How to edit a story on Facebook? Users can connect with friends and family on the well-known social networking site Facebook and share views, memories, and experiences. Users can publish brief tales, transient posts that vanish after 24 hours, as one of Facebook’s features. Sharing your experiences with friends through Facebook Stories is entertaining and practical. These may include text, images, and videos. The social media platform’s tales can be edited using the Facebook app or a web browser.

After logging into your Facebook account, you may access your stories by tapping on them at the top of your news feed. You may enter the Facebook story settings and change the text, pictures, videos, or backdrop there.

Facebook allows you to change your posts after sharing and makes it simple. Let’s review the methods for Editing a story on Facebook that you must follow to change your Facebook tale.

How To Edit A Story On Facebook? | The Easy Way

After your Facebook story has been posted, you may occasionally edit it. You might want to add more images or videos to the story, or you might have accidentally misspelled a word. Despite the cause, Facebook makes it easy to edit stories on the social media platform, enabling you to alter your posts after sharing. Click here to read how to change your Facebook name before 60 days limit.

Establishing a Facebook Account Login

To edit a story on Facebook, you must log into your account. You can do this by visiting the Facebook app on your smartphone or by entering into Facebook using your computer browser.
log in facebook profile

Simply open the Facebook app and log in with your credentials if you have them.

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Find The Story You Wish To Change

Once you log in, your Facebook stories should be at the top of your news stream. To view and edit a story, tap on it.
my story

If you’re using a computer, use your web browser’s Facebook app to edit your stories.

Edit Your Story

A menu should appear in the top right corner of the story when you first launch it. Access the story’s settings in this menu, denoted by three dots.
three dots for settings

To edit the story, tap the three dots and select “Edit.”

Modify Your Story

Once you’ve located the editing option, you can edit your story. You can edit the uploaded story’s content, add more pictures or videos, or change the backdrop color.
edit story

You can add text, stickers, or filter effects to your tale.

Save Any Changes You Make

Once you’re done, remember to save your changes. You can accomplish this by selecting the “Save” symbol in the corner.
save icon

You can save your changes by clicking the “Save button in the exact location on a computer. 

Check Out Your Updated Story

After publishing your changes, you can access your revised narrative in the Facebook app or your profile page on a web browser. Your friends will be able to see the amended post, and the story should reflect the changes you made. 

facebook your story

It is important to remember that if you change a story, the most updated date and time will replace the original publishing date and time. Your friends can tell you that the story has changed because of this. When you edit a story, your friends won’t receive a notification, but they will still be able to see the changes when they look at the story.

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Can you edit a story on Facebook which has now finished?

No, if a story has come to an end, there is no change possible. The story will be saved in your Stories Archive even though you won't be able to change it.

How to edit a story on Facebook using only a desktop?

You can edit a Facebook story on your desktop by logging into Facebook using a web browser and following the instructions in the post.

Can you change the typeface used in a Facebook story?

Definitely, anyone can edit a Facebook story and change the typeface and add emojis.

Can I update my Facebook story with new images or videos after publication?

You can add new images or videos when editing a Facebook story.

What happens if I make modifications to my Facebook story?

If you edit your Facebook story, it won't vanish. However, the most recent update will replace the original production's date and time.

Is it possible to erase a Facebook story after editing it?

After modifying, you can remove a Facebook story by selecting 'Delete Story' from the three dots in the top right corner.

Can I change a Facebook story that someone else has already shared?

There are no changes possible to a story once it has been shared. The only person who has the power to alter a story is the story's original author.

Can I alter a Facebook story's backdrop colour?

Yes, you can alter the background colour while editing a Facebook story.

Will my friends be notified if I make updates to a Facebook story?

No, your connections will not be notified when you change a Facebook story. Only you and your friends who have already read the tale can see the updates.

How can I change a Facebook article when I'm on the go?

Choose the story you wish to alter on the mobile app, press the three horizontal dots in the upper right corner, and then hit 'Edit.' You can make any required changes to the story before saving your updates.

I posted a Facebook story, but how can I determine whether it was edited?

After amending, the most recently changed date and time will be displayed on a Facebook story. This will serve as proof that the narrative has been modified.

Is there a limit to how many times I can modify a story on Facebook?

There is no limit on how many times you can change a Facebook story.

Can music be used into a Facebook story?

Your Facebook story could include music. Currently, only a small number of countries and regions offer access to the Facebook music service, which is exclusively accessible through the Facebook app.

How can I change the text font in a Facebook story?

The typeface of a story on Facebook cannot be altered. To add text to your tale, you can utilize a third-party application or piece of software that provides a selection of recognizable typefaces.


How Can I Edit a Facebook Story? Editing a Facebook story is a straightforward procedure you can finish in a few easy steps. Whether you want to alter the content, add more images or videos, modify the background color, or both, Facebook makes it simple to edit stories. Applying the earlier-provided procedures will suffice.

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