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Music brings harmony to the world because when words fail, music speaks, which is why learning any kind of musical instrument is important. Researching the world of music provides some real good apps too, which can be efficient for us. The portability of having these jamming tools on the device makes it easier for passionate musicians and guitarists to learn and teach. So here’s our list of best guitar apps.

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Yousicianwith a 4.⅕ score on the Google Play store, is an Award-Winning Music Education app for guitarists. This app is synchronized with the songs’ tracks, which exercises based on an individual’s skill level occupying a space of 60 MB. Needless to say it is one of the the best guitar apps.

yousician guitar apps

Yousician has a practice mode, which is flexible, giving us time to track down the song and adjust the speed accordingly, ranking us on the challenge board. This app comes with a built-in tuner, auto speeder, and chord diagrams. Yousician plays through our device’s microphone giving us feedback and adjusting tracks accordingly. This app is mostly built for beginners and advanced guitarists, allowing everyone to learn guitar in a very comfortable manner.

Download: Yousician

Ultimate guitar tabs and chords

‘Ultimate guitar tabs and chords’ is yet another android guitar apps with a 4.⅘ score designed for guitar learners. It has almost 400,000 songs pre-loaded in it with an additional feature of chord diagram fingering. Furthermore, this app has a playback feature with multiple instruments and a chord library with over 2 million guitar chords. Besides, it is free of cost on playstore with the basic tools containing catalogs of acoustic, chords, tabs, and lyrics.

ultimate guitar
Ultimate guitar

There are different songs based on genre, tuning, and rating. The feature of left-hand mode making it portable and adding cherry at the top is that the tabs can be downloaded even if there is no internet connection making it easier and more comfortable.

Download: Ultimate guitar tabs and chords

Justin Guitar Beginner Lesson

This app is another guitar playing app  with a 4.6/5 star on the Google Play store. Justin Sandercore, from Justin, guides through the songs in a very interactive stepwise method creating a play-along style. This app gives a very basic idea of guitar chords, tabs, scales, etc. Moreover, it keeps the learner interested and engaged throughout.

justin guitar beginner lesson
Justin Guitar Beginner Lesson

The songs available are arranged and displayed in a play-along style with tracks and lyrics properly set. One can easily adjust the soundtracks and notes according to their taste. Furthermore, this app gives an exclusive chord change counter and a self-assessment option where weekly records and points can be seen to keep a record of improvement. This is indeed a very thrilling app giving maximum knowledge and the advantage of learning guitar. 

Download: Justin Guitar Beginner Lesson

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B’ Metronome

B’ Metronome is another guitar music app. It has a score of 4.7/5 on the Google Play store, and it is reliable with a feature of precise timing. This app is totally free built by a musician itself without any spam or featured ads. It occupies only 500 kB making it friendly and lightweight for Android users. If using a small screen, I must also grab your attention on the point that it has sharp pixel graphics making it comfortable for us. Moreover, the feature of tabs being fully customizable adds to the advantages that come with B’ Metronome. 

b metronome
B’ Metronome

It is available in English, which is the most suited language, and can be easily installed on Android.

The download link is safe and secure, making it easier to install. This app can be downloaded through the official site of B’ Metronome.

Download: B’ Metronome

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Backing Tracks Guitar Jam

Backing Tracks Guitar Jamcomes up with lots of jam music. This app is great for individuals wanting to learn jamming tricks, solo songs, and people wanting to excel in the art of playing music through guitars.

backing tracks guitar jam app
Backing Tracks Guitar Jam app

Unlike other apps, this app gives a feature of recording and listening to songs simultaneously correcting any errors made with a function of sorting and filtration. It has access to over 5000 guitar chords and 2000 different scales with a backtrack including 30 different styles. The taste of genre, rock, jazz, blues, metal, pop, funk, etc., satisfies every individual’s taste. 

Download: Backing Tracks Guitar Jam


It a versatile, well-built, full version guitar player app for Android with a recording mixer, backtracks, tuners, and Metronome with a file size of 232.78 MB free of cost.

ampkit guitar apps

Also, it has sophisticated features, great mixing ability, and nondestructive to create good music transforming the Android into a real musical instrument in no time. One can easily share their sound recording through a link or cloud share feature.

Download: Ampkit


It changes a phone into a mobile guitar and bass multi-effects processor offering digital versions some amplifiers. This one of the best guitar apps.


Moreover, this app comes with five amplifiers and 2 mics, and a guitar operating function. It gives everything required to create a dynamic tone, jazz, folk, country, or metal. Also, this app is flexible, and we can enjoy the good quality sonic, turning Android into a complete mobile musical instrument.

Download: Amplitude

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Songsterr Guitar Tabs and Chords

Songsterr Guitar Tabs and Chordshas a score of 4.⅘ on the Google Play store with 500,000 tabs and chords with a feature of offline access to tracks and songs previously recorded. This is an play along guitar app. The loop function helps in the playback of selected measures repeatedly, and also the solo feature allows us to hear one particular instrument at a time.


This platform’s application allows us to carry around the tablet or phone with guitar tabs of our choice, whether we play this instrument or not. Unlike other apps, this app also has a separate section for favorite songs and history to save the songs we have recorded and loved to use it later when required.

Download: Songsterr Guitar Tabs and Chords

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