How To Fix Cracked iPhone Screen? Complete Guide

fix cracked iphone screen

This article deals with how and methods you can fix cracked iPhone screen. Apple tried making the screen glasses solid, but they are still on it. However, a temper-glass protects the screen of the mobile when it falls. But it breaks when it falls from a greater height.


Basically, Apple does not produce its replacement components. When browsing the electrical stores, you cannot just ask for a replacement screen. Apple suppliers provide spare components to the Apple store, also called OEM. The new iPhone is manufactured using components supplied by the OEM. The only way to obtain Apple replacement parts is from the same manufacturer who produces them for new iPhones, which explains why their price is so exorbitant. 

Some think buying a new mobile phone is better than repairing the ongoing one. But least do they know that such repairs can be done for a cheaper amount. Thus, to understand how and from where to fix cracked iPhone screen, stick to this article. We have the most prominent answer for it. 

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How To Safeguard The iPhone’s Screen?

Preventing the damage in the process is the greatest strategy for handling a cracked iPhone screen. 


Always use a screen protector, and think about putting your phone in a tough case like the OtterBox Defender Series.

Broken Screen- Level Of Severity

Now, here is what you see when your iPhone screen is broken. Obviously, you are not in a state of determining its pattern. But such patterns show their severity or the level of harm.

broken iphone

You might be dealing with anything from a fully shattered display and a damaged phone to a simple aesthetic issue, from small scratches to starburst-like or spiderweb-like patterns to completely missing pieces of glass.

Ways To Fix Cracked iPhone Screen

So there are numerous ways to fix cracked iPhone screen. Ranging from experts at Apple stores to doing it yourself at home if you think iPhone repairs for cheap.

Extent of Damage

Analyzing the level or extent of damage would aid in knowing where or how to fix it. If it is a major one, it is suggested to take it to the expert, either the Apple store or the third-party service stores. And if it is minor, try going on with it.

extent of damage

But if you want it repaired and are confident enough to do it yourself, go for it, chap! 

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After the display on your iPhone cracks, you should make a back-up of it. Something that damaged the screen might also have an impact on your iPhone’s internal workings. Your iPhone may suddenly stop working and won’t start up again until it has been fixed. By creating a back-up today, you can prevent losing any crucial information on your iPhone, like your contacts and images.


However, your computer should still be able to identify your iPhone, even if the screen is too damaged for you to view. 

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Fix Cracked iPhone Screen Price At Apple Store

These are the estimated amount at the Apple store to fix the cracked iPhone screen.

apple store

  • iPhone XS Max, iPhone 13 Pro Max, iPhone 12, iPhone 11, and iPhone XR cost, respectively, £316.44 and $329.
  • iPhone 13 Mini, iPhone 12 Mini: £216.44 / $229
  • Pricing for the iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Pro, iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone XS, and iPhone X is £266.44 or $279.
  • iPhone 11, iPhone XR: £196.44 / $199
  • iPhone 8, 7, 6s, and iPhone 6 Plus: £152.44 / $149
  • For the iPhone 7 Plus, 8 Plus, and 6s Plus, the cost is £164.44 / $169.
  • iPhone SE (all generations), iPhone 6, iPhone 5s: £136.44 / $129

You’re in luck if you did buy the supplementary AppleCare+ when you bought your iPhone. Apple offers two repairs for unintentional damage as part of its extended warranty, but you’ll still have to pay an excess.

It’s a fantastic deal for just £25/$29 regardless of the iPhone model, and if any other part breaks, it’ll just cost a fixed repair fee of £79/$99. You probably wish you had purchased AppleCare+ right about now.


To go the official Apple method, just visit the Apple Support page and schedule an appointment at your neighborhood Apple Store, or mail it in.

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Private Merchants/ Third-Party Service Providers

Although getting your iPhone fixed by Apple directly is ideal, let’s be honest: most people can’t afford those rates. Your nearby iPhone repair shop is an additional choice. As demand for Apple devices has increased, more and more phone repair services have emerged.

Normally, I don’t advise individuals to pick this course of action. You have no idea who is performing the repair, what kind of experience they have with iPhone repairs, or even where the new screen truly originated. Local merchants are likely to be many people’s next stop since phone repair businesses are springing up in towns and cities worldwide, many of which specialize in iPhone screen repairs. 


Others are small, independent shops wanting to repair your equipment. Some are well-known, significant retailers. Although they will vary depending on where you are, it is essential to note that these rates are frequently more affordable than Apple’s prices.

Most significantly, if an Apple Genius discovers that your iPhone’s screen was replaced with a third-party item, Apple could refuse to do any additional repairs on your iPhone in the future. In this situation, you’d either have to accept your shattered iPhone or spend money on a new one. Due to the wide range of local stores, we refrain from providing particular suggestions. Do some research and read some evaluations of your neighborhood shop before entering if you think this is the best alternative for you.

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Mail-In Services for Repair

iResQiSmash, and other mail-in repair services are becoming increasingly popular as alternatives to replacing a broken iPhone screen. People who reside in remote areas and wish to cut costs might benefit from mail-in repair services.


However, the biggest drawback of mail-in repair services is they delay in their service; turnaround times for returns might reach a week or more. 

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Fixing It Yourself

You could change a phone screen on your own if you bear in mind, saying, “I would fix my iPhone screen on my own.” For fantastic, illustrated step-by-step instruction, we recommend iFixit. An iPhone repair is a sensitive procedure. Your iPhone contains many small parts, so making a mistake or leaving anything out of position is simple. You may be without an iPhone until you find a replacement screen or buy a new one if a small wire even slightly tears. Here are some important points to remember: Look into the replacement screen price before deciding to go this path. The displays on today’s phones, which feature touch interfaces and maybe biometric sensors, are expensive. 


These are various methods for repairing an iPhone screen that has broken. Hence, your cracked iPhone screen fixes. These are the expensive to cheap iPhone screen repair ways. 


Is it possible to repair an iPhone screen on your own?

Apple introduces Self Service Repair, which enables you to fix your iPhone screens and other issues.

Can toothpaste mend a broken window?

Toothpaste won't completely fix a cracked phone screen; it can only assist with tiny scuffs and smooth out your screen.

Does fixing a shattered iPhone screen make sense?

Most of the time, majority of the time, choosing screen repairing is preferable since it saves consumers both time and money. The lifespan of your smartphone may typically be increased by several months, or even years, with a cheap screen repair.

Can shattered screens be repaired using nail polish?

A broken screen cannot be fixed with nail polish. In essence, it can only seal a little fracture or, at the very least, prevent it from getting worse.

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When you hear of the iPhone, the kidney immediately comes to mind. Kidney has become the synonym for iPhones. And when we hear of the iPhone breaking, we do not feel the pain in our hearts but rather in our kidneys. Okay, jokes apart! But isn’t it true that breaking of our smartphones, especially iPhones, eventually breaks us? It is more painful than break-ups! You need not feel low or broken anymore. You have us, through which you can fix cracked iPhone screens

Though cracking is heart-breaking, this article would act as a measure to cure your broken heart. We wish this article helps you recover and fix your cracked iPhone Screen. However, we hope you do not really crack your screen, but if it happens, you have this article with you. Well, if it is not repairable, we prefer you buy a new one, instead of wasting money on it. Although you can check this out to repair Ubuntu.

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