5 New Best Home Automation Ideas For 2023

home automation ideas

In this current climate of changing innovations, the Internet of Things (IoT) technology plays an important role for enterprises all around. IoT is impactful on the masses and professionals. Internet of Things has several advantages that can make the lives of common people easier than ever before. Devices, when connected to your home network that is further connected to your internet access, can be controlled us20ing voice recognition features that can make your day exuberant and breezy, making life more convenient are known as Home Automation devices. So here we list such Home Automation Ideas that make your life comfortable.

house automatization makes life at home easier. These devices are a good fit for every household and family. They update a household in an excellent way and infuse it, so it becomes easily applicable in everyday life.

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Basic features of Home Automation

  • Local access
  • Efficient use of electricity
  • Low viability cost
  • Techno savvy home network.
  • Secure

5 Home Automation Ideas

Let’s start by discussing 5 Home Automation Ideas with IoT based mobile applications to make your 2023 better. Read until the end to learn about some new ideas in the market now.

Virtual Assistance

Smart home assisting applications are on a major high for the past two years for smart home automation. These Home assistant applications like Home Assistant and Home Genie, just like the one from Tech giants Google Assistant, are really strong trending application to control your home in many ways such as voice control, IR/RF control, Lightning scenarios, and DLNA.

virtual assistance
Virtual Assistance

The newest version of Home Assistant has breaking changes and the latest integrations, and improved multicast resolution OS level.

As we all live in a fast-paced environment, home automation can save so much time without us worrying about small tasks. The ability to control things at your fingertips is very convenient. With our smartphone always with us, we can monitor our home when outside using Home Assistant applications.  

Home Genie is the next best alternative in this proposition to Home Assistant. It has a variety of ways to automate house, a walk in the park.

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Personal Security Systems

Security has taken the front seat in every family’s life. It has become more than an asset these days. When a person leaves for work, they expect to come back to a secure home. Today’s market place is flooded with tons of companies offering security solutions for households. Choosing a security system is tricky, given there are many options available, to find the best one is difficult but not impossible.

personal security systems
Personal Security Systems

Home security has a great future with the coming-of-age solutions provided by several IoT platforms to maintain safety in a public environment, enhance security as a smart building application, and prioritize security in existing habitats efficiently. One such solution is Verimatrix, giving revenue security for connected video devices. It is an easy to install solution with great plans to choose from for a commoner.

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Multitasking System

Often tasks need to be get done when you are not up for a multitasking day. Like on days when you need to sit in front of your sitcom and stay there till nothing disturbs your time, for these convenient experiences and carefree times, there are very few extensive options.

multitasking system
Multitasking System

Smartmatic is one application that gives you much-needed help at home in completing small tasks easily without any human interruption. What do you think of the home automation ideas so far?

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Advanced Kitchens

With the advancements in technology this new year, this can turn your kitchen into a hub designed to let everyone see what you cook by sharing pictures of your favorite recipe on social media, video chatting, accessing more features, and cooking at the same time.

This new kitchen hub works in your kitchen by letting you control your needs from a screen without taking up any counter space.

advanced kitchens
Advanced Kitchens

GE Appliances makes sure users get peace of mind even when they leave the oven on wherever they are; they make sure their users are convenient and carefree simplifying everyday activities, daily tasks keeping users in control. They provide the optimum performance along with changing needs. Smart appliances are a specialty of this automation company.

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Autonomous Personal Robots

Last but not least, in the list of cool home automation ideas to make your home smarter are the autonomous, newly innovated robots providing assistive services at home.

Aido is one of the top five home monitoring and security robots today. To name a few others are Alpha 2, Kuri mobile robot, Zenbo, and Buddy.

aido home automation ideas

These robots can take up your endless daily tasks in no matter of time. Moreover, they can help in the passive monitoring of households from sensor recognitions to patrolling daily tasks and performing additional functions to improve a family’s lifestyle.


Thus, the Internet of Things(IoT) can be said to be the currently only technology that can help businesses improve processes, increase earnings, and decrease overhead. Home automation is the need for many households. Thanks to the Internet of Things, a technology that has been around here for several years allowing us to control our home systems, which has now advanced with connectivity and integration, so devices have become self-configuring, enabling wireless transfers easily. This technology will surely gain momentum in the coming year and add to IoT’s prominence in 2023.

To summarize the 5 smart home ideas for 2023 are:

  • Virtual assistance
  • Personal Security Systems
  • Multitasking Systems
  • Advanced Kitchens
  • Autonomous Personal Robots

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