The Xbox Series X is a powerful gaming console with a vivid gaming experience. One of the control center’s key elements is its capacity to run games at up to 120 casings each second (fps), which can tremendously affect the perfection and responsiveness of interactivity. But sometimes, the problem arises with how to get 120hz on the xbox series x. 

The subsequent step is to empower 120Hz mode on your Xbox Series X. You can begin by looking at your television’s abilities. Then, at that point, empower 120Hz mode on your television. From that point onward, update your Xbox Series X.

If you have any desire to capitalize on your Xbox Series X, then, at that point, getting 120Hz is an unquestionable necessity. This article will show point-by-point moves on how to get 120Hz on your Xbox Series X in only five straightforward advances.

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How To Get 120hz on Xbox Series X in 5 Simple Steps

Here’s how to get 120hz on xbox series x in easy-to-follow steps-

Step 1: Check Your TV’s Capabilities

The first step in getting 120Hz on your Xbox Series X is to ensure that your TV or monitor can support the higher refresh rate. To do this, check the specifications of your display to see if it supports monitor

If you need help, consult the user manual or search for the model number online.

If you prefer to use your laptop as a display mode, check this out.

Step 2: Enable 120Hz Mode on Your TV

Once you’ve confirmed that your TV can support 120Hz, the next step is to enable this modenew fps settings. This will vary depending on the manufacturer and model of your TV, so consult the user manual for specific instructions. In most cases, you’ll need to navigate to the display settings menu and select the 120Hz option.

Step 3: Update Your Xbox Series X

Before exploiting 120Hz on your Xbox Series X, you must guarantee that your control center is cutting-edge. To do this, go to the framework settings menu and select ‘Framework.’ updated xboxFrom that point, select ‘Updates’ and check for timely updates. Assuming there are refreshes accessible, download and introduce them.

Step 4: Empower 120Hz Mode on Your Xbox Series X

When your control center is cutting-edge, you can empower 120Hz mode on your Xbox Series X. Go to the showcase settings menu and select ‘Video modes.’xbox refresh rate details From that point, select ‘120Hz’ and affirm the change. Your control center will run at 120Hz, given that your television or screen upholds it.

The last step is to test your settings to guarantee everything works. To do this, send off a game that upholds 120Hz and look at the showcase settings to guarantee it’s running at the higher revive rate.

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Technical Capacities of Xbox One

Let’s take a look at some of the important technical capacities of Xbox One:

120Hz Xbox One:

While the Xbox One cannot output games at 120Hz, it can still benefit from displays that support a higher refresh rate. The console’s interface and menu system can benefit from a smoother and more responsive one upgraded

Enabling 120Hz mode on your Xbox One can also reduce input lag, making navigating menus and using apps easier.

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120 fps monitor for xbox series s

The Xbox Series S is a strong control center equipped for running match-ups at up to 120 edges each second. You’ll require a presentation that can revive at a similar rate to exploit this capacity.120hz settings

Search for screens or televisions that help a 120Hz invigorate rate, and guarantee a low information slack and a quick reaction time for the best gaming experience. Also, learn whether you can play wii u games on Switch.

120hz monitor for xbox series s

If you want to benefit from your Xbox Series S, a screen or television that upholds a 120Hz revive rate is fundamentalnew xbox s fps. This will permit you to encounter the smoothest and most responsive ongoing interaction conceivable, with no dropped outlines or stammering.

Search for shows that help variable invigorate rates (VRR) and low info slack for the best gaming experience.

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Could my Xbox One run games at 120Hz?

No, the Xbox One can't yield games at 120Hz. Notwithstanding, you can profit from shows that help a 120Hz revive rate for the control center's connection point and menu framework.

Do I need a unique screen to get 120Hz on my Xbox Series S?

To run games at up to 120 edges each second on your Xbox Series S, you'll require a screen or television that upholds a 120Hz invigorate rate.

Might I, at any point, utilize a 60Hz screen with my Xbox Series S?

You can, in any case, utilize a 60Hz screen with your Xbox Series S. Nonetheless, you'll be restricted to the greatest casing pace of 60fps, and you will not have the option to exploit the control center's capacity to run games up to 120fps.

Can xbox run at 144hz?

The Xbox Series S doesn't uphold a 144Hz invigorate rate. The control center can run games at up to 120fps, so you'll require a showcase that upholds a 120Hz revive rate to exploit this capacity.

Can you get 120 fps on xbox series s?

Not all games support 120fps on Xbox Series S. The casing rate a game can run relies upon its particular details and enhancements. You should check the game's particulars to check whether it upholds 120fps.

Does xbox one x support 120hz?

The Xbox One X can yield games at 120Hz, given you have a television or screen that upholds the higher invigorate rate.


To benefit from your Xbox console and partake in the smoothest and most responsive interactivity conceivable, it’s critical to pick a presentation that upholds a 120Hz revive rate.

Please look at the particulars of your games to check whether they support 120fps, and pick a presentation with low information slack and quick reaction time for the best gaming experience.

With these basic advances, you can undoubtedly know how to get 120hz on the xbox series x and partake in the most secure and responsive gaming experience.


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