How To Add Speaker Notes In Google Slides? Here’s How

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During a presentation, it is important that you do not forget your flow of talking as well as appearing confident. Speaker notes exist so that you remember what comes next after a point. In the following article, we will advise you on the three ways how to add speaker notes in google slides.

The article will contain how to add speaker notes and edit, delete and work with them during a presentation you are giving.

Speaker notes are useful during a presentation, and the best thing about them is that only you can have access to them. This reason is why they are one of the best attributes of google slides. Here, we demonstrate to you, in steps, how to add notes to google slides. If you are enthusiastic about changing your Google Chrome theme, click here.

Top 2 Ways On How To Add Speaker Notes In Google Slides

The following are the two ways how to add speaker notes in google slides.

Using The Three Dots

This is one of the simple and quickest ways how to show speaker notes on google slides. At times, you may think that google slides speaker notes disappeared for some reason. But you need to enable a button to see them. Here is how you can make the speaker notes section appear:

  1. The first step to using speaker notes in your presentation is by clicking on the three dots at the bottom of your Slides window.
  2. The speaker notes section will be displayed just about now.
  3. You would then need to select the View tab on your top left.
  4. Choose and click on the option that says ”Show speaker notes”.
  5. Now you just have to click anywhere in the speaker notes section to add your speaker notes.

If, after all this, you want the speaker notes to stay hidden, you can follow the given steps:

  1. Look at the three dots right at the top of the speaker notes section and select.
  2. Drag down from the three dots, and the section will keep vanishing.
  3. Go on to the view tab and deselect the ”Show speaker notes” option.

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Wondering How To Add Speaker Notes In Google Slides? Use The Bottom Space

There is a space given at the bottom of google slides, and no one knows what it is for. Well, that space at the bottom of the slide is the one for your speaker notes. Here is how to use this given space:

  1. After signing into your Google Chrome account and opening up google slides, the first step will be choosing and picking out a slide.
  2. After you do this, the bottom space will say ”Click to add speaker notes”.
  3. Here, you can add your important points or notes and then move on to the next one.bottom speaker notes
  4. You can use this method for all the slides until your speaker notes are ready.

After you know how to view speaker notes in google slides, it is also equally important to understand how to edit or delete them if need be. If you edit your notes, the new changes you make will already be saved. You can use different fonts if need be and also lists. Google will keep saving all the changes you make as you go by. Play IOS Games on PC Hassle-free here.

To delete the speaker notes you have made, you have to delete the entire text you have written.

When you do not have access to your PC or laptop, you have to make do with your mobile phone. Google slides can be worked with on your mobile phone too. 

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Viewing Speaker Notes On Phone

The steps below are on how to view speaker notes on your mobile phone:

    1. The first step is going to be the installation of the Google slides app on your phone.
    2. Open the presentation file that you need to edit.
    3. As this is on your phone, the slides will be seen vertically, and you can scroll down to check out the next slide.
    4. You need to pick a slide on which you want the notes, and a pop-up will appear. Pick the option that says Edit slide.
    5. After that, three dots will be visible on the top right, on which you can click. A bunch of options will show from the side, and you should then enable the speaker notes option.speaker notes phone
    6. The speaker notes box will come up from the side, and you can add your notes there.

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Once you know how to add speaker notes in google slides and your presentation is also ready, it is essential to know how to use those same notes during the presentation.

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Viewing Speaker Notes For Presentation

Demonstrated below are the steps on how to view speaker notes for a presentation

  1. Open up the display you want on google slides.
  2. On the top right will be a present option. And beside this option, you will see a small arrow pointing downwards. Click on this tiny arrow.
  3. A menu will be shown to you. From this, choose the alternative that says Presenter view. This alternative will only show you the speaker notes while your audience can see nothing but the presentation only.presenter view
  4. After you open this type of view, a small menu will come up on the top. This menu will contain settings for next or previous slides, tips, choosing a specific slide, fullscreen, etc.
  5. Once you choose the presenter view, your screen splits into two screens.split screenThe first one will show the presentation you made, while the other will show your speaker notes. A timer will also start during this period which will help you know how much time you spend on a slide or point.

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Is there a limit on how long the speaker notes have to be in google slides?

Yes, there is a limit of 300 characters in the speaker notes. This is because if there are too many characters, the space given will not fit. It will also be shown differently from device to device, like your phone and a PC.

What is the point of speaker notes in google slides?

Speaker notes are mostly used for presentations. During the presentation, the person tends to forget some essential points out of nervousness. Here are where the notes for the speaker come in. They highlight the key points for the speaker, so he does not forget anything important.

Is there a function for voice typing?

Yes, voice typing is a very convenient function that google slides offer. The function can read whatever you have typed out loud to you. This function is in the accessibility section under ''text-to speech''.

Is it possible for other people to see my notes?

It depends on you whether you want to show speaker notes to the audience or not. They are already hidden when you make them. But if you do want them to be visible to the public, you have to enable the Share Notes option, which you can find under deck settings.

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In conclusion, these are the three ways how to add speaker notes in google slides, both on your PC and mobile phone too. Speaker notes are a very helpful tool for those who get burden of presentations on a daily basis. We hope that this article was engrossing and that you learned something helpful for the future. If you want to know who is googling you, Click here!

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