How To Block a User on Reddit

how to block a user on reddit

Reddit, which was launched 16 years ago on June 23, 2005, is one of the most popular social media networks and platforms. The company’s headquarters are in San Francisco, California. Reddit serves as a worldwide area for thousands of communities to have an authentic and exciting conversation where people can discuss, laugh, and dig deep into topics of their interest. Here, we would be discussing how to block a user on reddit.

Your communities highlight the most relevant and exciting content posts with upvotes and downvotes. It is a great platform to share your passion for music, books, movies, sports, TV shows, etc., with millions of people as per your interest. It is among the most popular social media platforms, with around 330 million active users. 

Users facing issues

Every platform has to troll, hate comments, abuses, etc. The same goes with Reddit; the users on this platform have faced such issues in the comment sections and messages.


This issue has been a matter of concern for Reddit users. Reddit didn’t have a blocking option, which became a problem for many users. Reddit is an open platform for the people. Some users exploit this openness by abusive languages, trolling, spam, and harassment. Thus it is necessary to know how to block a user on reddit.

How to block a user on reddit

In 2016, Reddit bought a solution for its users. Reddit released a feature to filter the unwanted people within their inboxes by blocking users to prohibit abusive trolls.

how to block a user on reddit
how to block a user on reddit

With this feature, Reddit users will no longer see the messages from the blocked person. This feature is also applicable in the comments section. A user can block the user who replied to the comments. Therefore, the user will no longer see the words from the blocked user. One of their post by Slow stated that they had a ‘block user’ feature in a basic form from a good time. Over time, their focus was its utility to be applied to only private messages. Later, they worked and updated Reddit to use it more broadly; as a result, now users can block the people replying to them in their comments. 

Steps to block a user 

Here is how to block a user on reddit.

1. log in to your Reddit account. Sign in and click on the small envelope icon in the top right corner of your screen. 

2. You will be in your messages section. Remember, you are allowed to block only the users you have interacted with. 

envelope option
envelope option

3. Scroll through the messages and find an interacted user you would like to block. 

4. Open the message of the user you want to block. You will see the “block user” option beneath the news. 

block user
block user

5. Click on the option. The following text will appear, “Are you sure?”. If you want to block the user, click on yes. The user will be blocked. 

click yes
click yes

You will not get any further messages from the blocked user. Now, you know how to block a user on reddit

Can blocked users see your posts? 

Till now, we saw how to block a user on reddit. Yes, blocked users can see your posts. You can only see someone’s posts, comments, and responses if you block them. At the same time, the blocked user is not notified about it. They can see your posts and even message you. But, those messages would be invisible to you. 

That means you cannot stop the blocked user from seeing you. Instead, you would not have to see them anymore. It is a kind of ” mute” option. 


Here, we discussed how to block a user on Reddit for your aid. We hope you liked it.

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