How To Clear Discord Cache From Desktop And Mobile

how to clear discord cache

Discord is a rare program that accumulates a lot of cache data. It grows with each type of media message you receive and gathers many cache data. It generates a lot of complications and takes up all storage space. So knowing how to clear the discord cache is a must.

Most people are unaware of how to clear the discord cache to remove the massive amount of unneeded data that Discord generates, even though the methods are straightforward. The procedures to remove the Discord cache files on Windows file explorer, Mac, Android, iPhone screen, and iPad will be covered in this article. Let’s look at how to clear Discord cache files on desktop and mobile without more fanfare.

Users of Discord can easily clean their caches at any time. However, you might experience slower image loading times. If you remove Discord’s store, you can lose your login. You can quickly sign in again if this occurs using your Discord login information. Continue reading to learn how to clear the discord cache. Pop over here to know the 10 Best Soundboards For Discord

What is Discord Cache?

We can define a Discord cache as a copy of all the data you frequently access on Discord. All common-use information is in the Discord cache for users. This information includes user names, avatars, emojis, link previews, and other elements used during Discord conversations.

Discord stores all of the data in the cache rather than reloading it each time you launch the program. Otherwise, you would have to wait and waste time checking in to the Discord program if it did not have any stock. However, your computer will quickly overload with more data stored in the cache. To make room, you should frequently delete the Discord cache.

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How To Clear Discord Cache?

You occasionally need to manually clean the cache in Discord because it does not do it automatically like some other programs. Although the procedure of clearing the discord cache varies based on the device, it is rather simple. Depending on whether you’re using the desktop software, the mobile app, or the online web app, there are several procedures for cleaning your Discord cache. Discord doesn’t have an option to clear your store when writing, so you’ll have to do it manually on your preferred system.

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Windows Discord Cache Files Removal

Now let us look at the ways to clear the cache files from Discord on Windows laptops and computers.

  1. Open This PC/My PC/My Computer on your computer to start.
  2. Enter “%appdata%discord” without the double quotes in the file path box.
  3. In the list of files and folders, eliminate the directories clearing discord Cache, Code Cache, and GPUCache.

discord cache on windows

  1. To ensure the cache has been completely deleted, go back to the desktop, right-click on the Recycle Bin, and then choose Empty Recycle Bin.

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How to Remove Cache Files from Discord on a Mac

Now let us look at the ways to clear the cache files from Discord on Mac Devices.

  1. Open Finder on your Mac to remove the Discord cache files.
  2. Next, select the Go to Folder option by clicking the Go tab from the menu up top.
  3. A new tab with a blank text-box field will appear. Enter “/Library/Application Support/discord/” in the text field, then click Go.

goto on mac

  1. A list of files and folders will appear—Right-click on Cache, Code Cache, and GPUCache by selecting them. 
  2. Then select Move to Trash/Move to Bin from the menu.

move to bin on mac

  1. After completing that, use the right-click menu to select Empty Trash/Empty Bin by right-clicking on the trash symbol in the dock.

How to Delete Discord Cache Files on Android 

Now let us look at the ways to clear the cache files from Discord on Android Smartphones.

  1. Open your phone’s settings first.
  2. Find the Apps section in the settings.

setting on android

  1. A list of apps on your Android phone can be viewed using this. Find Discord in these applications, then click it.

find discord

  1. Go into Storage from the following display.
  2. To rapidly remove the Discord cache location on your Android phone, click the Clear Cache button at the bottom of the screen once you’re inside storage.

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How to Delete Cache Files from Discord on an iPhone or iPad

Now let us look at the ways to clear the cache files from Discord on an iPhone or iPad.

  1. To begin how to clear the discord cache on your iPhone, you must go to your phone’s Settings > General > iPhone/iPad Storage.
  2. After that, click get Discord by scrolling down and finding it.

offload app on iphone

  1. After that, choose Delete App and follow the on-screen instructions to finish the deletion. The Discord app icon on the Home screen may be instantly deleted by long-pressing it and selecting the Delete App option.
  2. To use Discord without the previous cache on your iPhone or iPad, visit your App Store after the application has been uninstalled and installed.

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Why Should You Delete Discord Cache?

You ought to erase your cache for two reasons. The store first saves media, so you don’t have to download it again whenever you want to watch it. But over time, files you no longer want will accumulate in the cache folder. You can clean up the folder to make room for more important items.

Second, Discord stores it in your cache even if someone deletes an image. As a result, even after the moderators have deleted all the photos, Discord will still save any illegal or upsetting imagery used to harass you while you are on a server.


What Takes Place When the Discord Cache Is Cleared?

No information is lost when the Discord cache is cleared. It removes temporary data from the cached memory, including scripts, files, photos, and multimedia. Discord will take a little longer to load after emptying the cache since it must download the most recent data more than using the cached data.

How long is the Discord cache stored?

Cache files for apps do not immediately expire, unlike cookies. Cache data eventually re-accumulated with use after being manually deleted. Therefore, the quickest way to clear up space on your device is to delete the cache frequently.

Why Should I Delete Discord Cache?

The need to free up storage space is the strongest argument for clearing your cache. Your store likely has a lot of files if you've been using Discord for a while. It could seem like a waste of storage space to smartphone users. Installing more programs or even updating your mobile games will be possible by freeing it up. Discord saves every image you view, including illegal stuff, another factor. Wipe your cache right away if you unintentionally saw any upsetting or compromising media. In this manner, if someone finds out, you won't be in legal problems.

Where can I find Discord's GPU cache?

They are located in the Discord AppData directory. To open it in Windows File Explorer, type the following into the file path box: Look in the Discord AppData directory for the 'Cache,' 'Code Cache,' and 'GPUCache' folders.

Can your smartphone lag if Discord is running?

While Discord's cache undoubtedly speeds up the loading of some media content on the platform itself, too much stock can accumulate over time and slow down your device in other ways.


On the iPhone or iPad, you must re-install the application to clear the discord cache, which is a very different procedure from other operating systems. You may successfully erase the Discord cache data by following these instructions, which will help you free up space on your smartphone or computer. 

Failure how to clear the discord cache can cause various issues, such as a recurrent app crash or sluggish performance on your phone. Luckily, you can quickly delete the Discord cache on whatever device you use the program on, as we’ve demonstrated in this article. You may enhance Discord’s performance and free up your phone’s storage space once you remove these cached files and data.

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