Five Ways to Know About How to Edit a PDF on MAC

How to Edit a PDF on MAC

Portable Document Format (pdf) files have become a must in today’s digital era. It is more popular and prevalent than any other document format today like .doc, .text, etc. because of its portability, consistency, and type of content, it can hold. Creating and editing pdf files is a skill for every professional to know. Perhaps, in this article, we will discuss about the top five ways that can help you for how to edit a PDF on MAC. 

Top 5 Ways to Use for How to Edit a PDF on MAC

Creating a PDF file is not a very tedious task. Any essential software can do it. What is not well known is editing any external PDF file. Even many professionals don’t know about editing PDFs.While people use any software like Acrobat Reader to view PDFs, MAC also provides PDF viewing in its Preview. The following five ways will help you to know about how to edit a PDF on MAC. 

How to Edit a PDF on MAC using Inbuilt Preview

MAC OS’s Preview helps to view images and other files itself, provides powerful tools for editing purposes. It may not give you all, but it can fulfill all your basic editing needs like adding annotations, underlining text, rectangle, oval, etc. One needs to go to ‘Tools’ and explore the Inbuilt Preview for knowing more about how to edit a PDF on MAC.

Some of its features are as follows:

  • It help in annotating a PDF, highlighting and striking out text.
  • It helps in adding notes and speech bubbles to a PDF.
  • You can combine PDFs by selecting and copying text, and adding, deleting or moving PDF pages, etc.
  • But it doesn’t allow you to edit text and advance features. So, if you need viewing your favorite Ebook and highlighting parts of your interest or you want to add annotations in some relevant official documents, don’t go anywhere else. Preview alone can do it for you.
Edit PDF files using inbuilt preview
Edit PDF files using inbuilt preview

How to Edit a PDF on MAC Using Adobe Acrobat Reader DC

Adobe is a well known name in the creative community. Its software benefits hardcore creators. Haven’t you heard of Photoshop? Yes! For PDF files, also Adobe rules with Acrobat Reader DC.  The free version allows users to use basic handling and editing features like underlining text, highlighting, comments, signature validation, and many more just like Preview and even more. But the power of Adobe does not need any introduction.

If you are a professional and want full control over the pdf files like converting to other formats, editing text, and a lot more. For knowing how to edit a PDF on MAC, you may use the pro version offering paid services. Go to View>Tools>Recognize Text to make the file editable in the pro version.

Use Adobe Acrobat for Editing PDF files
Use Adobe Acrobat for Editing PDF files

Visit : Adobe Acrobat 

Edit a PDF on MAC using Other Third-Party Software

Features come for some price, and that is the issue with Acrobat Reader DC. The license amount Adobe asks may be a bit expensive for some people, and that’s why other software comes into play. Software like PDFelement and PDF Expert are available for MAC in the trial, and pro options.

PDF Element will even provide you text editing and some other pro features in the trial version but with a limited capacity of pages and a watermark. There are a lot more on the internet. Though the problem is the same that they all provide trial versions and give paid services for pro features while knowing about how to edit a PDF on MAC. 

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Use Free Third-Party Software for Editing a PDF on MAC 

Skim is available for MAC, which is a free third-party software for PDF handling. But most of its features are similar to Preview like markup tools. You may use it to add and edit notes, crop PDF files, and more. It does provide some exciting features like “snapshots” for easy reference, extensive AppleScript support, saving passwords in Keychain, etc. On the whole, it is worth using if you don’t want advanced PDF editing. Precisely, this feature makes the task of how to edit a PDF on MAC easier.

PDF Editor Mac is also an option which is free for individual developers. It provides the same standard features, which is enough for light users. 

There may be some other free options, but these two are commonly used for PDFs by many users.

Access Google DOCS for Editing Your PDF Files 

You can always go to google docs for any supported document creation and edition. One thing it does is it will provide you the option to edit the text of a pdf file as it automatically extracts text from external pdf files and displays it. And what you can’t do is that images in external pdf files are not supported.

It converts any provided PDF file in its readable form and keeps only supported elements, leaving the rest. Therefore, it is slightly different from the rest of the tools, and google may improve its functionalities in future updates.

Use Google Docs for Editing files
Use Google Docs for Editing files

Visit : Google Docs 


Summing up, you can accomplish the job of how to edit a PDF on MAC using any service like MS-Office, Google Docs, etc. And we can edit them even using the same service simultaneously. But editing an external PDF file that has been downloaded from somewhere else or came from any source can only be done efficiently using pro features of any software. So, one must know what he/she needs to do with PDF files before selecting the tool to use.

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