Wondering how to get ravenous in Division 2? Here are the quick steps to unlock its extra Critical Hit Chance and healing abilities.

To unlock the Ravenous exotic shotgun in Division 2, complete quests within Kenly College to earn the blueprint, then craft it using high-end materials found throughout DC. To know more on how to get Ravenous Division 2, keep on reading.

The Ravenous LMG is one of the best exotic weapons in the game. Its unique talent, “Devour,” allows it to apply damage over time while restoring 5% of the player’s armor with each tick. This powerful effect gives sustainable regeneration and enables aggressive playstyles, making the Ravenous a top choice for any serious agent. Also, some excellent masks like Catharsis allow you to kill and damage your enemies even further. Its Emotive Touch talent refreshes skills on kills within 10 meters, allowing more aggressive plays, and to avail that you should know How to Get Catharsis in Division 2.

Let us know more about how to get ravenous in Division 2.

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Understanding Operation Iron Horse Raid

The Operation Iron Horse raid is one of the most challenging activities in Division 2. In this 8-player raid, agents must collaborate to infiltrate a heavily fortified Pentagon bunker overrun by the dangerous True Sons faction. Across five intense battles, teams will face all-new enemy types, like the massive weaponized tanks. Communication, coordination, and strong builds are essential to survive.operation iron horse raid

But the rewards for those agents tough enough to complete the raid are worth it. In addition to some of the best gear score loot, Iron Horse is currently the only way to obtain one of the game’s most powerful exotics – the Ravenous LMG. The final boss, Ronson, can drop this creepy red light machine gun, making Iron Horse a must for any player hoping to get their hands on this exotic.

With its unique Devour talent providing sustained healing and regeneration, Ravenous is a game changer for solo and group play. It gives you so much more longevity and offense in harder content. That’s why seasoned Division agents consider mastering Iron Horse a high priority, as Ravenous helps take builds and gameplay to the next level. So, if you want to get your hands on one of the best weapons in the game, it’s time to start putting together an optimized raid team.

Detailed Features of The Ravenous Exotic Rifle

The Ravenous stands out from other exotic weapons in Division 2 thanks to its unique Devour talent. When wielding this monster of a machine gun, your bullets will cause bleeding damage to enemies over time. Then, you and your group will regenerate 5% of your armor for each tick of damage that DOT deals. This allows non-stop passive healing as long as you’re engaging multiple enemies.

No other exotic can provide the same healing and sustain as Ravenous. Exotics like Scorpio or Tardigrade focus more on offense. Even the regen-heavy Memento relies on kills to activate its buff. But Ravenous heals you through sheer damage output alone. There is no real equal for tough group activities where stability is key.ravenous exotic rifle

The regeneration works just as well in PvE as in PvP, too. Thanks to Devour kicking in, I’ve clapped back opponent rushes in the Dark Zone plenty of times; the heals even spread to your allies, making Ravenous amazing for coordinated teams. Although its damage per shot isn’t the highest, max damage stacks provide competitive DPS. So whether you prioritize utility or damage, Ravenous consistently delivers.

If sustain and support are your style, the potent heals from Ravenous make it a must-have exotic. Its effectiveness across both PvE and PvP cements its role as one of Division 2’s premier weapons. To increase your performance, learn about the best Divison 2 settings.

Step-by-Step Guide to Obtaining the Ravenous

Let us look at how to get ravenous in Division 2.

  1. Assemble an optimized 8-player raid team using the Division 2 LFG discord. All players should have high gear scores and well-built DPS, tank, or healer builds.
  2. Launch the Operation Iron Horse raid from the terminal in the White House.
  3. Clear out enemies and complete two terminal hacking objectives in the Boiler and Cooling Tower areas.
  4. Face the Large Frags boss and equip disrupt resistance gear. Communicate spawns and focus fire threats.
  5. Move to the Server Room. Spread and simultaneously complete four computer hacking objectives while defending against heavy enemies.
  6. Progress to the Tank Factory. Assign roles for tanking, hacking terminals, and weak point DPS against three massive armor plates.
  7. Finally, take on the final boss, Ronson Nth, who will drop Ravenous. Focus fire weak points and coordinate destroying the deadly Devastator Tank.
  8. Master all roles, builds, and encounter strategies. Run the raid efficiently and without mistakes to prove your worth.
  9. Upon defeating all bosses, you will be rewarded with targeted loot from Ronson, including a chance to receive the exotic Ravenous LMG.

Mastering the Iron Horse raid takes time, but Ravenous is worth the effort, agents! Now get in there and claim your prize. You’ve got this! So that’s how to get the Ravenous Division 2.

Maximizing the Use of Ravenous in Gameplay

Here are some tips for maximizing the Ravenous exotic LMG in different Division 2 scenarios:

  • The regeneration spreads to teammates in group missions, so Ravenous truly shines. Focus damage across multiple enemies to keep the heals flowing constantly.
  • Pair it with an armor-stacking build like Tip of the Spear or Ongoles. The regeneration will keep that extra armor bar full at all times.
  • Run it with a Memento backpack for the best offense and defense. Its buffs boost both damage and healing power.conflict pvp
  • In Conflict PvP, stack status effects and then mop up weakened opponents during the damage over time.
  • Pay attention to the Division 2 Ravenous in the Dark Zone, too! The regeneration lets you withstand extra rogue attacks, or surprise enemy ambushes better than other weapons.
  • Mod it for optimized damage attributes, allowing for competitive DPS output even at long range. You’ll deal harm while healing yourself – a true nightmare for enemies!

When used smartly, Ravenous can make you and your allies feel unstoppable. Master all its potential; you may never want to put this exotic beast down! Check out this article to bust the Division black screen error you get.

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Common Challenges and Solutions

Here are some common challenges players face acquiring Ravenous and tips to overcome them:

  • One issue is simply assembling an optimized raid team. Be proactive on LFG to find players committed to practicing together. Schedule regular raids, so skills improve over time.
  • Some teams need help with coordination on boss mechanics. Take time to explain each encounter beforehand. Assign leaders for callouts during battles, too.
  • Low-player gear can make the raid unbeatable—farm-targeted loot zones to boost stats and talents on your builds before raiding.farm-targeted loot zones on division 2
  • Wiping a lot is discouraging, but staying positive helps. Changing tactics or load-outs on problem areas might give your team an edge.
  • If Ronson refuses to drop Division 2 the Ravenous, don’t lose hope! Completing the raid on multiple characters weekly increases your chances.
  • Finally, feel free to ask clans or coaches for advice. Experienced raiders want to help others succeed, too.

With patience and practice in tackling problems step-by-step, any determined agent can eventually acquire this amazing weapon. Keep at it – Ravenous is worth the effort! So that’s all about how to get ravenous in Division 2. For better performance in a battle, check out how to upgrade the Division 2 Ruthless Rifle.


What are some good weapons for a Get Ravenous build?

The lightweight M4 assault and Merciless exotic rifles synergize well due to their critical damage abilities. Shotguns also pack a punch.

How can I maximize healing as a Get Ravenous agent?

Stacking crit chance, health on kill, damage to heal mods, and talents like Unstoppable force will keep you in the fight longer.

What is the best specialization for PvE content?

Many consider Get Ravenous one of the top choices for PvE due to its raw damage output and sustained potential against NPC enemies.

Is Get Ravenous viable for PvP conflicts?

It can be with the right build focusing on crit chance. You'll need to play more carefully against elite human opponents, though.


The Ravenous LMG is undoubtedly one of the most powerful and enabling exotics in the Ravenous Division 2. Mastering the Iron Horse Raid to obtain this weapon is a top priority for any serious agent. We encourage all readers to start forming raid groups – your build and gameplay will thank you after unlocking the regeneration of Ravenous! We hope this article on how to get ravenous in Division 2 has helped you know everything about it.

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