How To Add Bots To Discord Server On Mobile? Complete Guide

how to add bots to discord server on mobile

A Discord server has a lot of cool services for the members. Bots are one of these features. Once you understand how to add bots to the Discord server on mobile, customizing your server is straightforward.

Discord has been among the most dynamically growing social chat apps in recent years. But unlike other texting applications, Discord allows you to perform additional tasks. It allows the addition of bots to the server that provides specific functionality. How to get bots on Discord? Go to the Top. Gg and search for the bot you want to add. Select Invite and choose the server you want to join on the following page. You are finished once you have granted the permissions.

Without any more waiting, let’s dive right into how to add bots to discord server on mobile. But first, along with that, let us get to know more about Discord and Discord bots and their perks.

What is Discord?

Discord is one of the most popular community-driven social apps. Moderating increasing community Discord servers can be difficult. Still, it’s vital to enhance the quality of our community hubs on our beloved Android phones, which is why we enlist the help of useful Discord bots. discord

Adding bots to your servers has numerous benefits, including increased security, the best server functionality, and free entertainment. And so, as we host and control bots on our server, we will not be concerned about overloading them because they’ll always be in good operating condition for how to add bots to discord server on mobile.

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Benefits of Discord Bots

A bot is a program that mimics human activity by carrying out a certain sequence of commands with minimal to no user intervention. Therefore, they create tools and programs to carry out particular tasks following the user’s requirements. And, as you might expect, bots can operate until they command to stop, if at all. 

Because people can become fatigued and commit simple mistakes, reliance on bots to perform these frequently monotonous activities is becoming increasingly popular across different industries worldwide.discord bots

In Discord, they treat the bots similarly to actual users on your channel, except that they act. They feature on your Members list alongside others, constituting them a Discord community member

Numerous bots are accessible online to support you and your Discord friends. Some will continuously monitor your server for malicious users, whereas others, like a text-based play, can be entertaining. If you want to compare Google Calendar vs iCal, click here.

How to Let Bots Work on a Discord Server

How to add bots to discord server on mobile? Only users with Administration or Modify Server privileges on your Discord server can request bots. However, if you have Administrative access and have just built a new server, you should be able to install bots right away. If this is the case, skip the instructions below and proceed to the following section about inviting bots. If you want to clear the discord cache, click here.

  1. Launch the Discord application. From the menu icon, select Settings and scroll down to User Management.user management
  2. Select Roles to proceed, and navigate to @everyone. In addition, you must create your role by tapping Create Role if you only want certain individuals to be able to invite bots.roles-create roles
  3. Please scroll down and select the Manage Server button to enable it (enables). When creating a new role, enable the Manage Server selection before proceeding. After that, you can grant the new position to your chosen users.manage server
  4. After enabling the switch, click Save.

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How to Add Bots to Discord Server on Mobile

How to add bots in Discord? Bots cannot be added to a server using the desktop client or website. You can also utilize the Discord smartphone application to invite bots to your server, as shown below:

  1. Sign in to Discord on your web browser, entering your account information on the next screen.discord log in
  2. On the listing for the bot that wishes to accommodate your Discord server, click the red “Invite Bot”
  3. You will be directed to the bot authorization page upon signing in. Click the “Continue” button after choosing the server with which you wish to join the bot.server details
  4. Allow all necessary rights and click the ‘Authorize’ button. That’s the end of it. You can now access it through your Discord server.comfirmation
  5. That’s the end of it. You can now access it through your Discord server.

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How to add bots to the Discord server on mobile?

Using a web browser to access the Discord website will allow you to add bots to your Discord server while using a mobile device.

How to add a bot of music to Discord?

Music bots are added to the Discord server in the same way as any other bot. You can add the bot via the invite link and find the greatest Discord music bots in our dedicated post.

Could you add bots to the Discord server without becoming an admin?

No, you must have ADMINISTRATOR authority on the server if you attempt to add a bot.

Why I can't add a bot to the Discord server?

You can seek authorization to add bots from 'Server Settings -> Roles -> Manage Server.' if you have the 'Manage Server' authorization, you might be permitted to join bots on a Discord server. But remember that you should only grant this privilege to trustworthy people, not anyone joining your server.

Can a Discord bot be the owner?

A bot can truly change server ownership. However, the bot must first be the server's owner. A bot must use POST /guilds to form a guild. To change owners, use PATCH /guilds/ and pass over the JSON argument owner id with the id to which you want to shift ownership.

Can a bot participate in a game?

A Game Bot is an automated program that plays the game on human participants' behalf. Game bots can amass money and things far faster than typical human players because they can play without stopping.

Is it difficult to create a bot?

Making a Discord bot is a simple process. Setting things up does require some programming experience, but the intricacy of the code varies depending on the type of bot you're attempting to create. Let's go over a few items you'll need to get started.

Do you have the ability to sell a Discord server?

Abusing Discord products in any way is prohibited, including selling or acquiring an account or server and engaging in illegal Nitro promotions or Boosting operations. No, these acts will almost certainly get you booted off Discord and reported to law enforcement.


Discord allows adding bots to the server that provide specific functionality. Bots assist in monitoring Discord, whether it’s to impose server mutes and suspensions or to find creative ways to improve the atmosphere on the server. Discord has worked hard to integrate some bots organically, so you do not need to be concerned about configuring specific commands for each new bot. How to add bots to discord server on mobile has been discussed.

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