8 Gramblr Alternative You Must Try In 2023

gramblr alternative

In this era of social media platforms, Instagram is a famous one. And one of the best aids in using Instagram is Gramblr. Gramblr was first introduced in the year 2008. These were used to post pictures and videos through PC to one’s Instagram account. This popular website has been taking off from its official site. So, here are some great alternatives for it. If  you are in need to find Gramblr alternative, which is user-friendly and effective, this article can help you out with that. Before knowing the alternatives, let’s take a look over what Gramblr is.

gramblr alternative

Gramblr is a solid and free application that runs smoothly on laptops and desktop computers and does not require smartphone support. In addition, it allows you to directly upload photos and videos to your Instagram account from your device.

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Top 8 Gramblr Alternative

 Here’s our list of handpicked apps like Gramblr for you!


With this free app, you can upload photos to your Instagram account. It aids in the development of visually beautiful and highly engaging Instagram stories with little effort.

ai schedul
AI schedul

Best Features of AIschedul

  • You can use it to schedule a variety of Instagram posts and days and weeks in advance.
  • AIschedul allows you to post multiple accounts from a single site.
  • It allows you to easily and quickly plan, write and repost your stories.
  • The app also aids in the tagging of individuals and encourages Geo-Tags.
  • An advanced hashtag searcher is included in the tool, which you can use to generate highly engaging content.

 So if you’re looking for a powerful Gramblr alternative, AIschedul is a good option.

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Ramme is the next best Gramblr alternative on the list. You can choose this lightweight desktop application if you don’t want to compromise the image quality and overall software features.


Best Features of Ramme

  •  Influencers who cannot afford to sacrifice their brand would benefit the most from this method.
  • It’s a feature-packed app that lets you upload photos, create Instagram stories, submit direct messages, and much more.
  • It has user-friendly functionality and features that are very easy to use.
  • It’s a small program that won’t take up too much of your computer’s time.
  • Within seconds, you’ll be able to upload photos and videos.


Flume is the best Gramblr aternative. With this impressive app, you will brighten up your Instagram account. It allows you to upload photos to your Instagram account without the use of a smartphone.

Best Features of Flume

  • It can switch between multiple accounts with ease.
  • With full support for square and original formats, you’ll have quick access to direct messaging.
  • It can be used for community discussions as well as sharing photos and videos.
  • It assists you in keeping track of your recent activities and receive desktop updates.
  • Flume can also provide you with valuable stats about your followers and feedback if you use an Instagram business profile.

Windows Instagram app

The Instagram app for Windows 10 is an excellent Gramblr alternative. The desktop app has a simple interface and is available for free download from the Microsoft store. Instead of Gramblr, try this fantastic method.windows instagram app

It will help you upload, stream, and available high-resolution photos for Instagram. It has an easy and quick interface and functions similarly to a smartphone app. With a single click, you can view updates, schedule different posts, and share your Instagram feed on Facebook and Twitter.

Best Features of Windows Instagram app

It allows you to search your accounts, see your direct messages, see recent likes. Then, easily upload photos to Instagram from your device. Simply right-click the app icon and select “new post” from the menu that appears. Then, you can either take a shot with your desktop camera or use the camera roll to look at your photo gallery.

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Later is another excellent choice for Gramblr. It makes planning and scheduling Instagram stories and content a breeze.later

Best Features of Later

  • It can seamlessly move between multiple accounts.
  • Your Instagram feeds are automatically planned, scheduled, and posted.
  • It includes a visual content calendar that allows you to easily plan your posts.
  • You can also use it to organize your content and provide seamless integration between your desktop, Dropbox, Google account, and other accounts.


InstaZOOD is another alternative to Gramblr. One of the most practical methods for managing your Instagram account from your computer. The built-in Instagram bot promises more Instagram followers. Now you have to build a solid and flawless Instagram profile.instazood

To summarise, InstaZood is the easiest way to manage your entire Instagram account from your phone and tablet. So, if you want to gain more followers quickly, you should give InstaZood a shot.


GetUplet is an Gramblr alternative that allows you to share any moment that matters to you. In addition, its Mac app helps you get closer to your Instagram followers. Uplet was created to empower your Instagram posts persona.


It is undoubtedly a handy tool for uploading images and videos to Instagram from a Mac. If you are someone who is a Mac user, this app might be a great option for you. Give it a try!


Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms. And this was our list of apps like Gramblr for android to enhance your Instagram experience. Do let us know if these apps were useful to you. And make sure to use social media with all the precautions and safety measure! 

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