With our help, you can easily access a vast library of movies, TV shows, live sports, and other types of content on your Kodi device. This article will outline a step-by-step procedure for installing the Phoenix add-on for Kodi. This guide will cover all the necessary prerequisites and provide detailed instructions on installing Phoneix, using Phoenix on Kodi, and how to load Phoenix on Kodi.

First, enable the option to install add-ons from unknown sources in Kodi’s settings to get Phoenix on Kodi. Then, add the Phoenix repository as a source in Kodi’s File Manager and install the repository. From the Add-on Repository, install the Phoenix add-on and access it from the main Kodi menu. You can browse through Phoenix’s categories or search for specific movies or TV shows to stream. Remember that certain content might be copyrighted and unavailable in your area.

If you’re a Kodi user looking to access a wide range of movies, TV shows, live sports, and other types of content, this article is a must-read. It provides a detailed guide on installing the popular Phoenix add-on on Kodi and information on how to use it and troubleshoot common issues. This page includes something for everyone, whether you’re a new or seasoned Kodi user. So stick around and learn how to get the most out of Phoenix on Kodi and know how to load Phoenix on Kodi.

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Kodi’s media player program helps users to stream video and audio content from various online and local sources.kodi Install Kodi add-on Phoenix provides a variety of TV shows, movies, live sports, and other material. This article will offer a thorough tutorial on installing the phoenix add-on on Kodi. 

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Before you can install Phoenix on Kodi, there are a few things you need to have in place:

  • Kodi can be installed on various devices, including PCs, smartphones, smart TVs, and streaming boxes like the Roku and Amazon Fire Stick.  Similarly, make sure to install Kodi, and you have one of these devicesinstall kodi
  • A reliable and quick internet connection is required to use Phoenix, which streams material from the internet.
  • To install Phoenix, you must enable the option to install add-ons from unknown sources.  You should enable unknown sources because Kodi, by default, prevents the installation of add-ons from them.phoenix add on Follow these steps to accomplish this and learn how to load Phoenix on Kodi.
  1. Launch Kodi and select the Settings option (gear icon in the top left corner).system settings
  2. Select the system settings and choose the Add-ons tab.unknown sources
  3. Turn the switch next to the “Unknown sources” option in the right pane to “On.”

Installing Phoenix on Kodi

Now proceed with the actual installation of Phoenix on Kodi. Here are the steps on how to load Phoenix on Kodi:

  1. Navigate to the Settings menu in Kodi.kodi settings
  2. Select File Manager by clicking.file manager
  3. Choose “Add Source. From the menu.”add source
  4. Select “None” from the drop-down menu in the Add File Source window.select none
  5. The Phoenix repository’s URL must enter in this box. “https://fusion.tvaddons.co” is the URL. Click the OK button to save the URL.enter url
  6. In the next dialog, give the source a name of your choice, but it’s a good idea to give it a name that describes it, for instance, “Phoenix repo.” To save the name and exit the windows, click the OK button.write source name
  7. Select the Add-ons menu option from the left when you return to the Kodi main screen.add ons
  8. Press the Package Installer icon, which will appear as an open box, and click Install from zip file.”install from zip file
  9. Choose the name of the source you added in the previous steps in the following window (for instance, “Phoenix repo”).choose phoenix repo
  10. The “repository.xbmchub-3.0.0.zip” file must be clicked on to install the Phoenix repository. Watch a notice informing you that the repository appears in the top right corner.phoenix repository
  11. Select “Install from repository” from the menu.install from repository
  12. You should choose the “TVADDONS.coAdd-on Repository” option and then choose “Free TV List add-ons.”free tv list add on
  13. Select Phoenix by descending the page and clicking the Install button.install phoenix
  14. Wait to install the Phoenix add-on. After completing, a notice will pop up.

Following these steps, you can learn how to load Phoenix on Kodi. Also, learn how to install CCloud on kodi today!

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Using Phoenix on Kodi

You may access Phoenix after installing Kodi by navigating to the main Kodi screen and selecting the Kodi Add-ons option from the left menu. Phoenix will be listed under your installed add-ons.

You can use Phoenix by clicking on its icon to launch it. You’ll see various categories, including Live Sports, TV Shows, and Movies.phoenix add on kodi To view a category’s contents, click on it. You can find particular movies or TV shows using the search option. In addition, click on a video’s title to start playing. Similarly, learn how to load Phoenix on Kodi.

Phoenix offers a variety of content. For instance, well-known films and TV episodes, current sporting events, and other video formats. Although some of this content might copyright and unavailable in your area, keep that in mind. To learn about Kodi Exodus on Android, click here.


Why is my Kodi app not launching?

When Kodi completely refuses to launch, a severe issue has probably occurred. Your build may have been intended for something other than the Kodi version you're running, or you may have added an incompatible add-on. Getting rid of your Add-ons is the simplest solution.

What does the Kodi Phoenix TV add-on do?

Thanks to the Phoenix TV add-on, Kodi users may stream various movies, TV shows, live sports, and other material forms. It is a well-liked add-on that provides a wide range of material, such as well-known films and TV episodes, live sporting events, and more.

How do I get the Phoenix app on Kodi?

You must set up the Phoenix add-on to access the Phoenix app on Kodi. Follow the directions in the previous question to install Phoenix on Kodi. You may access the Phoenix app when the installation is finished by heading to the Add-ons menu in the main Kodi menu.

Is installing Phoenix on Kodi safe?

Phoenix and other Kodi add-ons are generally secure to set up and use. The content offered by certain add-ons might be copyrighted and unavailable in your area. Please take caution when installing add-ons from unidentified sites because they can include connections to inappropriate information or harmful software. Use a VPN to safeguard your security and privacy.


In conclusion, installing the Phoenix add-on on Kodi is a simple process that allows you to access a vast library of movies, TV shows, live sports, and other types of content. With this guide, you can easily learn how to load Phoenix on Kodi, install Phoenix on Kodi and stream your favorite content in no time. It’s important to note that some content may be copyrighted and unavailable in your region, and it’s always a good idea to use the best VPN when streaming online to protect your privacy and stay safe. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced Kodi user, this guide has something for everyone and will help you use Phoenix on Kodi and have information on how to load Phoenix on Kodi.

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