7 Best Dog Schedule Apps [Complete Review]

best dog schedule apps

Hey there! If you’re looking for the best dog schedule apps and software to help maintain your dog, you have reached the right spot. In this article, you’ll find information about the top 7 dog schedule apps that will become your best pals from the very moment. Check whether your phone is working properly before downloading the app, like whether the phone is updated or not or the unresponsive touch Screen problem.

You probably already know how much work goes into caring for a pet. Several Dog schedule apps can assist us in achieving this goal. In this article, I have mentioned the top 7 apps like doggy time, puppy, dog log, and many more that will help you arrange your dog’s daily activities. These apps will appeal to dog lovers of all types, whether they have a family of puppies, want to adopt, or are just dog fans. You must read about these apps and install them on your devices to benefit from them. Click here to learn the best video-sharing apps for content creators in 2022.

By the end of this article, you’ll be able to decide which app would be the best for you and your dog. In-depth detail of all the apps is necessary. And you can also use more than one app for your enhanced comfort. A FAQ section also follows the article. Avoid skipping these for better understanding and clearance of doubts. So let’s jump right in.

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The Best Schedule Apps For Your Dog

Here we discussed the top 7 best schedule apps for your dog.

Doggy Time

One of the best dog schedule apps, the USP of this dog app is available on both IOS and Android platforms. Compared to other dog apps, it provides the smoothest user interface. The program allows you to record most canine behaviors such as drinking, eating, urinating, pooping, walking, playing, sleeping, grooming, cleaning, vaccination, temperature, height, and weight. You may later set reminders for all of those actions. Once you begin logging data after each session, it will present informative graphs to assist you in fine-tuning the schedule. Also, dogs love to listen to the guitar. They are known to be very good listeners.

doggy time app

You can create more than one profile for your more than one pet if that’s the case. You may schedule one-time, daily, weekly, and monthly reminders. When you sign in, it will sync data across devices so you can effortlessly switch between them. Read this article for the best online video-watching apps for Android.

Download this from Play store and from Apple App store.

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Puppy Potty Log Schedule App

Doggy Time might be overpowering for some people. Potty Log is a simpler option and the best puppy tracking app. Instead of tracking activities such as cleaning, vaccinations, temperature checks, and so on, Puppy Potty Log focuses on only the essentials such as eating, drinking, pooping, and urinating. It learns from your dog’s actions. Once the data is submitted, the app will forecast the ideal time for future activities.

puppy potty log app

Because these are the most important actions, you end up with a simple program that anticipates and simplifies your job. The program, like Doggy Time, is accessible on both the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store and offers several profiles for different dogs. Click here to learn 5 best construction apps for you in 2022.

Download this from Play store and from Apple App store.

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Many training schools are available to dog owners, but depending on your dog’s disposition and cognitive level, you may prefer to attempt it yourself. It is unquestionably a less expensive choice that allows you to work out at your speed in the comfort of your own home.

puppr app

Puppr is one of the best dog control apps and a wonderful alternative for dog owners looking for less formal training options. The software includes training videos, over 100 courses, live trainer chat, and progress monitoring. In addition, the courses are delivered by renowned dog trainer Sara Carson and her “Super Collies.”

Download this from Play store and from Apple App store.

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Whistle Dog Schedule App

The whistle is a hybrid activity tracker and finder for dogs in case they get lost. It is one of the best apps for dog owners who can run across streets atop streets and those who live in a country with no boundaries. Even well-trained dogs can get sidetracked and wander off.

whistle app for dog

Attaching the Whistle tag to your dog’s collar will send you a notification whenever your dog is outside its safety zone. Because the tracker is attached to their collar, it can monitor their movements throughout the day. It provides a little more peace of mind knowing you aren’t overfeeding and that your dog is remaining active. The app is simple, light, and a superb example of iOS software well-designed. Read this article for the best socializing apps like Snapchat for android & iPhone.

Download this from Play store and from Apple App store


DogLog allows you to schedule activities with other dog owners rather than for your dog. Consequently, you are no longer the only one who walks now. You might travel with other local dog owners. Instead of making dog profiles, you may make a pack here and invite other people to join. The software allows users to upload their dogs. You may include other dog owners as collaborators when organizing events and setting reminders. Once the activity is scheduled, it will not only notify colleagues but also remind you.

doglog app for dog

Using the DogLog puppy app, you’ll enjoy doing all the physical activities with your dog, including walking, grooming, vaccinations, and so on. It is the best dog schedule app for many reasons. Read this article for the best android apps to meet people.

Download this from Play store and from Apple App store

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Pup To Date

An iOS -based dog app, Pup To Date, uses Apple Emojis, which makes it different from all the other puppy schedule apps. You can use various Apple emojis to specify activities instead of random symbols.

pup to date app for dog

Pup To Date also has graphs and calendars adorned with emojis—a far more interesting summary of the activities than simply displaying data in charts. As you may expect, it is only available on iOS because it uses Apple Emojis.

Download this from Apple App store.


GoDog is mainly focused on dog fitness tracking and maintenance requirements. It schedules tasks like immunizations, deworming, tick and flea removal, maintenance, nails, teeth, ear cleaning, and so on. You cannot trace your pets’ activities since they are not directly tied to their behaviors. You may instead schedule one-time or regular reminders.

godog app

GoDog will provide recommendations for your dog’s requirements, like how much walking they require and helpful abilities, based on the breed, age, and health information you submit. It is essentially a dog health app. Click here to learn the best Jarvis Apps like Siri for android users.

Download this from Play store and from Apple App store.

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When should a dog go to sleep?

There is no particular timing at which you should put your dog to sleep. Any time of day may and will cause a dog to doze off. However, when teaching your puppy, it's crucial to consider your sleep routine.

Can a dog become anxious if its routine changes?

Since dogs are creatures of habit, routine disruptions may easily make them anxious. They like it the most when their meals, walks, naps, and bedtimes are consistent throughout the day.

How does anxiety in dogs appear?

Drooling, panting, restlessness, obsessive behavior, altered sleep patterns, more barking than normal, peeing or defecating inside, destructive activity, and sadness are all typical signs of anxiety.

Do dogs retain routine?

According to research on their memory capacities, dogs don't have episodic memory skills. It indicates that they are unable to recall details of specific incidents. Dogs cannot tell the time for events or seasons that occur over longer periods than daily routines.


Thanks to reminders, you’ll never forget to walk and feed your dog, and you’ll never be late. Also, video calling apps for pc for dogs are a great way to keep your pet in touch with you. They help to ensure that your pet is safe and sound when you are not around.

If you use one of these dog  apps, you’ll be able to determine the ideal timing for each canine activity. If your RAM frequency is good, then these apps will run very smoothly. Use these applications and meet us in the comment section with your experiences. I hope you enjoy reading. You may also refer Top Ten Apps Like Klarna.

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