How To Install Xfinity Stream On FireStick And Fire TV? (2021)

In this article, you will learn how to install Xfinity Stream on FireStick. Xfinity Stream is one of the best online streaming platforms that can offer live TV services. With the help of internet data, you can stream all our favorite TV Shows, Movies, Sports, and even News Channels. With the use of Xfinity Stream, you can binge-watch any show anywhere you want.

how to install xfinity stream on firestick
How to Install Xfinity Stream on FireStick

It is available on all platforms like Android, Mac, Windows, IOS, etc. It’s a paid application; once you purchase, you can download the latest movies and shows and even watch them online. It also offers you a recording option, so never miss your favorite movie or show. 

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Install Xfinity Stream On FireStick And Fire TV

There are various methods through which you can download Xfinity Stream on FireStick and Fire TV, but the three most reliable and straightforward ways are:-

First method

Installing Xfinity Stream on FireStick and Fire TV from the Amazon app store.

Second method

Installing Xfinity Stream on FireStick and Fire TV through the Downloader app.

Third method

Installing Xfinity Stream on FireStick and Fire TV from ES File Explorer.

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Installing Xfinity Stream On FireStick And Fire TV From Amazon App Store 

As Xfinity Stream is available on the Amazon app itself, you can install it easily on your FireStick and Fire TV.

Step 1 

On the Home screen, select the search icon on the top left corner

select search icon
Select search icon


Step 2

Type Xfinity Stream using the keyboard and search for it.

Step 3

Select the Xfinity Stream on the searched results.

Step 4

Now, the Xfinity Stream will appear on the screen.

Step 5

Click on the Get icon to download the app.

Step 6

When the download gets completed, it will automatically be installed on your FireStick/Fire TV.

Step 7

Click on the Open icon and enjoy all your favorite movies and shows on the Xfinity Stream. 

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Installing Xfinity Stream On FireStick And Fire TV Through Downloader App 

This method of installation can be done by the Downloader app. If you don’t have the app, install the Downloader app and then install the Xfinity Stream app from the Downloader app.

Step 1

Open the FireStick Home screen and go to the Settings on your FireStick device.

go to the settings
Go to the settings

Step 2

Select the Device/My Fire TV option from the list.

select the my fire tv/device
Select the My Fire TV/Device

Step 3

Now, click on Developer Options.

click on developer options
Click on Developer Options

Step 4

From the Options, now select the Apps from Unknown Sources. Click on it and turn it on. Make sure ADB Debugging is on as well.

turn the apps from unknown sources “on”
Turn the Apps from Unknown sources “On”

Step 5

A warning pop-up message will appear; turn it on to enable installation from Unknown Sources.

select turn on
Select Turn On

Step 6

Now, open the FireStick Home screen and select the Search icon.

select the search (lens icon) option
select the Search (Lens icon) option

Step 7

Search the Downloader app on your FireStick and select it.

search for an app called “downloader”
Search for an app called “Downloader”

Step 8

Click on the Get option and wait for the app to install.

click on “get/download”
Click on “Get/Download”

Step 9

Now, click on the Open to run the app.

click on open
Click on Open

Step 10

On the URL section, type this URL and click the Go button.

on the url section
On the URL section

Step 11

Wait for few minutes for the Xfinity Stream apk file to be downloaded.


Step 12

Once the download is complete, click on the Install option. After completing the installation, click on done.

click on Install
Click on Install

Step 14

A pop-up will appear on the screen and click Delete to delete the apk file as there is no need to keep the Xfinity Stream apk file.

click delete
Click Delete

Step 15

Confirm the process by clicking Delete again. Open the Xfinity Stream app and stream your favorite TV shows and movies.

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Installing Xfinity Stream On FireStick And Fire TV From ES File Explorer 

After turning on unknown sources as guided above, follow these steps to install Xfinity Stream on FireStick from ES File Explorer:

Step 1

Firstly, click on the Search option on the FireStick Home screen.

click on search
Click on Search

Step 2

Type ES File Explorer and select the app from the list.

select es file explorer
Select ES File Explorer

About: ES File Explorer 

Step 3

Click on Get/Download, and it will start to download the app.

click on download
Click on Download

Step 4

After downloading, it will automatically install the ES File Explorer on your device.

Step 5

Click on Open. Then after opening, on the Homepage, select the Downloader icon.

select the downloader icon
Select the Download icon

Step 6

At the bottom, click on +New.  A dialog box will appear; enter the following URL

click on +new
click on +New

Step 7

Now click on the Download Now option, and the file will start to download. Let the ES File Explorer start downloading the Xfinity Stream apk.

Step 8

When the download is complete, click Open and install the application.

Step 9

On the bottom of the screen, click on Next, then click on Install and wait for the app to install.

Step 10

Click on done when you see the notification stating that the app is installed.

Step 11

Now, the Xfinity Stream is installed on your device and ready to run on your FireStick.

Step 12

Open the Xfinity Stream and enjoy your favorite channels, TV series, and movies.

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