2 Ways To Hide Snap Score In 2023 | Latest Update


In the following article, let’s examine how to hide snap score. Snapchat is a photo, video, and audio-sharing app. Apart from it, Snapchat users can click photos and videos using multiple attractive filters. Snapchat has many other features like creating albums, my eyes only option, snap map, and many more.

Users can add up their friends and send images, videos, gifs, and audio recordings while messaging in the group chat. You can also know if someone has deleted you from Snapchat

Until the end of the article, you will learn about what Snapchat is, why it is popular, what snap score is, and the methods of hiding snap scores. So, let’s get started with Snapchat.

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What Is Snapchat?

Over 215 million active users use Snapchat worldwide. Users can share photos, and videos, record audio, and send gifs while messaging. Snapchat has given users a feature to add friends so that they can send media to them daily.snapchat

Sending snaps among teens is popular these days. What makes it so special? Why is Snapchat so popular? Let’s see.

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Methods On How To Hide Snap Score

Often people want to hide snap scores. But how to hide snap score is the real misery. Follow the below methods to hide the snap score from friends.

The snap score is easily visible to anyone who hasn’t added you to friends. In order to avoid that, follow the following settings in your Snapchat account.

  1. Launch the Snapchat application.
  2. Select the user from your friend list.how to hide snap score
  3. Tap on their bitmoji icon and select Menu.
  4. Scroll to the bottom and stop when you can see the “Who can” option.
  5. Select the “Contact Me” option and change the default settings of Snapchat from “Everyone” to “My Friends.”

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Remove Your Friend From Your Friendlist

To remove your friend from your friend list, follow the below-mentioned steps.

  1. Log in and open the Snapchat account.
  2. Click on the bitmoji of the friend that will be removed from your list.how to hide snap score
  3. Now, a new screen will appear on your screen. Click on the “Menu” option.
  4. There will be a list opened in the options bar. Select the option “Remove Friend.”

Now that friend won’t be able to see your snap score, and you can know how to turn off snap score from friends

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Change The Profile Status Settings

Follow the methods shown below in order to change the profile visibility status settings.

  1. Go to your camera screen in the Snapchat app.
  2. Find the bitmoji on the top right of your screen and click on it.how to hide snap score
  3. Scroll down until you find the “Who Can” option. Then, select “Contact me.”
  4. After step 3, change the visibility settings from Everyone to My Friends.

These are the two methods to know how to hide a snap score from your friends and any stranger on Snapchat. 

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What Makes Snapchat Unique?

Snapchat provides users features like sharing photos, videos, audio files in direct messages, and awesome filters while capturing photos and videos. So, anyone can say that Snapchat is just like any other app.

Let’s have a look at the features, and later, we will have an explanation about it in brief.

Disappearing Messages

Snapchat has this default “delete messages after viewed” feature, which lets the message vanish as soon as the user exits the message screen. This option can be switched off or set to “disappear messages in 24 hrs”.how to hide snap score

Users can also save the messages in chat that they want to.

Snapchat Lenses

The Snapchat lenses feature is actually the most fun part of the app. Snapchat provides hundreds of animated and VR filters that attract many users.snapchat

These lenses also have a voice-changing effect, making them super cool and learning how to hide snap score.

Snapchat Stories

The Snapchat story feature can be accessed by swiping left on the home camera screen. Users can add an update of their day by posting a snap of theirs. The Snapchat story is visible only for 24 hrs.snapchat

Any other user can no longer view someone’s Snapchat story after 24hrs.

Snapchat Memories

Snapchat memories are a real-time album created by Snapchat. Your snaps, stories, and videos that you have saved form a Snapchat memory.snapchat

You can export media from your camera roll. 

Snapchat Discover and Live Stories

Snapchat Discover is a feature where celebrities and public figures add their stories to the discover page.snapchat

Followers and their daily viewers on Snapchat can subscribe to them. Also, live stories can be seen on Snapchat.

Snapstreaks and Emojis

The snap streaks are the streaks that are made after two users or friends send each other snaps daily. Also, explore how to hide snap score.snapchat

The number of snaps sent and received is counted on the snap score. You can select the snap streak emoji from the emoji settings.

Privacy Settings

Snapchat has been a well-secured app.snapchat

Sometimes, random people add you to friends, and if you don’t want to accept the request, you can decline the friend request. 

Snapchat Group chats

Snapchat has added the Snapchat group chat feature for users who like to have group conversations.snapchat

Users can add up their friends and send images, videos, gifs, and audio recordings while messaging in the group chat.

Snap Map

The snap map feature has been added to Snapchat to share the real-time geo-location of users with their friends.snapchat

Now that we have seen the features of Snapchat in detail let’s see what snap score is.

Snap Score

The snap score is a mix of the received and sent snaps and images sent and received.snapchat

And also, the texts did with someone.

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Is there any way to decrease any user’s snap score?

No, there is no way your snap score can be reduced once it’s increased.

After what time an unopened snap gets deleted?

An unopened snap will expire in 30 days.

Is it possible to videocall friends on Snapchat?

Yes, snapchat has a feature of video calling a friend.

Does ghost mode hide your snap score?

No, ghost mode cannot hide your snap score. However if you don’t know how to hide snap score, then just check the methods and steps mentioned above.

How to pause snap score?

You cannot practically pause your snap score as the snap score mixes the snaps that get from and sent, images sent and receives and the texts done with someone. And you cannot just stop sending some pics or snaps.


Snapchat is a photo, video, and audio-sharing app. There are many features in Snapchat, like Snapchat memories, stories, discover feed, geo-location (snap map), and many other features, including the ghost mode.

From the above article, we have covered the Features of Snapchat and methods to know how to hide snap scores. Follow the steps properly, and learn how to hide snap score.

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