Can’t wait to play on your brand-new Wii or Wii Mini? Wii is so loved by all, even when it comes to ROMS. Moreover, homebrew apps are just a game changer to get your favorite games rolling. Although, do you know how to connect Wii to projector?

In recent years, tech has undergone a significant transition. As a result, the projector’s connection has also been altered. Some parents think that there is no abundance of video games for toddlers. Though there are some of the best Wii games for toddlers to enjoy. Wii is not limited to adults only. Additionally, there is no Wii HDMI port. Therefore, if this is your first time hearing about the Wii, first let’s briefly discuss the Wii.

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Ways On How To Connect Wii To Projector

Here are 4 easy ways you can connect your Wii to the projector. Stick around till the end for an excellent sound hack for Wii!

With the Wii’s Default Cables 

You can start playing games on the Wii after connecting it to the TV in just a few minutes! To begin, refer to Step 1 below.

  1.  Confirm the connector types that are supported by your TV.

The RCA (three-pronged) connectors are compatible with almost all TVs. These are usually Red, White, and Yellow. More recent TVs could also support component (five-pronged) connectors. These are colored Green, White, Blue, Yellow, and Red.


 Check the cable that your Wii has. Component cables will offer a sharper image and a widescreen if your TV supports it. The Wii box comes with the RCA cable.

  1.  Insert the video cable prongs in the TV’s correct ports; you may attach it to the Wii’s back. Keep a record of the input that you are connecting.rca
  2. Connect the sensor bar cable to the Wii’s rear panel. Place the sensor bar as centrally as possible. Thanks to the Sensor Bar! The Wii can recognize when the Wii Remote is aimed toward the screen.
  3. Switch on the TV and Wii. Change the TV’s input to where you plugged the Wii in. The Wii start-up display should appear on the TV. Missing this? Search for Input Select, EXT, AUX, or AV instead. Additionally, you might try selecting channel 00 or 99.

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Wii Console and S-Video Cables

You can also play with your TV linked to the Nintendo Wii through an S-Video cable. But how to connect Wii to projector using the S-Video cables?

Based on your TV, the RCA connectors could also be provided, allowing you the choice of using either. However, when using S-Video connections, you must also plug your TV into the white and red audio lines. You may find these together, usually on the back or side of your TV. 

Use your tv remote to detect the Wii signal while the TV and Wii are both turned on. Unfortunately, because S-Video has been discontinued, it is tough to find this alternative. You might locate a good cable on eBay, but it won’t be brand new.


Have a look at the step-by-step breakdown.

  1.  Put the Wii AV Cable’s AV Multi Out connector into the console’s back’s AV Multi Out port.
  2.  Insert the Wii S-Video Cable’s colored connections into the TV’s input ports. Plug the colored cables to these inputs:
    • White: Left audio input (or mono)
    • Red: Right audio input
    • Video input: black
  3. After the wires are connected and the Wii is turned on, locate the Input Select. Pressing the TV/Video buttons on the tv’s front screen or remote will normally reveal this. If multiple input channels exist, continue to press TV/Video until the Wii’s screen appears. The input might have a different label for different systems. So, again, if you’re missing these, look for Input, AUX, EXT, Input Select, AV, or a channel like 00 or 99.

Nintendo Wii to VGA Projector

You may also use an RCA to VGA adapter cable to attach your Nintendo Wii to a VGA projector with an adapter. Yes, the Wii is among the devices on which you can install Linux.


Here’s how to connect Wii to projector using a VGA cable:

  1.  Connect the Nintendo Wii and the Nintendo Wii. Next, attach the VGA converter to the yellow composite cable using the RCA (Yellow port).vga
  2.  The RCA to VGA converter also has an output VGA port in addition to the yellow RCA port. That’s where you must attach the VGA cable.

 Finally, plug the VGA cable’s other end into the VGA projector’s port.

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Connect Wii to HDMI Adapters

Nowadays, nearly every smart TV set has an HDMI input enabling direct device connection. Let’s see how to connect Wii to projector with HDMI .

  1.  Plug your HDMI cable into your smart TV. Plug the other side into the Wiihow to connect wii to projector
  2.  Turn your TV and HDMI on. Scroll through and find the HDMI in which you plugged the HDMI cable into your TV. And voila!

But what if you have the OG Nintendo Wii, not the Wii U, which has an HDMI port? In that case, an HDMI converter is one of the simplest methods to link your Wii to your TV. 

  1.  Attach your HDMI adapter to the back of your Wii. Plug one side of the HDMI cable into the adapter you just attached to the Wii.
  2.  Attach the remaining end of the cable to your TV’s HDMI port. Switch your TV and browse to find the correct input selection.
  3.  Finally, choose the HDMI that you linked!

Wii and Surround Sound

Let’s sidetrack a little from how to connect Wii to projector. Even though the Nintendo Wii lacks digital audio, you can get excellent sound quality. Here’s a little hack on how to get good sound quality.

There are two options: stereo, mono, and surround—more precisely, Dolby Pro Logic II. The latter offers a mimicked surround sound that is best for home theatres with a surround sound configuration.

To alternate between these choices:

  1. Launch Settings. Locate System Settings > Sound and choose your preferred setting.
  2.  Once you’re done, confirm your selection!

What To Find In The Nintendo Wii Gaming Box? 

When you open your newly bought Wii gaming box, you will find the following items:wii gaming box 

  • The Wii gaming system 
  • The Wii Nunchuck 
  • Wii remote controllers with Bluetooth connectivity
  • AC cable 
  • Sensor Bar 
  • Standard AV adapter.

How To Set Up Wii With Projector With AV To HDMI Adapter?

If you have an AV to HDMI adapter and need help connecting Wii to a projector for a better gaming experience, you can follow the following steps to do so: 

  1. Take the Wii cord to the RCA cable and connect the Nintendo cord to the console. Put the RCA cable’s second end from the input port of the AV to the HDMI adapter.hdmi converter adapter
  2. Plug the HDMI cable onto the other side of the adapter. Connect the HDMI cable to the projector’s HDMI port. Power up the adapter, and you are all set. 

Specific Things To Keep In Mind While Connecting Your Wii To A Projector

You must ensure that you rightly connect the Wii to the projector. Any mishap can damage your equipment. To stop that from happening, take notes of the following things:connect wii to projector 

  • Link your sound system to the game console via an A/V cable or HDMI cable, depending on the port available in the sound system.
  • Place the projector in an undisturbed position to avoid any mishappening or disturbance in the gaming process. 
  • When you connect the projector and Nintendo Wii, place the sensor bar at least one meter off the surface and in front of your screen. Doing this will create a better response to the projection screen made.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are Wii games?

It is a new-age home gaming console that allows you to experience top-level games. You can even play retro games and enjoy the same in the comfort of your home.

What ports does one find on the Nintendo Wii?

Different ports serve different purposes. You have ports to connect laptops, Adapters, USB devices, projectors, etc. On the rear end, you will find two USB ports, video output, and power connector ports—HDMI ports on the other side to connect the projectors easily.

Can one play without a sensor bar?

You need a source of infrared light like the ones on the ends of the sensor bar—the light acts as a reference point for the Wii remote. You can set up two candles as wide as the sensor bar and are ready to play.

How to connect Wii to projector with VGA?

To connect the Wii projector with VGA: Plug the cable into the yellow jack of the adapter. Look out for an output port at the back of the adapter, and connect the VGA cable to it and another end to the VGA port of the projector. Turn on the projector and check the connection.


Howdy! That was everything on how to connect Wii to projector. Each of your old games will be playable even though 480p is the highest quality resolution your TV can be capable of via Wii on projector! Regardless of where you want to enjoy a game. In your house or during a school break. You can connect your Nintendo to your projector via various methods. So, have fun with your Nintendo games! See you later, alligator! 

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