Since its debut in 2019, Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 has grown to be a well-liked action role-playing game. The Division 2 Ruthless Upgrade is one of the most sought-after in the game. The Ruthless Rifle gains a substantial increase from this upgrade, making it an even more potent tool in battle.

You can unlock the Ruthless Rifle, a potent firearm, by finishing specific tasks and objectives in the game. The Rifle is a favorite among players due to its high damage production and precision. The Ruthless upgrade further improves the gun’s efficacy, giving the user an advantage when facing challenging foes.

The Ruthless enhancement can be challenging to obtain, but it has many advantages. This guidance will thoroughly explain the Division 2 Ruthless Upgrade, including instructions on obtaining and employing it successfully. With the knowledge in this guide, players can conquer the Ruthless Rifle and release its maximum potential, elevating their Division 2 experience.

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How To Upgrade Ruthless Division 2?

You need to complete a variety of tasks and fights in the action-packed shooter game Division 2. The game aims to give participants an exciting experience and diverse rewards. The Division 2 Ruthless Upgrade is one of the most desired in-game prizes.

How to Upgrade Ruthless Division 2? Players can obtain the Ruthless enhancement, a unique firearm enhancement, in the game. It is an improvement for the Ruthless weapon, a powerful attack weapon that can harm opponents severely. The upgrade gives the firearm several new features that increase its battle potency.

Get A Ruthless Rifle

Getting the Ruthless Rifle is the first stage in getting the Ruthless upgrade. There are several ways to acquire this weapon, including finishing tasks, looting foes, or buying it from merchants.

get a ruthless rifle

As a potent firearm with a high damage output, the Ruthless Rifle is a favorite among Division 2 competitors. It is a burst-firing assault weapon that is a superb option for medium- to long-range fighting.

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Level Up The Ruthless Rifle To 250

You must level up the merciless score 250 after being obtained. You can only obtain the Ruthless upgrade for firearms that are up to this level, so completing this stage is essential to get it.

level up the ruthless rifle to 250

It takes a lot of work and effort to power up the Ruthless Rifle to 250. You must finish various tasks and battles to gain enough experience points to achieve this level. You can proceed to the following stage in obtaining the Ruthless upgrade once you have attained level 250.

Gather Seven Ivory Keys

To get the Ruthless upgrade, you must next gather 7 Ivory Keys. Ivory Keys are special keys that are of use in the game to open a particular container. The Ruthless upgrade is among the many prizes in this box as Division 2 ruthless upgrade.

gather seven ivory keys

You must finish a variety of in-game tasks in order to gather Ivory Keys. Some activities include completing tasks, eliminating specific foes, and participating in Dark Zone events. Numerous treasures can be found and opened to obtain Ivory Keys in the game universe.

Open The White House’s Special Chest

Unlocking the unique chest in the White House is the next stage after gathering 7 Ivory Keys. Only Ivory Keys will open this chest hidden in the White House cellar.

open the white house's special chest

You must go to the White House and access the cellar to open the chest. You must use your ivory keys to open the chest and collect your prizes once you arrive. The Ruthless Upgrade for your Ruthless Rifle will be one of these prizes in Tom Clancy’s The Division 2.

Enjoy The Ruthless Upgrade

Now that you have the Ruthless upgrade, you can benefit from it. The Ruthless Rifle has undergone an update that gives it a number of new features that increase its battle potency as Division 2 Ruthless Upgrade.

The Ruthless upgrade’s greater damage production is one of its main characteristics. The gun has more damage, making it even more deadly against foes. Additionally, the update includes a number of new mods that can be of use to alter the weapon to fit your playstyle. The Ruthless upgrade’s improved precision is a significant additional advantage. The Rifle’s increased precision has made hitting targets at a distance easier. Consequently, the Rifle is a crucial tool in conflicts and activities when you must combat adversaries at a distance.

enjoy the ruthless upgrade

The Ruthless upgrade grants the Division 2 merciless score 250 one additional skill and enhanced damage and precision. Near and Personal is a talent that dramatically improves your attack output when approaching enemies closely. This feature makes the Rifle even more versatile, encouraging players to employ it in close-quarters engagements in hidden games.

If you want to get the most out of the Ruthless improvement, you must customize your Ruthless Rifle. You can adjust the weapon in a variety of ways to fit your playing style. For instance, you might want to add a mod that makes the gun more stable and simpler to manage when shooting spurts of shots. Alternatively, you could add a modification that expands the Rifle’s magazine, enabling you to discharge a more significant number of bullets before refilling.

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Advice On How To Get The Ruthless Upgrade

The Ruthless upgrade can be challenging but can be done swiftly and effectively with the appropriate methods. All things considered, the Ruthless upgrade is a valuable tool for any Division 2 player with a Division error code. It gives the Ruthless Rifle a substantial increase, enhancing its battle potency. The Ruthless Rifle transforms into a flexible firearm that can be used in various circumstances thanks to its enhanced damage, precision, and unique ability. The following advice will assist you in getting the Ruthless Division 2 upgrade:

  • Pay attention to rapidly leveling up your Ruthless Rifle. Mission completion, combat participation, and enemy plunder are all excellent methods to gain experience points and advance your Rifle’s level.
  • Observe the actions that award Ivory Keys. Concentrating on these tasks, you can rapidly gather the 7 Ivory Keys required to open the unique box in the White House.

observe the actions that award ivory keys

  • Join a club or other online gaming community pursuing the Ruthless upgrade. You can accomplish the required tasks together, exchange advice and tactics, and support one another.
  • Your Ruthless Rifle can be modified to fit your playstyle using modifications. The gun is more potent in battle by adding improvements that boost stability, precision, or magazine capacity.


What is the Division 2 Ruthless Upgrade?

The Ruthless Rifle, a firearm in the game, has a unique upgrade called the Division 2 Ruthless Upgrade. It gives a unique ability called Close and Personal, significantly enhancing the Rifle's damage and precision.

How can I get the Ruthless upgrade?

A unique container in the White House must be opened with 7 Ivory Keys in order to obtain the Ruthless upgrade. Ivory Keys can be obtained by finishing specific game tasks, such as taking down hunts or building fortresses.

How valuable is the Ruthless upgrade?

The Ruthless upgrade is unquestionably worthwhile. It gives the Ruthless Rifle necessary upgrades that increase its battle potency. The gun is made more adaptable as a whole by the Close and Personal ability, which pushes players to use it in a close battle.

Which rifles are compatible with the Ruthless upgrade?

The Ruthless upgrade cannot be applied to any other firearm; it only applies to the Ruthless Rifle.

How should I modify my computer to use the Ruthless upgrade?

Your playstyle will determine which modifications you should use with the Ruthless upgrade. To further enhance the Rifle's battle effectiveness, consider incorporating improvements that boost steadiness, precision, or magazine capacity.


The Division 2 Ruthless Upgrade is a difficult but worthwhile job to obtain. The Ruthless upgrade brings a lot of worth to the Ruthless Rifle with its improved damage, precision, and unique ability. You can get the Ruthless upgrade and take advantage of all of its benefits by following the instructions in this guide and using the advice offered. The Ruthless upgrade is a valuable tool in your inventory regardless of your level of Division 2 experience.

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