Top 4 Easy Ways To Know How To Control Fan Speeds On PC

how to control fan speeds on pc

Controlling a fan speed can be a little intriguing; if you don’t know how to control fan speeds on pc, no worries. This article contains four ways by which you can control computer fan speed.

Fan speeds can be controlled easily by BIOS settings, but every pc has different ways to access it, and the names of options also differ. If you want to know how to control pc fan speeds on a desktop, then try the settings in windows. Another way to control motherboard fans if you don’t wish to use software or internal settings is using a Fan controller.

After reading this article, choose which method you wish to use; after will detail the popular and simple ways to manage a fan’s speed.

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Simple Ways To Control Fan Speeds On PC

Here are the simple ways we have mentioned below.

Controlling Through BIOS

Firstly, you can control any hardware device through BIOS settings if it is connected to the motherboard of your Computer How to control fan speeds on pc, do it in the BIOS settings of the system. The same goes with the fan of your pc. You can change its speed in the BIOS settings. So, opening BIOS differs from system to system.

STEP 1: Restart the Computer and as soon as the screen turns on, press the Esc/F12/Del Key to open BIOS ( you can refer to the User Manual of your pc) press the escf12del key to open bios

Step 2: Find the Fan speed Control option (it can be different in different models), and set it accordingly. Some motherboards come with a Smart Fan mode feature, which adjusts the fan speed according to the temperature of the pc. In case you are pondering how to change the fan speed. You can disable it, and the fan will start running at maximum speed at all times. You can als0 learn how to play IOS games on PC hassle-Free.

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Windows Settings

How can I manage a computer fan? Well, the Windows settings also let you alter the fan speed. Keep in mind that only desktop computers will support this. If you want to improve system speed, then clean your RAM to improve your PC.

STEP 1: Open the control panel by searching in the start menu. control panel

STEP 2: Select Large Icons in the category beside the view on the top right.

STEP 3: Open Power Options. You will see Choose or customize a power plan tap on Change Plan settings under it. power plan

Step 4: A dialogue box will now appear; select Change advanced power settings to start.

STEP 5: Press the +button beside Process power management; now click on the button beside System Cooling Policy. system cooling policy

STEP 6: Set it to active, tap on Apply followed by OK. Read this article if your message sent failed on Snapchat.

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Fan Controlling Software

There is multiple software to control “how to control fan speeds on pc”.  The most popular one is SpeedFan, which is very simple to use. It works on S.M.A.R.T. sensors which means Self Monitoring Analysis and Reporting Technology sensors, to obtain accurate and relevant data from motherboards and video cards. After that, you can install it from its website; search for SpeedFan on the browser, and you will see an option, click on the download button. 

STEP 1: Once the app is open and presses Configure speedfan

STEP 2: Go to the Fans tab. It will load and show you all the fans on your system in a little time.

Step 3: Choose the fan, which speed you want to change, and change the speed to your liking.

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Fan Controller

Fan controllers are the simplest answer for controlling fan speeds on pc. A fan controller is a good option if you are tired of using software or inbuilt settings to control motherboard fans. If you are unaware of fan controllers, let me help you. Fan controllers are devices that can control the speed of the fans connected to them, they are compact, and you can install them inside your CPU. In addition, you would be happy to know they were not very expensive. You can manually control your fans with some fan controllers that have a touch screen or dials. Click here to learn how to edit a PDF on MAC.

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How to check the Fan speed?

You can check it through software like SpeedFan. In SpeedFan, go to the Fan tab and check the speed curve. Another way is to check the speed curve in BIOS. You can also change the Speed Curve in the BIOS.

Can a loud fan affect my computer?

If your fan is continuously noisy, then it is alarming. So, you must know how to control fan speeds on pc. If this doesn't work, It might be happening because some dirt or grime has gotten into the fan, or your pc has too much dust that the fan cannot get clean air to work smoothly. It's time to give your pc a good clean.

In Windows 11, how to control the fan speed on pc?

Having the latest version of the pc is good, but in most cases, it is hard to find solutions if you are facing any trouble with it. However, the steps mentioned in this article are completely compatible with Windows 11. You can change the speed in the settings of windows 11 and even use a third-party app to control computer fan speed.

How to control the fan's speeds utilizing the settings on your Laptop?

You may recall that when we discussed how to modify the fan speed in Windows, we clarified that this procedure was only applicable to desktop computers. For laptops, open Control Panel > Perform and Maintenance > Power Saver > adjust the slider on the side of CPU Processing Speed > Apply > OK. It will work for Windows 8,9 & 10

Can a third-party app be used to control fans on Laptop?

Absolutely Yes, You can use third-party apps to control fan speeds on the Laptop. You can use each method mentioned in this article to control fan speeds not only on a desktop but also on a laptop, except for the Windows Settings options, for which we have already provided an alternate answer in the previous question.


To sum up, I hope this article has benefited you in learning how to control fans on pc! Every PC has the same settings for adjusting fan speeds. There are a few different ways to do it if you’re looking for how to control fan speeds on pc. Some may require you to go into BIOS, while others may require using a third-party software application.

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