Crafting in Old School RuneScape is like holding a magical key that allows you to create jewelry, armor, and a wide range of fantastic goods necessary for using other in-game talents. What’s best? Adventurers who play for free, as well as paid members, are both welcome. Crafting may be a rapid hobby where you produce amazing results quickly yet at a high cost, depending on how you go about it. On the other hand, you may choose the scenic path, craft slowly, and not only save money but also enjoy the satisfying cha-ching of gaining some additional gold.

You can learn How to Craft Gold Rings on OSRS easily if you follow these simple steps. First, check if your Crafting level is high enough to make the ring you want. Next, gather all the required materials, including a ring mould, a silver or gold bar, and a suitable gemstone. Finally, go to any furnace and start crafting your ring.

Therefore, let’s focus on the glistening realm of gold rings. We’ll explore how and why creating these nice items. Additionally, we have a few clever tricks up our sleeves to enable you to sell these rings for a tidy profit in addition to crafting them. Ready to go off on this illustrious journey? Move along!

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It’s time for them rings of gold!


  • Make sure you have at least a level five in crafting. This is the bare minimum to craft them.


  • Get a gold bar for the materials. A furnace may be used to smelt gold ore to accomplish this. Rocks containing gold may be mined at several mining locations to produce gold ore.
  • You’re going to need a ring mold to craft them. A ring mold can be purchased at crafting stores like Rimmington or Al Kharid if you still need one.

A Furnace’s Reach:

  • Gielinor has a lot of furnaces available. For newcomers, furnaces are found in places like Lumbridge, Varrock, Falador, and Al Kharid for h

How to Make a Gold Ring

  1. Approach a furnace with the gold bar and the ring mold.
  2. Click on the furnace with a left click or use the ‘Use’ option from the menu by selecting the gold bar and then clicking. The interface will then be accessible.
  3. Locate the gold ring symbol in the smelting interface. If you have a ring mold and at least one gold bar in your inventory, it ought to be accessible.
  4. Select the icon for the gold ring. The furnace does the conversion of the gold bar into gold rings. You can opt for the making rings with different gold bars if you want.

Now, if you’re more interested in the gold than the ring or you’ve already tried it out and want to try out new stuff, maybe going to Chicks gold to get cheap OSRS gold and fulfill your other projects in-game is a great idea. If you haven’t tried out Gold Rings, I’d suggest giving it a shot first.

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More than just crafting, you can also get them on while adventuring!

But hold on, this golden loop is more complex than it seems. Have you ever heard of Port Sarim’s Grum’s Gold Exchange? You may exchange your gold rings at this quaint, small location. Additionally, after you access the Rogue jewelry store, you may need to find out whether they could be interested in your creations. While you can only display your gold ring for some to see in the game (players’ gold rings inexplicably stay unseen), it goes far beyond mere ornamentation. You may enchant them at the Soul Wars Minigame to provide a useful defensive benefit by adding magic. Additionally, these rings may be convenient for beginning crafters to earn in-game currency.This is How to Craft Gold Rings on OSRS.rings

An amusing fact is that gold rings are similar to OSRS’s surprise toys. They may be discovered as priceless gifts in enjoyable pursuits like Familiarization or adventures like The Pirate’s Treasure. For those who like more magic and mystery, gold rings are used to create Magpie bags and sometimes turn up on treasure hunts.

Gold rings are thus the hidden heroes of OSRS, providing happiness, rewards, and a touch of golden shine to many an adventurer’s quest, even if they may not be the superstar in terms of crafting XP or the millionaire-maker in alchemy (shoutout to gold bracelets and amulets for that)!


Where can gold rings be forged the best?

When efficiently forging gold rings in ‘Old School RuneScape’ (OSRS), many players choose the Edgeville Furnace because of its proximity to the Edgeville bank, particularly after doing the simple Varrock Diary assignments. However, the Al Kharid Furnace is a good option for individuals who have yet to visit member regions. Just keep in mind that there is a little cost to utilize it if you still need to complete the Prince Ali Rescue quest. Consider it a tiny outlay for all the brilliant gold rings you'll be making! Glad forging!

How can I level up my skill so I can start crafting gold rings as quickly as possible?

A fun little challenge that will take little of your time is getting your Crafting to level 5. Create Leather Gloves first from cowhide. Take those skins, talk to Ellis in Al Kharid or the amiable Tanner in Taverley, and they will tan them into leather for you for a modest charge. You can sew gloves and get 13.75 experience for every pair of gloves you stitch if you have a needle, thread, and leather on hand. You will reach level 5 after creating only 48 of these gloves. However, if you want to add a little shine, consider making an opal necklace or ring. You'll need opals (mined or purchased) and silver bars for this. Smelt away at a furnace with the appropriate mold (necklace or circle) in your inventory. These sparkly baubles provide 10 experience for rings and 35 experience for necklaces. Although the price may be slightly higher, the experience benefits are fantastic!

Can you become rich selling gold rings?

In the thriving Gielinor economy, Gold Rings occupy a specific niche. They won't fill your currency purse to the brim as certain high-level products would, but they may surely help beginning craftsmen. With merely a level 5 in Crafting, you may create gold rings using a gold bar and a ring mould. Each ring you make will give you 15 experience. Selling them may be entertaining; for instance, Grum's Gold Exchange in Port Sarim was previously renowned for purchasing them beyond the High Alchemy value. Additionally, if you're a member, think about enchantment at Soul Wars Minigame to turn these rings into Gold Rings (i), which provide a minor defensive benefit. These magical versions may sell for more money.

How to Craft Gold Rings on OSRS?

When crafting a gold ring, a player must use a gold bar and a ring mould in a furnace with a crafting level of 5, which grants 15 experience points.


The world of OSRS is full of hidden treasures that can make every adventurer’s journey more memorable. Among these treasures is the humble gold ring, a piece of jewelry that not only adds a touch of elegance but also provides valuable rewards. This comprehensive guide will take you through the process of crafting your very own gold ring in OSRS, from acquiring the necessary materials to completing the final steps. With this guide, you’ll be able to know How to Craft Gold Rings on OSRS. Add a little extra sparkle to your adventure and enjoy the benefits of this often-overlooked item.

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