Google Calendar Vs iCal | Top 6 Differences to Help You Choose

google calendar vs ical

Any person nowadays who doesn’t utilize an internet calendar to organize their appointments, meetings, and weekly routine would be difficult to locate. Most people use the two most popular calendaring services, Apple Calendar, and Google Calendar. Nowadays, all smartphones come with one of these default calendar apps, which are significantly more practical than analog equivalents like day planners and wall-mounted calendars. Google Calendar and iCal have sizable and expanding user bases because they are pre-installed on all Android and Apple products. To determine the superiority between google calendar vs ical, we’ll look more closely at the two digital calendar market leaders in this piece.

differences between google calendar vs ical

Services like Google Calendar and Apple Calendar are surprisingly comprehensive. The fact that Google Calendar has only been operating since 2006 is astounding. Additionally, iCal has existed since 2002. Both calendars have a database that syncs everything in addition to various native and online apps. Due to all of this, it is challenging to create clear distinctions because there are several odd overlaps and edge situations. Even more confusing, you can manage your Google Calendars using the Apple Calendar software on your iPhone (and many people do), but you need to do the opposite.

In light of this, we will evaluate these services in their totality. We shall highlight the oddities and edge instances when appropriate, but we will only linger on them briefly. Here is a thorough comparison of Google Calendar and Apple Calendar. Let’s start.

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Comparison Of Google And Ical

Only Macs, iPhones, and iPads support Apple Calendar. In other terms, all Apps only function within the Apple environment, possibly except for Music.

Calendar Layout Or View

Google calendar vs apple calendar, although the layouts of Google and Apple are quite similar, they differ in key ways. Regarding similar features, you can move between days, weeks, months, or only future events in both calendar apps, you can switch between dates, weeks, seasons, or solely upcoming events. Birthdays may be retrieved by Google and Apple from your Contacts app and added as an event to the Calendar.

calendar layout or view

You may add many calendars, and every Calendar is color-coded on Google and Apple to make it simpler for you to differentiate among them. However, only Google offers the choice from a list of available calendars worldwide. Additionally to sports calendars, you may purchase calendars for religious festivals, including Christian and Jewish holidays. Because the Apple Calendar app only supports Home and Work calendars, you must create a new calendar manually.

Despite being a close race, Google prevails because of the enormous volume of pre-existing calendars it provides.

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Adding Meetings & Events

Between google calendar vs ical, when it comes to making it straightforward to add put into motion to their calendar apps, Google and Apple both shine; you press and hold down on a day to create an event. You can add recurring events to Google Calendar and automatically add them to your chosen dates. With only one tap, you can schedule video chats and invite guests because of the Google Meet integration.

adding meetings & events

While doing an ical review, Apple does not support features like Google Meet integration, and you can still add Journey Time to your meetings, which is useful. Like Google Calendar, you can also add invitees. To alert you to delays and other events, Google Calendar will also pull flight information and other event data from Gmail.

Overall, due to their separate, non-overlapping sets of features, Google Calendar and ical are tied.

Autonomous Event Recommendations

Among ical vs google calendar, Google wins hands-down. Whenever you receive a confirmation email for an upcoming event, Google creates an event in the Calendar, so you never miss it. Visit this page for additional information on Events from Gmail.

google creates an event in the calendar

Apple has a comparable capability, but it simply advises installing it manually. For instance, if someone gets a text message with a date and time, Apple will emphasize the date and let them tap on it to create an event. 

Additional Calendars

Using your coworkers’ Gmail IDs, you may request access to their calendars and even import external calendars through URLs. Furthermore, you may easily merge your Apple Calendar with Google Calendar, making Apple Calendars useless. Again, Google Calendar sets the bar too high by enabling the integration of calendars from other sources.

subscribe to google calendar to other calendars

Among google calendar vs ical, you can subscribe to Google Calendar to other calendars; however, Apple doesn’t offer this feature by default. It would help if you searched for these calendars and manually added them to the app.

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Special Features

I am talking about special features in google calendar or apple calendar. Apple is undoubtedly the leader in exclusivity regarding software and services, but the Calendar app is little compared to Google Calendar, a giant. Undoubtedly, Apple Calendar continues to be a useful and effective program, but Google Calendar also includes tasks and reminders in addition to regular capabilities. In addition, Google Calendar supports add-ons, which enhance the user experience.

google calendar supports addons

Additionally, Google Calendar includes a Goal feature that adds your health to the Calendar as if that weren’t enough. The nicest feature is connecting your Apple Health information and efficiently completing chores on the iPhone without moving between multiple apps.

It’s good that Google gives all those special capabilities in one app without sacrificing usability, even if Apple has separate apps (Reminders and Apple Health) for each of them.

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All of Google’s apps follow a mobile-first and web-first strategy. The official Google Calendar app is accessible on Android, Chrome, iPhone, and iPad devices. Google Calendar is still accessible via a web browser on several systems, including Windows, Mac, and Linux computers.

google calendar is accessible via a web browser

Google calendar vs ical both have apps for Android and Chromebooks, respectively; there isn’t much difference. On the other hand, Apple only provides Calendar bundles for the Mac, Apple Watch, iPhone, and iPad. However, you can still retrieve it from any platform, like Windows, Chromebook, and Linux, by using the iCloud website.


What distinguishes google vs apple Calendar?

You can choose between layouts, days, weeks, or future events in both apps. Events are color-coded to make them easy to distinguish them. They're a little better on Google Calendar because of the text in addition to the event name. Additionally, Google Calendar simultaneously displays the month and day views.

Is google calendar good?

Without being challenging to use, Google Calendar is both robust and versatile. Learning to add events or change from the default week view to a month or day view takes very little time. If that's all you need, you can use a specific calendar to keep track of your events.

What benefits and drawbacks does Google Calendar offer?

Pros: Users can share events, add other calendars to their primary Calendar, and view calendars in various formats. Cons: The interface needs to be kid-friendly, and calendars with multiple subscriptions can look disorganized.

Can Google and Apple calendars be synced?

You may import events using Google Calendar into your Apple calendar on either Mac, iPhone, or iPad. Your iPhone or iPad's built-in calendar software can synchronize with Google Calendar.

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Among Google calendar vs ical, Google Calendar is a better program than Apple Calendar after comparing every feature. The Google ecosystem makes it possible to integrate the Apple Calendar and is more tightly integrated with Google Calendar. Not to add that Google incorporates everything without causing the UI to become cluttered. It will only be useful if you sometimes personally add events to Apple Calendar. Experts should refrain from using the area. How to add speaker notes in google slides? Click here to learn.

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