Updating the status on Facebook is quite common these days. It is quite boring to see fonts of texts of the same color for a long time. See here in the guide on how to change font color on Facebook status easily following these steps. 

Navigate to Facebook and choose from the notification bar. This is the “What’s on your thoughts?” area at the highest point of the stream. Choose the color software you want to add. At the start of the circumstance, type the code. Enter the status and then press “done.”

This guide helps you completely learn how to update colorful Facebook posts. Without much ado, let’s take a glance at this guide.

Color Posts on Facebook- All About

Users can now add backdrop colors to message-only comments on Facebook, which is a little addition but a significant aesthetic change to the social network.

It truly does whatever that says on the tin; comments with a widget-activated display with a backdrop burst of color. To use it, tap the status bar, select a color (which incorporates certain gradients) among the options beneath, type your message, and then tap Post. For entries with links, images, or videos, it could be more effective.color postsDespite being a specific feature, it marks a change in Facebook’s visual identity; the globe’s biggest online community is a sea of blue and white.

Although the backdrop colors will be accessible on Android, iOS, and the Web, the ability is being rolled to Android owners through the next week. The ability to create custom colorful comments is expected to be available on iOS and the internet “in months to come.” It’s fantastic for Facebook to provide a concept with smartphone owners again initially!

How to color post on Facebook

You have probably noticed extremely colorful and lively status updates have been late once you frequent Facebook. The same applies to you. This is how:

First, open Facebookupdate statusConnect to your page on Fb by opening the app on each device. Click Here to know How To Edit A Story On Facebook.

Create an Initialization Post 

Tap the ‘What’s on your thoughts?’ section to create an article with a vibrant background. It’s up at the highest point, adjacent to the bio photo. When you tap on it, a ‘Create post’ window appears. 

If you’re a computer user, tap the ‘Aa’ icon with the colorful theme.post with colors If you’re using the mobile application for Facebook, on the other hand, touch the ‘Background hue’ option at the bottom. Your entry point for altering the backdrop is here. Inevitably can choose from some options that Facebook will present. Select your favorite background from the list. Tap on the square icon at the far right unless you dislike any. Each of the backdrops that are accessible to you is now categorized.

Look over the choices and choose the most closely that matches your post.

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Write the post

In the ‘What’s on your brain?’ message box, type several words or paragraphs you want to discuss among those following you.write a post Additionally, you can add an address or mood to a message and label individuals. Remember to verify the privacy setting once more.

Upload Your Post 

Once stuff is to your satisfaction, upload your content. The ‘Post’ icon is at the bottom of the messaging popup for desktop users. Press the Post icon in the highest right section of the Facebook smartphone application.click on post Now that you know the way to add font color to posts. Let’s discover an answer to the article’s main question, how to change font color on Facebook status. 

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Change the font color on Facebook

Read further to get to know about two methods on how to change font color on Facebook status. Here you will get details in steps. 

In Google Chrome, change the Facebook hues

Fire up Google Chrome. If you already utilize Google Chrome as a browser on the internet, this technique will be effective. Access the file by searching for it on the machine.

  1. Obtain Chrome Web Marketplace access. In the URL bar, type chrome.google.com/webstore.chrome webstore It will open the Chrome Web Store. Applications, plugins, and customizations for Google Chrome are available here.
  2. Watch for alterations to Facebook’s color design. To look for plugins, use the query box in the highest left section of the webpage. Put “color” and “Facebook” in an online search combination. In the outcomes of your look, many will appear. Selecting “Extensions” in the top left section may limit the results only to include plugins. Only upgrades will appear in the results.color change plugin
  3. Construct an addition. Numerous extensions can alter Facebook’s color scheme. The most well-known is “FB Colour Changer.” For Chrome to accept it, hit the “Add to Chrome” icon.
  4. Access Facebook. Type facebook.com into the address bar, then sign in with the Facebook login information. The credentials boxes are located in the display’s upper-right quadrant. To continue, click the “Log in” option. Go ahead and extend it.facebook color themes The enhancement button will show up on the top navigation bar. Pink is the color of the button. Once you tap on that, a little box with the Facebook Color Manager appears.
  5. Make a different color choice. There is a color selector in the Facebook Colour Converter panel. When pressing that, you can choose which hues you want to appear in the Facebook color palette. It will start working immediately away. Now, you can create an account on Facebook in any color you like.

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Facebook’s color scheme can be changed in Mozilla Firefox.

This is another method to change the font color. Read thoroughly to see how to change font color on Facebook status. Firefox Mozilla is started. When you employ Mozilla Firefox as a browser for the web, this technique will work. Access the file by searching for the file on the system.

  1. Visit Add-ons. To access the navigation bar, hit the icon with 3 horizontal icons on the top-right side of the window. Select the “Add-ons” puzzle icon. A new page or browser opens with the Add-ons Manager. In the address bar, type as for: addons to navigate instantly to that page. You may look for and install extensions for Firefox via the Add-ons Installer.addons on mozilla
  2. Look up Facebook color scheme extensions. To locate extensions, utilize the lookup box in the highest right section on the site. Search for “color” and “Facebook” together. Extension installation. Numerous add-ons can alter Facebook’s color pattern. Of all the well-known is “Facebook Colour Changer.” For installation of it, hit the “Install” option. 
  3. Access Facebook. Visit facebook.com and log in with your Facebook username and password. The credentials windows are located at the top right of the page. To continue, click the “Log in” option. Activate the add-on. The add-on button will show up on the browser’s header toolbar. Pink is the color of the button. A drop-down menu with predefined colors will appear when you click on it.firefox color extension
  4. Make a different color choice. One can choose which colors would like to appear in the Facebook color design by hitting it. It will start working immediately away. You may now choose from various colors for your Facebook page and modify it whenever you like.

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What duration do status updates last?

There isn't any length constraint on the text beyond the permitted text count for an updated status, which is 63,206.

How can colors be made on Facebook to stand out more?

Employ warmer colors that coordinate on Facebook to increase the visibility of colors. However, stay moderate; this will render your photographs cluttered.

Is it possible to add a Facebook post color?

You are making Your Facebook Posts' Backgrounds Colourful. Yes, color can now apply to postings on Facebook by individuals worldwide. 4. Which color garners the most attention?

Which color garners the most attention?

Compared to visuals in blue, green, and black, more individuals interact with red, pink, and purple visuals. That clarifies the reason women typically like this platform.


Add a splash of color to your existence at that point, and everything becomes beautiful. Emojis and caricatures give it a more playful appearance. Your posts will be more engaging if you use personalized backgrounds. Continue moving while maintaining vibrancy. Spread sage advice while creating a lovely atmosphere, and observe the disparity in how you are perceived. Now that you know how to change font color on Facebook status, change the color of fonts and make it worth seeing.

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