Fix “DNS Server Not Responding Windows 10” Error (Complete Guide)

dns server not responding windows 10

Learn how to fix the ” DNS server not responding Windows 10 ” issue that shows up when searching something on the internet from your desktop or PC.

The DNS is a naming system that takes the data, i.e., domain names, in alphanumeric characters. In other words, we can say that it is like the storage house of the internet. Humans can easily browse the internet through domain names, whereas web browsers can interact by using only IP addresses. The DNS server acts as a translator between IP addresses and domain names. It eliminates the need for humans to remember complex IP addresses. We can also say that this server acts as an intermediate between the users and the web browsers.dns server not responding windows 10

When we input anything in the search engine in the form of a domain name, the web browser takes the IP address from the DNS server and returns the search results. If these results are not correctly produced, a message is shown saying that “DNS Server is not responding,” which states that the internet connection is dropped. These errors are caused mainly due to the problem with the internet connection, misconfigured, outdated browser, may be moved to a new server, or the server may be temporarily down. These are the reasons for this problem. We have tried to solve the problem “DNS Server is not responding Windows 10” in this article.

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How To Fix ” DNS Server Not Responding Windows 10 ” Error

Before trying out any solution, first shutdown the pc, modem, and router and then restart them all and try to connect them.

Changing DNS Server

Our DNS servers may likely be temporarily down. So, to overcome this, follow these steps to change a DNS server:

  1. Press on Windows key > X and then choose the network connections option
  2. Go to your connection> right click it> choose properties option.
  3. After that, select IPV4/TCP and press the properties button.
  4. Now go to the “Use the following DNS server addresses” option.
  5. If the preferred DNS server enters , for the Alternate DNS server, you need to enter
  6. If you want, you can also use as preferred and as an alternate DNS server.
  7. After completing all the steps, click ok to save all the changes. 

Hopefully, this method should fix your DNS server not responding to Windows 10 error. If this didn’t work for you, then try the next solution.

Updating network adapter drivers

Uninstalling the old and outdated drivers can also resolve the issue. So following steps help us to install updated drivers:

  1.  Press Windows key > X and select device manager from the list.
  2.  Choose the network adapter> right click it > uninstall option.unisntall drivers
  3.  Then the confirmation dialog box appears. Search for the Delete driver software for this device and click uninstall
  4.  After deleting the old drivers, restart the PC.
  5.  Then, the default driver gets install and check whether the problem is solved or not.
  6.  If still the problem remains, then install the new drivers and check out the problem.update drivers
  7.  Alternatively, you can directly install the updated drivers and solve the problem.

Disable Antivirus and Firewall

These antivirus software protect the PC from malicious software or malicious users. To fix the problem, we can follow the following steps to disable the antivirus and firewall temporarily:

  1.  Press Window key > control panel > update & security > window security > virus and threat protection > manage settings.
  2.  In the case of Bitdefender, we should go to firewall settings and choose the Block Internet Connection sharing option.

Upgrade The Firmware On The Router

We should always use the latest firmware on our router. We can go to the IT expert and also can refer to the instruction manual to do the same.

Usage Of Netsh Command

To do this method to fix our problem following are the steps required to follow:

  1. Press Window key > run.
  2.  Type the command prompt and press enter key.
  3.  Then enter the commands which are netsh int ip reset,netsh Winsock reset,ipconfig /flushdns,ipconfig /renew, etc
  4.  After execution of all the commands, restart the pc. And your DNS server not responding Windows 10 issue would have been fixed.

Disable IPV6

This is the latest Internet protocol version helps to make traffic between networks and the internet.

  1. To do this method, press windows key > network connections control panel > right-click the selected connection > properties
  2. Then under the networking tab, scroll down to TCP/IPV6. Then deselect it if it is selected > click ok > refresh browser.

After refreshing, you’ll find that DNS server not responding Windows 10 error has been solved. If this doesn’t fix your issue, jump to the next solution.

Disable Windows Peer-To-Peer Feature

This feature is available only in Windows 10. It preserves your download bandwidth. When you make windows update, you spread it by sharing using this feature. This can also lead to interrupt DNS processes. So to disable it, we need to first click on the windows key > settings> update & security.

  1. Then, along the left-hand side, select delivery optimization.
  2.  Then, to the ‘Allow downloads from other PCs’ option, toggle the switch to disable it.
  3.  After that, restart the pc and try to connect to the website again.

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Disabling Secondary Connections

To do this, first click on windows key > select network connections options.

  1. After that, the connections that you are not using this time a red X is indicating. Right-click that connections> disable option.
  2. After this, restart the browser and start the website again.

This would probably solve the  ‘ DNS server not responding Windows 10 ‘ issue.

Starting The PC In Safe Mode

 If the operating system is not working correctly, we can restart our PC to solve the DNS server not responding Windows 10 problem.

Flushing The DNS Cache

To overcome the above-said problem, we can also clear the cache created in the server.

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These are all the different methods to overcome the “DNS server not responding” in Windows 10. Try these solutions when the ” DNS server not responding Windows 10 ” problem arises. We are quite sure that at least one of these would definitely work for you. Do let us know if these hacks were useful to you in the comments section below. Check out our website for more such error-fixing guides for Windows 10. 

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