How to Get More Storage on PS4?

how to get more storage on ps4

The PS4 (PlayStation 4) is the fourth-generation gaming system by Sony Entertainment and replaces the PS3. Users may play games on the PS4 at 1080P. You can play unique games like The Last of Us and non-exclusive games like Call of Duty and Battlefield. On the PS4, motion-sensing and VR games are also supported. But how to get more storage on ps4?

RAM can be made accessible while installing a new game in various methods. An option will be shown while installing the game PS4. Here are some different approaches:

  • Boost the amount of storage you have
  • Upload to YouTube or Twitch
  • Include an external PS4 hard drive
  • Use a remote device to play games
  • Delete any saved information from system storage
  • Delete games from memory

Here are detailed instructions on each solution on How to get more storage on ps4? 


Top 6 ways to get more storage on PS4

Following are the ways you can upgrade your PS4 storage:

Boost the amount of storage you have 

Checking what is taking your PS4’s storage space is crucial. Doing this allows you to determine utilization data by web apps, stored data, themes, and screenshots. Then you may delete the unwanted stuff to add more space to ps4.

Here are the steps –

  1. Launch the PS4’s Home screen and press Up on the D-pad to access the Function menu.ps4 homescreen
  2. Go to the menu and select the setting. And then hit the X console. You can select System Storage Management from the Settings panel in the categories of Applications.system storage management
  3. This will enable you to ascertain app data, stored information, customizations, and images.

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Upload to Youtube or twitch

The answer to your question about “how to get more storage on PS4” could be uploading the videos on youtube and twitch. You must first link your accounts to stream on Twitch or watch YouTube using your PS4.

Below are the steps – 

  1. Sign in and choose “Settings” using your controller.sign in
  2. Choosing Account Management.”managing system storage
  3. “Link with Other Services” should be with other services
  4. Choose between Twitch and YouTube to utilize as your service and observe the sign-in guidelines.choose
  5. Get the bigger memory for ps4 and the game you wish to stream.

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Use an external PS4 hard drive

The simplest method to increase storage is to add memory to PS4 when you don’t have enough memory. As you are aware, you can place the programs only on the external storage or the system storage of your PS4. A PS4 external hard drive is an excellent option if the internal system does not allow more storage for the PS4 Mini Tool Partition Wizard is also an option. It is a reputable partition manager with a long list of potent capabilities, including FAT to NTFS conversion, MBR rebuilding, OS migration to HDD/SSD, partition resizing, and

Before proceeding, you must first set up a PS4 external hard disk that satisfies the following prerequisites: Verify that PS4 system monitoring software is at least version 4.5. A minimum capacity of 250GB and a maximum capacity of 8TB should be on the external storage device. You may format the external hard disk in one straightforward way. Let’s now examine ways to add more storage to PS4.

  1. First, correctly connect your PS4 to the external hard drive. Launch the PS4’s Home screen, go to the Settings window and choose Devices > USB Storage Devices.usb storage devices
  2. In the pop-up box, choose the external hard disk you just attached and click Format as Extended Storage. Then click Next. When requested to format this device as expanded storage RAM, proceed to Step 4 and click format.format as extended storage
  3. To confirm, select Yes. Then hold off till formatting is finished. To complete the procedure, click OK when you see the message. This device has been formatted as expanded format
  4. Additionally, you may format the external hard disk more quickly by using a straightforward utility.

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Use a remote device to play games

You can utilize both Wi-Fi and mobile data connections for Remote Play to access remotely. It would help if you were connected to a broadband network with a 5 Mbps speed. Use Wi-Fi or a mobile data connection with a high speed of at least 15 Mbps for the best Remote Play experience.remote play You will use the mobile data allotment if you use Remote Play features via a mobile data connection. Your mobile operator could charge you if you use more data than what’s allowed. Your cell carrier network and the surrounding network environment may impact the connection and quality of your Remote Play experience.

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Delete any saved information from system storage

Eliminating stored data from system storage is another easy way to make space on a PS4. 

It is the easiest solution to your question – “how to get more storage on ps4?” These are the following steps to achieve that:

  1. Choose the Application Saved Data Management option in the PS4 Settings box.settings
  2. Select Data Saved in System Storage under the pop-up window.delete saved data Next, check the box next to each saved game you wish to remove, and then click Delete.

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Delete games from memory

The procedure will only remove your saved games and settings if you ever decide to reinstall the game. And such files typically receive little attention while taking up a lot of PS storage.delete gamesWe explain why some users discover that their PS has a few games yet needs room. So, Eliminating games helps in adding more storage to PS4. You can get Discord on PS4.


Is 500GB of storage sufficient for a PS4?

Many popular titles, including Call of Duty and Red Dead Redemption, look tough to install with 500GB of storage space. If the hard disk on your PS4 is already full, you might install an external hard drive or delete any new games and applications.

Can I buy more storage for my ps4?

You can, indeed. Purchase a 2.5-inch SSD or HDD with the desired amount of storage from Amazon or another retailer.

Why does your PS4 indicate that you require additional storage?

It occurs over time as the number of games you have downloaded fills up all the available RAM and storage on the system. Another thing to remember is that other system files and updates are often downloaded when you install a game.

How can you make storage space without removing games?

Remove the cache Clear the cache. To clear cached data from a single or specific application, navigate to Settings> Applications>Program Manager and click on the application whose cached data you wish to remove

How can you tell whether my PS4 has 500GB or 1TB of storage?

You will get it in the settings menu. Check the device's maximum capacity by going to storage.


The techniques for upgrading your PS4 hard drive depend on your budget and the reason you require the update, among other things. As a result, only some techniques are perfect for every single user. Just carefully read the information on each approach before making a decision. They will certainly answer your question – “How to get more storage on PS4.” However, changing the PS4’s hard drive to a larger disk is the best solution.

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