, you will add no audio to your slide. audio for slideshow
  3. The next is for adding ink annotations to the slide. You can change the color and pen tool in the button just next to it, and you can also choose the eraser from there or opt for erase all option if you wish to.
  4. Deleting it After the slide show has ended. You can either delete it by closing the slide show > a dialogue box will appear asking you if you want to keep it. If you wish to keep it, click on keep; otherwise, click on discard. The other way is to delete it just like you would delete any other element in the slide. Tap on it and click on delete.
  5. The other buttons are for a blank screen and to end a slide show. A blank screen will make your slide disappear temporarily. Above all, the End show button will take you back to the window where you can edit your slides.

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Saving The PPT

  1. When finished, click the three horizontal dots to save it. It will bring up a menu with options.
  2. Click on save as and then choose the location to save it and tap on oksave as in power point


Can I make a ppt on the Mobile phone?

Yes, all you need to create amazing PowerPoint presentations is a smartphone installed with the PowerPoint Mobile software.

Can I add multiple slides in the ppt on the phone?

You can add multiple slides to the ppt on your phone. You can add it either from the show commands option at the top of the screen or by clicking the + button in the right side of the slide section.

Is the text style editable in PowerPoint in the phone?

At the bottom of the screen, editing options will appear when you tap on the text to select it and alter it in your presentation. There you can choose the style and size for your text.

How to make PowerPoint presentations on the phone?

First, open the PowerPoint app on your phone and tap on the plus icon at the top right of the screen. Please choose the desired slide template and start editing it. Then save your slide once it's completed.


To sum up, a detailed tutorial on “how to make ppt in a phone with pictures” can be found in this post. Hopefully, this would have been very helpful, and now you know the basics of how to make PowerPoint presentations on the phone. Also, check how old your iPhone is. Please read this article to learn about it.

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