How to Format SD Card on MAC in 5 Simple Ways

how to format sd card on mac

There are times when as a Mac user, you need to clear your external SD card (not the SSD or Hard Disk, which is an internal drive). To optimize performance, which might have started to lag. It often happens due to a barrage of temporary files. As well as files and applications which you store on the SD card, that have not been used. And are eating up on the storage and RAM (the one stored onboard the SD card). With many Mac optimizations, it is possible to use SD cards without formatting. But if there is a recurring issue, or the issue is due to an older device, that irregularly shows compatibility issues due to the lack of update, then it is much better if you know how to format SD Card on MAC.

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Before Formatting SD Card on MAC, Two Things Must Be Done:

  • The first step in how to format SD card on MAC is to decide what data must stay, and what data is useless, or does not have use presently.
  • The second step in how to format SD card on MAC is you must store the data on a larger SSD or External HDD, or onto a cloud, depending on which option is more feasible for a given user.
  • You must mount the SD card onto the Mac as an image of the disk drive. If an SD card slot is present, as in newer devices, then you must insert into that slot to begin the mounting process; if not, SD card adapters must be used, a plethora of which are available in the market.

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It Is An Easy Process If All The Tools And Paraphernalia Are Already Available. The Steps Are:

  • Launch the default system app that deals with disk utility and storage components: Disk Utility.


sd card format
SD Card format
  • If the SD card has already been recognized, then select it from a list of the storage devices provide; if not, run a scan to allow the system to recognize the device. It is present as a numbered list on the left side of the application window.
  • Click the Erase tab: you can see some warnings. As this is not a trivial issue, data may or may not be lost, depending on whether you follow the above steps.


formatting sd card
Formatting SD Card
  • The SD card is reformatted; you can now use it as new, refreshed after having lagged for a long time, which drives the performance of the SD card down. You can now store new data. Or you can re-transfer the previously stored data onto the SD card.


how to format sd card on mac
How to format SD card on MAC
  • There are also formats where you can decide how you can delete or store data.
  • In most older devices that run versions earlier than the MacOS X, the FAT32 (Microsoft Windows proprietary) formatting option is not available.
  • You must store the data in the newer exFAT format. Which you can run by default on Windows embedded systems. As well as non-embedded non-Windows systems. The default on Windows systems is NTFS.
  • If you need to treat the SD casd as a multi-platform disk drive, you can also be format in the NTFS format. But due to lesser compatibility than exFAT, it is not preferrential. The 64-bit SD cards available these days are automatically compatible with all 64-bit systems (and some 32-bit Windows systems with stable or unstable ports).

You can now find the IP Address of you MAC PC hassle free .The formatting of the SD card ensures that the data stored is wiped off. And does not interfere with the entry and exit of new data.

As well as the safety of knowing that you have privacy controls before selling the SD card to someone else; you do not want your data in the hands of untrusted sources. External Hard Drive not Showing up on MAC, then it can be corrected. Know how to read deleted reddit posts from this article.


You can simply follow the above mentioned steps which can be easily implemented without any trouble. Try to avoid trying multiple ways to format your SD card as it can be very confusing and put you in a tough spot. Follow any one good, effective way.

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