How To Make DeSmuME Faster | 4 Effective Methods

how to make desmume faster

DeSmuME is one of the most seasoned open-source Nintendo DS emulator. It acts as a sporting tool designed for gamers, hackers, YouTubers, and speed runners. It is one of the best DS emulators. The most important feature of DeSmuME is that the emulator is a constantly improving one, and also, the source is open. All these amazing features make it user friendly and popular.


DeSmuME emulator is mainly designed for Windows, Macintosh, and Nintendo Wii. It has the capability to emulate a different kind of demos and DS ROMS. It also incorporates game replays, receiver’s support, and programmed spare sort. DeSmuME also has some attributes like broadened show windows, various channels to décor video quality, changing the showcase direction, and so on. This emulator mainly focuses more on the compatibility of games rather than speed. All these have to kept in mind while tweaking theemulator for increasing the speed.

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How To Make DeSmuME Run Faster

To run the DesmuME faster, one can follow different methods.

First Method: DeSmuME emulator 

The first method for DeSmuME optimization is to first open the emulator on your system.

choose game
Choose Game

Select the document, choose and open the ROM you want to play. Select ‘config’ and then ‘Casting skip.’ Select a number somewhere between 1 and 9 to set the casting skip rate; the higher the number, the quicker the emulator will be. In this way, the emulator can be run faster.

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Second method: visual boy emulator

Here the user needs to open the visual boy emulator on pc. Select ‘Record’ and then ‘open.’ Choose the game you like to play and select ‘open.’ Select ‘choices’ and pick ‘casting skip.’ Choosing a number somewhere between 2 and 9 will improve the speed.

Third method: no$gba

This is another best settings for desmume. Open no$gba on pc. Open the game you want to play; in the emulator setup, select the emulator speed. Select the rate at which you want to build the speed of the emulator, then click on alright to set up the speed.

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Fourth method: Avoid BIOS images

Other method includes Avoid BIOS images, permit ‘Fix DealyLoop SWI’ on the off chance that you need to utilize an outside BIOS image.

bios picture
bios picture

Usage of BIOS image hinders the DeSmuME emulator rather than accelerating it. Enabling frame skipping by selecting ‘frame skipping’ from the device and setting values between 1and 3 to achieve the majority of games. Frameskip can expand the velocity of your emulator. 

So these are the four methods you can boost your gaming speed and answer to how to get desmume to run faster. Also, one can expand the speed of the emulator to run the game quicker. 

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