How To Access iPhone With Broken Screen | A Complete Guide

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Familiar with the anxious feeling when you drop your beloved iPhone? Or worse, when you realize that you cannot use the touchscreen of your cracked phone? It can be a stressful moment for you when one of the most crucial assets becomes inaccessible, and you desperately want to know how to access iPhone with broken screen. 

You can try either of these methods how to access your iPhone- use an external device like your computer and connect your phone with a USB cable, or use the voiceover option by Siri. Other software’s like 4uKey are extremely handy for grave situations like these.

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Important information is always there on our phones nowadays. Unfortunate incidents causing your iPhone screen to crack and become nonfunctional can be panic-inducing. To not feel helpless further, keep reading to apply any of the methods to successfully access your iPhone till you get it fixed

Learn How To Access iPhone With Broken Screen

To access your iPhone that has a cracked screen due to which you cannot look/search for the desired options, try any of these methods-

  • Access broken iPhone from a computer via iTunes/ Siri/ through Find My iPhone or iCloud/QuickTime Player/4uKey.

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Before informing you about Accessing the cracked iPhone, it is crucial to inform you about how to access iPhone with broken screen. There are 4 probable solutions that you can apply:

  • Using either a Face ID or a Touch ID– because you cannot see what is there on your screen, you will not be able to unlock your iPhone like you used to. These biometric features can help you out of this. Just do not restart your iPhone and ensure the battery percentage is high enough. 
  • Using Voice- You can always talk to Siri, even with a broken screen. Just ask Siri to turn on the Voice-over option that reads through everything displayed on the screen you cannot see. And then back up your data.
  • Use a USB cable to transfer all your data to another phone or to a desktop. 

1st Method- How To Access iPhone With Broken Screen From Computer Via iTunes

This is one of the most easily accessible features/tools you can use as an iPhone user. You can unlock your iPhone with the aid of iTunes and restore the phone’s data. If you use this to unlock your phone, it will restore the iPhone’s iOS, which is its operating system. 

See these steps to learn How to access iPhone with a Broken screen. Remember that if you are going to use this method, it will delete all your stored data in the device. If you have your data already backed up before the mishap, you are lucky to access your data still.

  1. Open the iTunes app from your laptop/PC. If you have a Mac, you need to use the Finder app instead.  itunes
  2. Connect your phone to the computer via a USB cable. Ensure your phone and PC accounts are synced to access the data seamlessly. 
  3. Once connected, you will see your iPhone’s name in the Finder or iTunes app. Click on it. 
  4. Under the general tab, you will see an option that restores your iPhone. Select that to begin restoring the iOS to unlock your device. 

2nd Method- How to Access iPhone With Broken Screen Via Siri

Siri is an efficient AI that works on iOS phones. This can be your savior when it comes to unlocking your iPhone with a cracked screen, but it might not be the most flexible option available. But you can still try this out:

  1. Either speak, “Hi Siri, or press the side button to activate it. Ask her to switch on the voiceover feature and click on the home button. siri
  2. On the unlocked page, you will have to have a screen that still responds to your touch, if not too well. Enter your passcode to unlock and access your iPhone Home screen.

3rd Method- Access iPhone Through Find My iPhone/iCloud

You can avail of many features from the iCloud website once you link your iPhone and other iOS devices. One of its features, called Find my phone, is situated on the cloud website. This is a handy tool for unlocking your device when you lose your iPhone, someone steals it, or you cannot see your phone screen. Remember that you can only avail of this if you find my phone is enabled on your device. 


Apply these steps to get how to access iPhone with a broken screen:

  1. Go to the official iCloud website from your desired web browser and sign in to your account. 
  2. Next, you will find an option saying Find iPhone. Select it to open the feature on your device. A menu appears, showing you all the connected devices. This is where you should find your iPhone. 
  3. Upon clicking on your phone, an action menu opens for your iPhone. This will enable you to perform some controls/actions through the cloud web from a remote perspective. 
  4. To unlock your iPhone, you must select the Erase iPhone option to wipe off all the data. The phone is removed from the cloud account, opening your screen. 

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4th Method- How To Access iPhone With Broken Screen Via QuickTime Player

QuickTime players can be feasible to control your iPhone from a MacBook. Not only can you play audio/video files through it but you can also use its Screen recorder to reflect the phone or iPad directly. You will need a USB to use this method. Perform these steps to see:

  1. Run the QuickTime player from your mac. Connect it to your iPhone via the cable. quicktime player
  2. Ask Siri to select your desired option if any prompt pops up on your phone screen.
  3. On QuickTime from your Mac, go to the File tab at the top left corner. From the drop-down menu, select the New Movie Recording following the name of your iPhone.
  4. This will immediately/automatically mirror the screen of your iPhone to your Mac. You can preview the contents of your phone on your computer. However, QuickTime cannot allow you to access your phone fully with the mac Mouse and keyboard.

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5th Method- Access Broken iPhone Via 4uKey

This effective software enables you to unlock your iPhone screen smoothly. Follow these steps and see how to access iPhone with a broken screen:

  1. Download/install 4uKey on your computer. Run the software. 4ukey
  2. Connect your cracked iPhone to the computer with a USB cable.
  3. The software can automatically detect your device. Click on start to begin.
  4. Find the newest firmware package and download it to your chosen folder.
  5. Click on Unlock now to get access to your phone. Your iPhone home page appears after you wait for a few minutes.

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Is it worth fixing an iPhone's broken screen?

Yes, it is! Fixing the screen while your processor and OS are intact can save you lots of bucks if you get the screen replaced instead of buying a new phone.

How much does it cost to fix the broken screen of IPhone?

It will take you around $220 on average to repair your iPhone screen. If your screen cracks within the warranty period, the price gets even lower for you. Other than that, it depends on the damage and the phone's model.

Can I still use my IPhone if the screen is cracked?

You will be able to come to the decision when you see if your touchscreen works despite the crack. However, it is advised you to replace the screen to prevent further internal damage as it is not safe/right.

How long does it take to fix a broken phone screen?

Most screen repair shops will take 30 minutes to an hour to fix your cracked screen. However, it depends mainly on the individual's speed/capability and the extent of the damage.

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This article displays multiple methods on how to access iPhone with broken screen. From using the iOS features to external software, any of these solutions will work for you, depending upon the condition of your phone. See which works best for you and your phone’s condition to back up, and then unlock your cracked iPhone to access its data.

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