How to link Instagram to Pinterest? Connecting your Instagram account to Pinterest is easy, which might provide you access to a new platform for sharing your photographs and expanding your following. Users can store and arrange web information into boards on Pinterest, a visual discovery and planning application. You may quickly share your Instagram posts on Pinterest by linking your accounts, increasing traffic to your profile.

Pinterest and Instagram are two of the most well-liked social networking sites that let users connect with others and exchange photographs. You may broaden your audience and boost interaction with your photographs by connecting your Instagram account to Pinterest. The steps are fairly simple for how to link Instagram to Pinterest. Log in to your Pinterest profile. Open the Settings Menu. Choose “Social Networks” from the menu. Click the “Link Instagram account” button to connect your Instagram account to Pinterest. Upload images from Instagram to Pinterest.

Let’s go over how to link Instagram to Pinterest so you can start posting pictures on Pinterest.
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How To Link Instagram To Pinterest?

To link Instagram to Pinterest, follow along.

Log In To Your Pinterest profile

How to link Instagram to Pinterest? By visiting the Pinterest website and selecting the “Sign up” button, you can create a free Pinterest account if you don’t already have one. login to pinterestTo connect Pinterest to Instagram, enter your login details to access your profile. Also, check this out to connect Instagram to messenger.

Click On Your Profile

To access your profile on Pinterest after logging in, click on your username or profile picture in the top right corner of the screen.pinterest profile The page for your Pinterest profile will then be shown.

Open The Settings Menu

Choose “Settings” from the three dots on your Pinterest profile page for connecting your Instagram account to Pinterest. setting menuIt will launch your account’s settings screen.

Choose “Social Networks” From The Menu

From the settings menu’s left-side menu, select “Social networks.” social network menuYou can link your Instagram account to Pinterest on the social networks page displayed after clicking this.

Associated Instagram Account

How to link Instagram to Pinterest? Click the “Link Instagram account” button to connect your Instagram account to Pinterest. This will launch an additional screen soliciting your Instagram login information. After entering your Insta login information, click “Sign in.” Give Pinterest permission to use your Instagram account.claim instagram account After you sign in to Instagram, Pinterest will request your consent to access your account. Click on the “Authorize” button to give consent to apps to meet people.

Upload Images From Instagram To Pinterest

You may quickly share your Instagram posts on Pinterest now that your Instagram account is connected. Find a post on Instagram that you’d like to share on Pinterest by going to your Instagram profile. update images from instagram to pinterest

Choose “Share” by clicking the dots on the post’s top edge. Select “Pinterest” from the list of choices after that.

Select A Board, Then Enter A Description

A board and a description field will be requested when you share an Instagram post on Pinterest. A new board can be made, or you can choose one that already exists. create boardInclude a pertinent and evocative caption to help your post appear in search results and attract more viewers for connecting your Instagram account to Pinterest.

Put Your Pin Online

To publish your Instagram post on Pinterest, click the “Publish” button after selecting a board and adding a description. create pinAll Pinterest users can now see your post, which shares on other boards to know How to link Instagram to Pinterest and see deleted comments.

Continue The Process For Additional Posts

You should repeat this procedure for each Instagram post you want to pin to Pinterest.share instagram post on pinterest If you have a private Instagram account, remember to make it public before linking your accounts because you can only share public Instagram photos on Pinterest.
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Why should I connect my Instagram and Pinterest accounts?

Connecting your Instagram and Pinterest accounts allows you to access a new platform for sharing your images and expanding your following. Increase traffic to your profile and engage with a new audience by pinning your Instagram pictures.

How can I determine whether my Instagram account is secret or public?

Is it possible to share Instagram's private posts on Pinterest?

No, you may only pin publicly accessible Instagram posts. Before integrating your accounts, you must make your Instagram account public if it is private.

What happens if I remove the Pinterest link from my Instagram account?

All the Instagram posts you've shared on Pinterest will no longer be linked if you delink your Instagram account from Pinterest. The pins can still be re-pinned to other boards and are still stored on your boards.

To link my Instagram account, do I need a Pinterest account?

The answer is that you must have a Pinterest account to link to your Instagram account. You can activate a basic account on the Pinterest webpage if needed.

Can I connect more than one Instagram account to my Pinterest profile?

Unfortunately, you can only link a single Ig account to your Pinterest account. If you have numerous Instagram profiles, you must link them separately.

Is it possible to post videos from Instagram to Pinterest?

No, you can only share Instagram photographs on Pinterest at the moment. On Pinterest, videos cannot be shared.

When I connect my Instagram account to Pinterest, will all of my Instagram postings also be shared there?

No, connecting your Instagram account to Pinterest will not cause all of your Instagram posts to be shared on Pinterest automatically. Each post you wish to share manually, so it shows up on Pinterest. Linking your Instagram account to Pinterest, however, might make it simpler to share your Instagram content there and can assist in making your posts more visible.

Is it possible to schedule Instagram photos for Pinterest sharing?

You may schedule your Instagram posts to be posted on Pinterest using third-party scheduling applications like Later, Hootsuite, or Tailwind. Also, using the Pinterest app, you can plan Pins to go live at a future time or date.

Can I use Pinterest to promote my Instagram account?

Sure, you can use Pinterest to promote your Instagram account by running advertisements, adding links to your Instagram profile in your Pin descriptions, and establishing boards with your Instagram material.

Can Pinterest display my Instagram analytics?

No, Pinterest does not allow you to view your Instagram metrics. Nevertheless, you can watch your Instagram performance and determine which posts bring the most engagement and visitors to your website using third-party analytics platforms like Hootsuite, Sprout Social, or Iconosquare.


Connecting your Instagram account to Pinterest is a great strategy to increase your audience and gain new followers. You may expand your audience and boost engagement on your posts by pinning your Instagram content to Pinterest. Follow the instructions in this post to get going on How to link Instagram to Pinterest and share your photographs on Pinterest right away!

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