How To Download Instagram Voice Message | Stepwise Easy Guide

Hey there, are you looking to learn how to download Instagram voice message? Well, you’ve reached the right spot, as in this article, I’ll steer you through.

This post will answer all your questions about downloading Instagram voice message in just a few easy steps. In this article, you’ll learn how to download Instagram voice message on various platforms like your PC, Android device, and iOS device through very simple and effective measures. These methods involve downloading audio messages through the help of the Google Chrome Plugin and Google Chrome extensions and the iPhone’s built-in screen recorder. Every step has been elaborately explained and will surely prove helpful to you in downloading your Instagram voice messages. Click here to learn the top 7 Apps that let you listen to music offline.

Until you reach this article’s end, you’ll be familiar with the various ways to download Instagram voice messages in every format. It’ll also equip you with some pro tips and extra techniques to support you in the future. Any queries in your mind in due course have been addressed in the following FAQ section that you must read. So let’s jump in.

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Let’s Learn More About How To Download Instagram Voice Message

Here we will discuss step by step how you can download Instagram messages.

Download Instagram Voice Messages From Your Computer

Audio messages can be saved from Instagram DM while using Instagram on a PC or laptop device with the help of a Chrome plugin. The Chrome store has an addon called Instagram Voice message Downloader. After installing it on your browser, you will download the option in the Instagram DM below the voice message. Here’s a detailed description of the process:

  1. Open the Chrome web browser on your laptop or computer. chrome web browser
  2. Navigate to the Chrome Store and look for the Instagram Voice Downloader plugin.
  3. To install the extension on Chrome, click the Add to Desktop option.
  4. Now go to the Instagram website and navigate to your DM. navigate to your dm
  5. Locate and launch the conversation from which you wish to retrieve the audio message.
  6. Beside the voicemail, you’ll find the icon for downloading. You may have to refresh the website to see it.
  7. Save the file to your desktop before concluding. Use the shortcut CTRL+S or the “Save Audio As” menu option when doing a right-click. Read this article, best video calling Apps for your PC.

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Download Instagram voice messages on Android

Android does not facilitate a built-in screen recorder. Therefore screen recording is not a viable method for downloading Instagram audio messages on Android. A lot of third-party Softwares is offered by the Google Play Store for the same. However, they are not permitted to capture internal audio. Lucky for Android users, we have discovered two alternative fixes. You can also generate captions for your android or iOS device.

Use The Android Chrome Extension

As you may already be aware, Chrome extensions are incompatible with the mobile version of Google Chrome; however, Chrome extensions may still be used on Android smartphones using alternative web browsers like Kiwi and Yandex. These browsers are based on the same technology as Google Chrome: Chromium. In this lesson, you will use Kiwi Browser.

The user interface is fairly similar to Chrome’s, and it has several extra capabilities, like support for extensions, an ad blocker, dark mode, and pop-up blockers, among many more.

With the help of the Kiwi browser, start by installing the Instagram Voice Downloader extension on your device before installing the voice messages from the DM. Follow these steps:

  1. On your Android phone, download the Kiwi Browser. It is cost-free and accessible through the Google Play Store. kiwi browser
  2. Once the app has been properly installed, open it by tapping the menu button (three dots) in the top-right corner.
  3. After that, Select Extensions from the menu list.
  4. On the Extensions page, click the Google link. You must click the Chrome Web Store when sent to the Google search page.
  5. Now locate and select the “Instagram Voice Downloader” extension from the search results.
  6. Click OK after choosing the “Add to Chrome” option through the window that has popped up.
  7. Visit Instagram’s website and log in to your account. log in
  8. After then, open the discussion in your Instagram DM.
  9. The Download button will now be visible beneath the voicemail. If you don’t see it straight away, refresh the page. Your voicemail will be played when you tap this button, and a new tab will appear. To save it to your Android phone, click three dots and press Download once more. Also, if your phone has any storage problem, you can store Instagram on an sd card.

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Record Audio From Another Phone

Another option is recording audio messages from another phone and saving them to Instagram on an Android device. You don’t need to download third-party software or extension makes this one of the simplest approaches. A voice recorder feature is embedded into every smartphone.


To find it, use the app drawer’s search feature. Play the audio message on Instagram after that, and then use the voice recorder to capture it. Just like that. You won’t need to perform any conversion because you will save it in an audio format (mp3 or aac). Click here to learn the best android apps for pilots.

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Download Instagram Voice Messages On iPhone

Unlike the reels of Instagram, copying the URL through any third-party app will not help you download the audio messages on Instagram, as they are private. Unfortunately, there isn’t an iPhone app that lets you directly know how to save voice messages on Instagram DM, but a straightforward workaround is available.

instagram voice messages

The purpose of this technique is to record your Instagram discussion while the voice message is playing on-screen. Consequently, this will also record the audio. The iPhone’s built-in screen recorder supports internal audio recording. Later, you may use an internet converter application to convert the recorded video to MP3 audio. Isn’t that excellent?

You can see how to use this strategy in practice with the help of this step-by-step instruction. Use the iPhone’s built-in screen recorder to learn how to download Instagram voice messages by following these easy steps:

  1. You should open your iOS device’s Instagram app.  ios instagram
  2. Through the top-right side, click on the Messenger icon. 
  3. Open the chat window from which you wish how to save Instagram voice messages.
  4. On your iPhone, go to Control Center. On iPhone 10 and later, slide up from the bottom of the screen, or swipe down from the top-right corner (on older versions). v
  5. It is necessary to tap the screen recorder button, which is identifiable by a big dot and a circle. Go to Settings > Control Centre and choose Screen Recording from the More Controls menu if you don’t already have it there.
  6. Return to the Instagram conversation and play the voice message you wish to save as soon as the recording begins.
  7. Go back to Control Center once the audio message has been recorded and press the screen recorder to halt the recording. The Photos app will store the video.

You’re almost done now. However, for converting the video to audio, you can take the help of a converter tool available online. By using these phrases in a Google search, you may locate a huge number of websites. Choose a website you like, then upload your movie there. Additionally, you may choose your favorite audio format. After completing the conversion process, save the audio file in your Files app. You may now distribute it to anyone. Also, you can change the language on your WhatsApp. 

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Do Instagram voice messages lose their validity?

Instagram, a photo-sharing app owned by Facebook, has introduced a new audio chat option in its Instagram Direct messaging area. The recorded messages can be listened to as frequently as desired and are not time-limited. The duration of sending a voice message is up to 1 minute in private and group chats.

How can I turn an audio message into an MP3?

Choose the Voice Memo from your collection that you wish to convert. Double-click to play a song after selecting it with a single click. Click Create MP3 Version after moving the cursor over File and Convert. You'll be able to see the MP4 version alongside the MP3 version after clicking it.

How can I access my previous voice messages on Instagram?

Open the Instagram app on your smartphone, whether an Android or an iOS device and hit the message symbol in the top-right corner of your main feed. You may read any message or discussion by just tapping it. Then, navigate your inbox's list of messages to find the oldest ones.

Are audio reels available for download?

You may download the Reel video with sound from the tale preview without uploading it. Here is a step-by-step explanation: Click Reel in the Instagram app you wish to download. Add the Reel to your story by tapping the Send symbol for Instagram in the lower right corner.


After explaining all the methods in detail, I hope you have learned enough about “How to download instagram voice message” on your computer, Android device, and on an iPhone or any Mac device. The problem is not very tricky; therefore, these subtle solutions will prove helpful to you. The available data here has undergone extensive revision and dissemination to you. With these as my concluding remarks, I hope you liked this article.

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