How Old Is My iPhone? [Find Out In this Step by Step Guide]

how old is my iphone

When your iPhone is launched, you may find out by completing a few easy steps or accessing a specific site. That’s correct. This allows you to view the precise day and time an iPhone was turned on and set up initially. And, of course, you can check the warranty information to determine if the iPhone is still under warranty or if the contract has lapsed. What’s more, this works with any iPhone model. It makes no difference how old the iPhone is; it always works.


So, you can check it even if you’re attempting to figure out when a five- or six-year-old iPhone was initially activated. It will find the exact date it was switched on and set up for the first time. So, if you want to purchase an iPhone from eBay or a buddy and they say it’s six months old, a year old, or two years old, and you’re not sure. Again, you may check this with it. As a result, it is simply amazing. 

This is entirely safe, and the procedure is straightforward. It’s both convenient and easy. It only takes about 30 seconds and is completely free. No need to pay any fees to get it done. It’s fantastic, and you’re going to adore it.

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 Follow these steps to access the details and credentials of your iPhone.

Step 1: Go to  Safari

You will have to go to Safari and remember that you can do this on your iPhone as well.


One can do that on a computer. You are free to use any gadget you desire.

Step 2: Access Website

You must go to the official site.

unlocker site
unlocker site

You will be routed to this website if you click on it.

Step 3: Go to menu

Press the small menu button in the upper right corner to access the IMEI checker.

unlocker imei
unlocker imei

It’s a simple button, but it will take you to a screen where the actual process is about to start. So, at this point, the alchemy takes place.

Step 4: Check the Alternative Date 

To check the initiation date, enter your phone’s serial number and join the date and time it was activated. And this is where many of you may be anxious. 

A serial number is an identifier’s unique identification number that differentiates one smartphone from the other because, other than that unique number, iPhone models are all the same, so the only variation between iPhone peripherals is, of course, the serial number, and all they could do with that number if you exchange it with someone else, is just inspect the model of your iPhone.

iphone activation date
iphone activation date

When it was purchased or activated and the guarantee status, it is what you want to see, and there is no problem with giving the serial number. If a serial number were truly secret and precious, it wouldn’t be located at the back of an iPhone packaging just so you guys can grasp the whole thing. You should be able to share your serial number and type in no trouble now that your know-how.

Step 5: Go to Settings

Everything you have to do is go to the settings, then general, and then about. So, there are settings, available, about, and serial numbers. If you’re doing this on your smartphone, you may tap and hold before copying. However, if you’re doing it from someone else’s phone or want to check someone else’s phone, you’ll need to write it down. Reopen Safari and then the unlocker. Tap on the area, then paste and finally paste your serial number.

iphone settings
iphone settings

Your iPhone variants. Now verify and wait for it to finish its work; it will load in a few seconds. It takes some time, sometimes as little as 5 seconds. Following that, continue to scroll down. It will display the information provided by your serial number on the screen. There will also be an indication whether or not it is still operational. The information about your warranty will also be shown. Then you’ll find the actual excavated purchase date.

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Go to the Apple help page to check the status of your iPhone’s guarantee. In most circumstances, you’ll learn what iPhone model you have or the serial number. But if you know the serial number but can’t discover the iPhone’s age or model on this site? Don’t be concerned.

apple support
apple support

Have you ever heard of Chipmunk’s provider? It’s a free site that will assist you in determining the age of any iPhone manufactured by Apple. Enter the serial number of your iPhone model, and it will tell you how old it is. No need to submit your email address or any other private details.


That is the data you will divulge if you disclose your serial number. If you give out your serial number, others will access it. As a result, if your iPhone is old, it will simply not display correctly. You may view your warranty status and check the activation date.


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