5 Google Hangout Alternatives Of 2021

Below is a list of apps to let you know what is the proper replacement of google hangouts:


Probably the world’s most popular messaging platform, and obviously one of the google hangout alternatives. Whatsapp is the most widely used app for instant messaging. It allows you to send text, pictures, voice and video support, GIF, etc. It supports voice messages which really come in handy when you are lazy to type or make a phone call. Group chats are supported; it allows us to make free calls over the internet.


Whatsapp web is also available to chat with people through a desktop computer. Whatsapp has introduced a payment feature in the Indian market through which you will be able to transfer money easily. Other than that, the app allows you to share your location, post temporary status on your profile. The only downside of this app is that you can use it on only one smartphone at a time, other than that it is one of the best hangouts replacements out there in the market.

Visit: Whatsapp


This is another one of google hangout alternatives. This app also has the most usual features of instant messaging apps. If security and privacy is your main concern, then Signal is the best option out there. A unique feature of Signal is that it allows you to send SMS messages, which none of the other apps offer. The Signal is end-to-end encrypted. It has a lot of emphasis on user privacy.


Visit: Signal

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The feature that makes Messenger a good option for google hangout alternatives because Messenger is connected to Facebook, like how apps like hangouts were connected to Google accounts, a vast number of people are already on Facebook, and hence you can connect to them easily. This app features multi-platform support allowing the users to be connected despite the device they use. Lots of people use this service, and it has got better in the last few years. Messenger allows users to directly connect with businesses that can get real-time customer services.


Messenger is also a hub for games, and it allows users to play and compare scores with Facebook friends. It features all the usual features like sharing and sending text, pictures, etc., and allows users to make video/voice calls and group chats and calls as well. This is a great google hangout alternative present in almost every system in the world.

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Telegram is also one of the most secure messaging apps and a great google hangout alternatives. This is one of the fastest instant messaging apps in the market. The app not only includes the usual features that you’d find in other instant messaging apps, it includes many other useful features like create a group with upto 1lakh members, send secret chats, and so on. Ads are not included, and it is completely free. Its design is simple yet extremely functional.


Visit: Telegram


Viber messenger, yet another popular instant messaging app, is another one of the great google hangout alternatives, which features pretty much everything that you’d find on Hangouts. Like other instant messaging apps, Viber has text, voice, video support. It supports a group chat of about 250 members. A unique and highlighted feature of Viber is that a group call with about 20 people can be done. I have tested this, and it works well. Another interesting feature is that it allows users to hide chats from the homepage. This app also offers in-app purchases and ads. This is one of the newest replacement for google hangouts.


Visit: Viber

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