DeSmuME is one of the most seasoned open-source Nintendo DS emulators. It is a sporting tool designed for gamers, hackers, YouTubers, and speed runners. It is one of the best DS emulators. The most crucial feature of DeSmuME is that the emulator is constantly improving, and the source is open. All these fantastic features make it user-friendly and popular.


DeSmuME emulator is mainly designed for Windows, Macintosh, and Nintendo Wii. This emulator primarily focuses more on the compatibility of games rather than speed. It can emulate different kinds of demos and DS ROMS. It also incorporates game replays, receiver support, and programmed spare sort. DeSmuME also has attributes like broadened show windows, various channels to décor video quality, changing the showcase direction, etc. All these must be kept in mind while tweaking the emulator to increase the speed.

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Advantages Of Using DeSmuME

Here are some benefits of using DeSmuME:


  • It is free and open-source: DeSmuME is a free emulator that is available for anyone to use. 
  • It is available for multiple platforms: DeSmuME is available for Windows, Linux, and macOS, meaning you can use it on various devices.
  • It allows you to play Nintendo DS games on your computer: DeSmuME will enable you to play games for the Nintendo DS on your computer, which can be convenient if you don’t have access to a Nintendo DS or want to play games on a larger screen.
  • It supports save states: DeSmuME allows you to save your progress in a game by using save states. This is convenient if you don’t have time to finish a game in one sitting or if you want to try out different approaches to a game without having to start from the beginning each time.
  • It has a wide range of customization options: DeSmuME allows you to customize various aspects of the emulator, such as the display settings, audio settings, and controller settings. This will enable you to tailor the emulator to your needs and preferences.

How To Make DeSmuME Run Faster

To run the DesmuME faster, one can follow different methods.

First Method: DeSmuME emulator 

The first method for DeSmuME optimization is opening the emulator on your system. choose game


Select the document, choose, and open the ROM you want to play. Select ‘config‘ and then ‘Casting skip.’ Select a number between 1 and 9 to set the casting skip rate; the higher the number, the quicker the emulator will be. In this way, the emulator can be run faster.

Second method: visual boy emulator

Here the user needs to open the visual boy emulator on pc. Choose the game you like to play and select ‘open.’ Select ‘Record’ and then ‘Open.’


Select ‘choices‘ and pick ‘casting skip.‘ Choosing a number somewhere between 2 and 9 will improve the speed.

Third method: no$gba

This is another best setting for desmume. Open the game you want to play; in the emulator setup, select the emulator speed. Open no$gba on pc.

visual boy emulator

Select the rate you want to build the emulator’s speed, then click on Alright to set up the pace.

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Fourth method: Avoid BIOS images

Other methods include Avoiding BIOS images and permitting ‘Fix DealyLoop SWI’ if you need to utilize an outside BIOS image.

bios picture

Frameskip can expand the velocity of your emulator. The usage of BIOS image hinders the DeSmuME emulator rather than accelerating it and enabling frame skipping by selecting ‘frame skipping’ from the device and setting values between 1 and 3 to achieve the majority of games. Click here to discover some of the Best Linux Android Emulators.

So these are the four methods to boost your gaming speed and answer how to get your resume to run faster. Also, one can expand the emulator’s speed to run the game more quickly. 

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Is DeSmuME legal?

Emulators are legal to download and use, as long as you have a copy of the original game. However, downloading ROMs (game files) from the internet is illegal if you don't own the original game.

How do I use DeSmuME?

You must download and install DeSmuME on your PC before using it. Then, you can use the emulator to load a Nintendo DS ROM file and play the game.

Can DeSmuME play 3DS games?

No, DeSmuME is an emulator for the Nintendo DS, not the Nintendo 3DS. However, you can play 3DS games on your PC using some other emulators.

How to save the in-game progress in DeSmuME?

DeSmuME allows you to save your progress in a game by using save states. To create a save state, go to the File menu and select 'Save State.' To load a save state, go to the File menu and select 'Load State.'

Can we play Pokemon on DeSmuME?

The same procedures as above can be used to play Pokemon games from the Nintendo DS on your PC. Instead, you'll require a Nintendo DS emulator. We advise DeSmuME since it is by far the most maintained and regularly updated Nintendo DS emulator.


While DeSmuME may not be compatible with all Nintendo DS games and may have bugs and glitches, it is a valuable tool for those who want to play Nintendo DS games on their computer. To get the most out of DeSmuME, it is recommended to make sure you have the latest version of the emulator, check for updates to your graphics drivers, have a compatible graphics card, and try adjusting the emulator’s settings to optimize performance.

There are several ways to make DeSmuME run faster, but the steps you need to take will depend on your system and the games you are trying to play.

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