How To Install Kali Linux On Android? Complete Guide

how to install kali linux on android

Are digital forensics, cybersecurity, and ethical hacking topics that interest you? If yes, this article lets you learn how to install Kali Linux on Android. Step-by-step instructions on how to correctly set up your device, download the essential files, and install the required software are provided in this tutorial.

You must root your Android smartphone to install Kali Linux on it. The Linux Deploy application must be downloaded, installed, and configured. After completing these instructions, you must download and install the Kali Linux image and use the VNC Viewer program to connect to the Kali Linux desktop.

You may access a powerful suite of tools for practicing and learning about cybersecurity, ethical hacking, and digital forensics by installing Linux on your Android device. Start following these guidelines to learn more about cybersecurity right away! Use the knowledge in this manual to successfully install and use Kali Linux on an Android device.

Kali Linux: What Is It?

The penetration testing operating system Kali Linux is well-liked and effective, and amateurs and experts frequently use it in cybersecurity. It is renowned for having many tools and utilities for digital forensics, ethical hacking, and network testing. You may use Android smartphones to install Kali Linux on several systems.

kali linux logoThis article will describe how to install Kali Linux on Android and provide tips and tricks to enhance its use.

Preparing Your Android Device

There are a few prerequisites to take care of before we start the installation procedure to get your Android smartphone ready for Kali Linux.

android device

  • Rooting Your Android Device: Rooting your Android smartphone is necessary for installing Kali Linux on an Android device. When you root an Android smartphone, you gain administrative rights to install and run programs that need privileged access.
  • Sufficient Storage Space: Sufficient storage space is needed since Kali Linux is a resource-intensive operating system. Hence, ensure your Android smartphone has enough storage space for the installation files for Kali Linux.
  • Good Battery Backup: A good battery backup is important since installing Kali on Android smartphone may be time-consuming and take many hours. Because of this, it is important to have a reliable battery backup or a charger available to avoid having your device run out of power mid-installation.
  • How to Get the Required Files: Download the required files from the Kali Linux official website. Ensure you’ve downloaded the correct Kali Linux image for your Android device’s 32- or 64-bit architecture.

Kali Linux Download For Android: Installation Process

After your Android smartphone is ready, you must initiate the setup procedure. To learn how to install Kali Linux on android, one can follow these steps: 

Setup A VNC Viewer Application

Virtual Network Computing, sometimes VNC, is a graphical desktop-sharing solution that enables remote computer control from a different computer or mobile device.

vnc viewerInstalling a VNC Viewer software is the first step in installing Kali Linux in Android smartphones. The Google Play Market offers several VNC Viewer applications, including RealVNC, TightVNC, and VNC Viewer.

Install The Linux Deploy App

An open-source, free program called Linux Deploy enables you to set up a Linux distribution on an Android smartphone. It offers a straightforward and user-friendly interface that lets you customize your Linux installation’s distribution, file system, and network settings.

linux deploy appThe Linux Deploy app must then be downloaded from the Play Store on Google.

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Configure The Linux Deploy App

Launch the Linux Deploy app after installation, then hit the Properties button to customize the software’s settings.

configure linux deploy appYou may customize many options for your Kali Linux installation under the Properties area, including the distribution type, architecture, file system, and network configuration.

Download And Install Kali Linux

After configuring the Linux Deploy app, the next step is to download and install Kali Linux on Android device.

install linuxWhen you click the Install button in the Linux Deploy app, the necessary files are instantly downloaded and installed on your device from the Kali Linux website.

On Your Android Device, Launch Kali Linux

You may start Kali Linux on your Android smartphone when the installation is finished by pressing the Start button in the Linux Deploy app.

launc kali linuxIt will launch a VNC Viewer session, displaying the Kali Linux desktop on the screen of your Android smartphone.

Set Up Kali Linux

The final step is to customize Kali Linux to suit your needs.

set up linuxNetwork configuration, desktop environment customization, and the inclusion of new tools and utilities are all possible with Kali Linux.

Further Advice And Strategies

Here are some more hints and techniques you may use to improve Kali Linux for Android:

linux deploy app

  • Employ a Real Keyboard: While using your Android device’s virtual keyboard is feasible, it is advised that you utilize a physical keyboard for a more comfortable typing experience.
  • Connect to a Wireless Network: You must connect to a wireless network to utilize all of Kali Linux’s features. The Linux Deploy app has network options that you may modify.
  • Install Extra Tools and Utilities: Kali Linux has many ethical hacking and digital forensics tools, but you might also need more. You can obtain them from the Kali Linux repository and install them using the apt-get command.
  • Change the Desktop Environment: The GNOME desktop environment is the default setting for Kali Linux. Yet you may change the theme or install an alternative desktop environment to make it your own.

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In this article, we have covered how to install Kali Linux on Android. Installing Kali Linux on an Android smartphone may be challenging but rewarding for cybersecurity experts and enthusiasts-depth tools for network testing, ethical hacking, and digital forensics are available through Kali Linux. You may quickly install Kali Linux on your Android device and utilize all features by following the instructions in this article. Prepare your device, download the necessary files, and set up the Linux Deploy software to guarantee a flawless installation procedure. Have fun hacking!