How to download Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client 4.8

With the increase in demand of workers to work for an organization remotely, Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client 4.8. provides additional support to help companies, schools, non-profits – scale their immediate security needs to devices that have left the building. This article will show you how to download Cisco AnyConnect Client.

Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility makes the work environment more flexible. This is done by giving network access to all the workers, anywhere using any device with the additional facility of Web security, improved efficiency, and visibility. A connectivity experience that is highly secure for end-users and enterprise IT is the main agenda behind this software. It provides streamlined IT operations and a variety of endpoint security services from a unified agent.

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An endpoint’s compromised state can less affect the integrity of the corporate network using Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client. This is because it provides robust unified compliance capabilities, endpoint posture assessment, and remediation potentials for wired, wireless, and VPN environment coexistence with Cisco Identity service engine (on validation of endpoint’s state – access is granted).

Applications and Security Features

Administrators can also monitor endpoint applications used to make a more informed network and take service design decisions (can predict potential anomalies) on and off-premises. This software also has built-in web security and malware defense AnyConnect 4.x offers simplified licensing to meet the needs of the broad enterprise IT community as it adapts to growing end-user mobility demands. The Web security appliance scans the internet traffic, not the client.

cisco anyconnect client
Cisco AnyConnect Client

An organization’s users access the resources available on the internet from all types of devices and different remote locations, thereby being a part of an enterprise network. Cisco AnyConnect provides a remote access connectivity portion of AnyConnect Secure Mobility.

Hence, it is beneficial for the organization to download Cisco AnyConnect Client. The connection is secure and persistent because before giving access to the network, both user and the device must be validated and authenticated first.

The Web Security appliance of Cisco scans the internet traffic received from the adaptive security appliance (also sends the User name and IP address), and the clients or users establish VPN sessions with the adaptive security appliance by using Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility.

It also protects the device from malware, command, and control callbacks and phishing over port or protocol by its off-network Protection ability (DNS-Layer Security). Highly secure remote access can either be device-based or through a select per-application VPN, which eliminates unapproved applications from accessing confidential business resources, further reducing malware intrusion risks and bandwidth costs for remote access. Hence, this is 

How to download Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client 4.8:-

To install the software you will first have to register yourself on

For the activation of Cisco Account:

Step 1: Go to and click on the “People Icon” in the upper right corner of the page.

go to
Go to

Step 2: Select “Create an Account” from the drop-down menu and fill in the details.

create account
Create an Account

Step 3: Your registered email needs to be verified.  Follow the instructions. The Cisco Account Activation email will be automatically sent during the registration process. 

For Downloading Cisco AnyConnect Client

1. If you are already registered, log in to

log in
Log in

2. Expand the Latest Releases folder and click on the latest release (download Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client 4.8).

latest releases folder
Latest Releases

 Download AnyConnect Packages using one of these methods:

  • To download a single package, find the package you want to download and click Download.
  • To download multiple packages, click Add to cart in the package row and click Download Cart at the top of the Download Software page.

3. Read and accept the Cisco license agreement when prompted.

accept licence agreement
Accept License Agreement

4. Select a local directory in which to save the download Cisco AnyConnect Client and click Save. Remember to download the software according to the device you are using (macOS or Windows).

download and save cisco anyconnect client
Download and Save Cisco AnyConnect Client

5. After downloading cisco anyconnect client, follow the Run and Install it as prompted by Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client 4.8 software.

run and install cisco anyconnect client
Run and Install


Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client has a bright spot with administrators in companies. With this tool, IT teams are ready to identify a network’s vulnerabilities, blind spots, and risky user profiles. This helps admins generate actionable reports to manage data exfiltration and answer all types of malware attacks.

With Cisco AnyConnect, companies are ready to provide high-end encryption to employees for network access. As such, the workforce can attach to the network via computers, smartphones, and tablets.

It’s important to know that downloading Cisco AnyConnect client is the ideal option to enhance a network’s security through IPsec IKEv2, SSL, and other built-in technologies. The program offers various customizable options and is configurable to deliver reliable connection speeds.

Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client is out there for multiple operating systems and versions. For example- use the tool on Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Mac OS, and Linux. Even when you’re far away from your PC, you’ll continue using AnyConnect on different devices.

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In case you’re trying to find a mobile VPN client, this may be an honest choice. Cisco AnyConnect is out there as a mobile app for iOS and Android devices. The Cisco AnyConnect Client is free to download, and therefore the same user profile will log you in on multiple devices.

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