How Do I Know If My Version Of Chrome Is Up To Date? 3 Ways To Know

how do i know if my version of chrome is up to date

Do I have the latest Chrome? Chrome is an amazing browser, but sometimes it could be difficult to know when your version is outdated. If you are also wondering,” how do I know if my version of Chrome is up to date?” This article will outline a few techniques to ensure Chrome is up to date and which Version of Chrome you have.

You can determine whether or not your Chrome is up to date in three different methods. The chrome version can be checked by going to About Chrome and looking if it states Chrome is up to date. You can also check in the app store, Microsoft store, or Google plays store according to the device you are checking in.

Is Chrome on your computer up to date? This blog post will discuss some of the best ways to check if your Chrome is up to date. 

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Which Version Do I Have 

You must first determine the Chrome version you currently use to determine whether you have the most recent version.

PlatformLatest VersionRelease Date
Chrome on Linux105.0.5195.12509-14-2022
Chrome on Windows105.0.5195.12509-14-2022
Chrome on macOS105.0.5195.12509-14-2022
Chrome on iOS105.0.5195.14709-19-2022
Chrome on Android105.0.5195.13609-15-2022

Checking “How Do I Know If My Version Of Chrome Is Up To Date” On Windows Or MAC

 If you want to check the Chrome version on your laptop or desktop, follow these steps.

  1. Open the Chrome application and click on the three-dot button present at the top right corner of the screen  three-dot button
  2. Keep your pointer on Help for a few seconds, and a few options will appear to choose About Chrome
  3. You can see the current version of your Chrome beneath the heading version. Embedded videos are known to increase traffic on your page, and if you are looking for the same, this is probably worthwhile.

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Checking “How Do I Know If My Version Of Chrome Is Up To Date” On  Android 

What if you want to check it on your Mobile phone? Well, mobile phones run on Android-based operating systems. Hence, checking the chrome version on Android is a little different.

  1. First, open the app and go to settings by clicking on the three dots on the top right of the screen 
  2. Scroll to the bottom, and there you will find About Chrome about chrome
  3. Once you click on About Chrome, a new screen will appear, and you can check The Version under the first heading, Application version. Read this article; you will get to know where Chrome Store Bookmarks are in Windows 10.

Checking “How Do I Know If My Version Of Chrome Is Up To Date” On iPad Or iPhone 

How to know if google Chrome is up to date on an iPhone or iPad? The user interface of apple devices is different. The IPad or iPhone runs on ios. So, checking the chrome version on these devices has a different procedure for iPhone.

  1. The first few steps are the same, such as opening the app and clicking on the three-dot icon in the bottom right of the screen. 
  2. Tap on Google Chrome to see the version bottom for iPad the version bottom for iPad
  3. Open the application and go to the search bar
  4. Type chrome:// version In, and you can see the Version of your Chrome beside Google chrome. Click here to learn how to install Kodi on Chromebook.

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Is Google Chrome Up To Date

Once you know which version of Chrome you are using, the other question is, how do I know if my version of Chrome is up to date?

up to date

For that, you can try. After that, Google Chrome themes are designed to make the browsing experience on your browser more enjoyable and memorable. You can find a wide variety of themes that will fit your taste and personality.

Check Within The Application

Do I have the latest version of Chrome? Chrome specifies whether the version is up to date or not on the top. To examine if your Chrome is up to date without leaving the Google chrome application, You can follow the same steps, according to your device, as when you checked which Version of Chrome you have.  


The chrome app updates itself, but the Update can stay pending if you don’t close your browser. If the Update is pending, then you will generally see a colored three-dot icon with Update written before it on the top left of your screen.

The Update hasn’t been pending for more than two days if the button is green. If it is yellow, it indicates that it has been about four days since the release of the Update, and if it turns red, the Update has been pending for a week or maybe longer. Are you facing any problems while accessing Google Chrome? It can be very bothersome and sometimes even annoying because of insufficient memory. Resolve it before proceeding further.

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Check Outside The Application

In case you don’t want to open the chrome application to check if it is up to date or not. Another answer to your question is going to your device’s app store.

chrome in play store

For Android, you can go to the play store and Search Google Chrome in the search bar. If the app is not updated, it will show an update button in place of open, and if it’s up to date, it will show an open button. You can do this for mac, iPhone, or iPad on the app store, and for windows, there is the Microsoft store.

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Checking Through The Command Prompt

How can I tell if the Version of Chrome I’m using is the latest? All you are required to know “is my google chrome up to date” is to Search for the Command prompt in the start menu and open it, then type this “HKLM\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall\Google Chrome.” 

You can find the version of google chrome on your device, and also you can know the last time you updated it.

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What is the latest version of Chrome on different platforms?

The chrome version can e checked in settings. Depending on the device you are using, follow the steps mentioned above in this article, and you will know which Version of Google Chrome you are using and whether it is up to date.

Why does my device's Version of Google Chrome appear differently?

When a new browser version becomes available for your device, Google Chrome can automatically upgrade to ensure the most recent security updates protect you. You might occasionally notice that your browser looks different due to these upgrades.

Is my Google Chrome up to date?

When Chrome is not up to date, an update button appears alongside the three-dot icon on the top right, which changes color based on the time since it has not been updated; the button turns green, yellow, and red accordingly. If the button is absent, your Version of Chrome is current.

How to check when my Chrome got updated last time?

from the start menu, look for and select the command prompt, then type this reg query HKLMSOFTWAREWow6432NodeMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionUninstallGoogle Chrome and press enter, and you will be able to see the version and installation date in the list.

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Although Chrome is a fantastic browser, it can be challenging to determine when your version is outdated. Is this question also on your mind, “How do I know if my version of Chrome is up to date?” This article has some easy ways to check it. Chrome is the best because it automatically updates itself without you having to keep searching for updates and manually doing it once the Update comes, provided you close your browser from time to time. Also, start streaming Showbox to Chromecast. Read this article to learn.

I hope this post has solved your problem and answered a few most common questions that keep popping into users’ minds. You can check her if you are encountering any trouble with its functioning.

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