How To Add Apps To Vizio Smart TV [Simple Guide]

how to add apps to vizio smart tv

Have you bought a brand new Vizio smart TV? I assume that you have bought it. You might see that there are some apps installed on it. Can you download more apps on a vizio smart tv? Yes, you can. Your favorite apps, like, Amazon Prime, Disney+, Netflix, Zee5, Sony LIV, etc  and are not sure how to get everything done? Do not worry about that. I am here to make everything easy for you. Read this article to know how to add apps to your Vizio smart TV.

how to add apps to vizio smart tv
How to add apps to Vizio Smart TV

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How To Add Apps To Vizio Smart TV

The available Vizio TV apps are already shown in the Smartcast Home section. As I told earlier in the introduction, there are some applications installed on your Vizio smart TV. But you want to add your favorite ones. To know how to add apps to Vizio Smart TV, follow the following simple steps carefully.

First Step 

This is the first step in how to download apps on Vizio smart TV. Turn it on, you have to make sure that your TV is connected to a stable network connection.

Second Step

Pressing the input button of your Vizio TV remote, go to the Smartcast option. You can even do that by pressing the home button of your Vizio TV remote.

Third Step

Now, you can see multiple apps available for installing on your Vizio smart TV.

add app
Add app

You can easily find your desired apps using the search bar.

Fourth Step

Once you select the app you want to add, you need to press the ok button on your Vizio TV remote.

Fifth Step

This is the final step in “How to add apps to your Vizio smart TV”. Just let the app download completely. Then check it by pressing the V button on your Vizio TV remote. And there, you will find the downloaded apps.

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How To Start Streaming On Vizio Smart TV

There are other two ways to streaming movies, Web series, music from the OTTs on your Vizio smart TV. But, for that, you have to use a Chromecast-enabled application on your Smartphone.

The First Way

Follow the following steps carefully for streaming videos on your Smart TV.

First Step

First, you need to install the Smart cast application from Play Store or Apple Store on your Smartphone.

Second Step

Once the application is installed on your Smartphone, open the application and play the music or movie you wish to watch.

 Third Step

There, you will find the Watch Now option. Click on that and then tap on the play button to start streaming on your Vizio smart TV.

 You can also use the application for entering text on your TV display using a keyboard from your Smartphone. And always keep in mind that you have to connect your Vizio smart TV and your Smartphone to the same network connection for doing it successfully.

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The Second Way

Another way for doing that. Follow the mentioned simple steps:

First Step

Before doing anything, you have to make sure that your mobile device, as well as your Vizio smart TV, to a stable network connection. If not, you must connect both the TV and the mobile to the same network.

Second Step

Start the Chromecast-enabled application now you wish to use on your Smartphone, like Amazon Prime, Disney+, etc.

Third Step

After that, choose the show, movie, web series you plan to watch.

Fourth Step

When the music, the movie starts to stream, you will find the cast option there on the button of your screen. There you will see a wifi symbol on its side. Click on that symbol.

Fifth Step

After that, you will find a list of available devices for connection, and you have to choose the Vizio smart TV.

Sixth Step

Finally, you will find your show starts to play on your Vizio smart TV screen in a minute.


So this was our guide on how to add apps to vizio smart tv. We sincerely hope this article has helped you with your problem. Now you can enjoy watching your favourite movies and series!

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