Curious about how to get Catharsis in Division 2? Here are some simple tips for building it up through Dark Zone activities. Catharsis progress takes dedicated time, but these tricks make it less daunting. Keep reading for my shorthand advice.

One tip for achieving Catharsis in Division 2 is to focus on survival by extracting contaminated materials. Take on manhunt targets for big gains. Join an experienced agent to boost progress. Back up other agents to pay it forward. Steady engagement is key – don’t burn out. To know more tips for Catharsis mask Division 2, keep on reading.

In Division 2, agents can find exotic masks with special talents. The red Catharsis mask offers a unique ability called Emotive Touch. It reduces cooldowns when killing enemies at close range, letting players embrace the action and boost their skills. Catharsis gives an offensive edge through spectacular takedowns. Let us read more about how to get Catharsis in Division 2.

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Understanding the Catharsis Mask

The Catharsis Division 2 mask provides an engaging playstyle in Division 2 by encouraging close combat. Its Emotive Touch talent refreshes skills on kills within 10 meters, allowing more aggressive plays. Also, Coyote Mask has some amazing benefits of using. But to avail of those you should know How to Get a Coyote Mask in Division 2

Normally, wary players may be hesitant to try Catharsis. However, equipping it changes the flow of combat. Skill builds can maintain near-constant uptime of abilities by taking risks. A firestarter pyromancer can dish out endless flames up close. Meanwhile, support from a sniper turret remains constantly available while dancing through enemies.catharsis mask

Some argue this approach is too dangerous. But that misses the point – Catharsis gives control over chaos. Skilled agents can embrace the frontlines and thrive amidst bullets. Storming back into action quickly to revive allies outperforms passive tactics.

Even explosive damage dealers see improvements. Bombardier drones and seekers swarm mercilessly without pause. Death becomes an enabling factor, not a hindrance.

While divisive, Catharsis answers those longing for pure adrenaline. Within its battle-scarred lenses lies the freedom from restraint. Skill and precision can transform the battlefield into living art. For those willing to face the furnace, liberation awaits in the form of Catharsis.  To increase your performance, learn about the best Divison 2 settings.

Ways to Obtain Catharsis in Division 2

The Catharsis exotic mask is a sought-after item for high-octane playstyles. Here are some of the best methods on how to get catharsis Division 2.

Targeted Loot

Certain gear categories and brand sets will be marked as “Targeted Loot” in specific areas on the map each day. Keep an eye out for when “Exotics” are targeted – this increases your odds of Catharsis dropping from named enemies or cache openings. Targeted Loot makes the farm more focused.

Weekly Exotic Caches

Completion of certain activities rewards an Exotic Cache. These include getting three SHD ranks, resetting one control point to level four daily, or doing five missions on hard difficulty. Opening these caches increases the probability of getting a new exotic, like Catharsis, to expand your library.

The Summit Challenges

Reaching certain floor milestones in this endgame tower grants an Exotic Cache as a reward. Every ten floors cleared on higher difficulties improves the drop chance. Floor 90 offers the highest exotic roll. More caches mean more chances at Catharsis for those with patience.

Countdown Missions

The fast-paced PvE mode Countdown can reward Exotic Caches on completion. Playing this 8-player co-op adds variety if you find other methods tedious. High ranks boost exotic drop rates, too, providing extra Catharsis opportunities for those keen for competition.

Legendary Missions

Beating missions on the highest difficulty, Legendary is no small feat. However, it guarantees an Exotic Cache on every run. Even random drops have elevated exotic chances. Though arduous, investing time into Legendary ensures better prospects of scoring Catharsis and augmenting your build potential.

A mix of these targeted approaches gives the best shot at obtaining the elusive Catharsis mask for those eager to experience its unique rush.

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Strategies for Efficient Catharsis Farming

With some planning, exotic enthusiasts can optimize their Catharsis hunt. Here are some tips for making the most of each source:

Tips for Targeted Loot

Check what’s targeted each day and start there. Clear all activities quickly for more rolls. Call in backups to power through harder zones faster. targeted lootCheck maps to save time in the right areas. Check out this article to bust the Division black screen error you get.

Best Practices for Weekly Caches

Track weekly progress for three SHD requisitions to ensure you get all the benefits. Reset one control point daily for easy progress. weekly caches division 2Build a team to breeze through five invaded on hard for the cache.

Maximizing Chances in The Summit

Select a difficulty you can steadily progress on without wiping. Clear floors in 10-floor increments for caches. dps loadoutCommunicate during fights to avoid timeouts draining efficiency. Consider an optimized skill build or DPS loadout for speed.

Countdown Missions

Play full completion matches rather than leaving early. Work together – revive downed allies and keep spawns controlled. Try different load-outs to find your quickest style. Extract or survive the final objective fast for exotic chances.countdown missions

Staying focused yet flexible allows dedicated agents to expand their exotic holdings over time. Every Catharsis obtained brings new horizons closer.

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Getting the Most from Catharsis

The Division 2 Catharsis mask comes alive when the situation plays to its strengths. Close quarters become a hunter’s paradise with its refresh effect triggering constantly.

For example, tight interior spaces like missions inside settlements are perfect for Catharsis mayhem. The claustrophobic corridors force combat at 10m and below, fueling endless skills.

Similarly, diverse missions like Iron Horse and the DZ provide many chokepoints and small areas for maximizing uptime. Even open spaces feature interrupting terrain for dynamic cover play.division 2 catharsis mask

Certain gear takes full advantage when paired with Catharsis. Combined Arms on any skill damage setup amplifies chaos. In-sync multiplies mayhem for skill builds. Obliterate adds burst for raw DPS to shine up close,

Even playstyle can leverage Catharsis. Skill damage brands like Hana-U and Wyvern are a natural fit. Hardwired’s quick cooldowns also mesh well. Status effect options like Pyromaniac or Vile equally thrive on their cooldown speed.

Learning to dance between protection and the frontlines fluidly can achieve the mastery Catharsis demands. But once comfortable amidst the fray, very few exotics outmatch its thrill when the battlefield perfectly sets the stage. So that’s all about how to get Catharsis in Division 2. For better performance in a battle, check out how to upgrade the Division 2 Ruthless Rifle.


What activities help build Catharsis?

Dangerous missions and activities in the Dark Zones that push your limits, like extracting contaminated materials or engaging Rogue agents, are very effective for building Catharsis.

How long does it take to achieve Catharsis?

The time needed varies per agent based on experience and willpower. On average, dedicating 10-15 hours to high-risk Dark Zone activities should achieve a noticeable level of Catharsis.

Can you lose your Catharsis progress?

Yes, taking extended breaks from high-danger missions in the Dark Zones may cause you to lose some of your accumulated catharsis progress over time. Constant challenges are needed to maintain benefits.

What are the benefits of a high catharsis level?

Agents who've achieved a high catharsis through overcoming many life-threatening encounters report improved resilience, clearer thinking under pressure, and less lingering emotional impacts from trauma.


The Catharsis mask unleashes an intense up-close playstyle by refreshing skills on kills. Targeted Loot, weekly caches, Summit challenges, and Countdown/Legendary missions can help agents obtain this exhilarating exotic. When used in situations with frequent close combat and paired with reinforcing gear, Catharsis empowers agents to fully extract carnage from each encounter. We encourage all agents craving thrill to experience the liberating mayhem of this mask. We hope this article on how to get Catharsis in Division 2 has helped you know everything about it.

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