“Discord Mic Not Working?” Top 6 Fixes for this Error


While Discord is most known for being a messaging platform for gaming and hobbyist organizations. It can also be used to interact by voice or video. Its popularity has continued to rise, indicating how simple the programme is to use. The Discord development staff is fantastic, and the programme is often updated with bug patches. Unfortunately, there are still a few kinks to workout. And a variety of external factors could be to fault. Discord Mic Not Working is a typical problem many users have encountered on multiple occasions and the glitch frequently leaves you listening your pals but unable to respond.


It may be extremely aggravating because it constantly appears to occur out of nowhere. The issue appears to be more frequent on desktop version for PC users, and less so with the internet app. There are a few different ways to fix a  Discord mic  not Working which we have listed below for you. Pop over here to know the 10 Best Soundboards For Discord

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Discord Mic Not Working then Give Discord Access to Microphone:

To assist protect your privacy, all essential operating programs, mainly Windows and macOS, make measures to block access to specific hardware, such as your microphone and webcam. So that you can access your microphone, you’ll need to grant Discord access if it doesn’t already have it. You can grant the access in a few simple steps-

allow access to microphone to fix dicord mic not working

1. To get to Windows Settings, use the keyboard shortcut: I go to Privacy using Windows + I.

2. Scroll to the bottom in the left panel and select Microphone under App Permissions.

3. Toggle the setting to ON under Enable applications to use your mic in the right corner.

Discord Mic Not Working  then this is a simple fix, and by adjusting these settings, Discord will be able to use your microphone.

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Log Out and Return as An Administrator:

A quick quit/restart will most likely fix the problem of Discord Mic Not Working 

Log Out and return to fix discord mic not working

1. Locate the Discord symbol on your Windows toolbar and right-click it. It may be hidden at times; select “Show hidden icons” to reveal it then click Discord to Quit.

2. Right-click the Discord quick access icon on your desktop and choose Run as administrator.

3. Select Yes, when User Account Control prompts you.

To test your microphone, try sending an audio clip on Discord.

Change to Push-to-Talk mode to fix Discord Mic Not Working:

By default, Discord records all mic input and sends it to clients in a voice call. Changing to push to talk mode, on the other hand, has been reported to fix difficulties with inconsistent or broken mic input by some users.

push to talk

1. Choose the settings cog button next to your name on the Discord webpage or desktop client .

2. Pick the Voice & Video option from the list in the Settings menu. Select the Push to Talk option under Input Mode. So select the Record Keybind choice beneath this to choose a keyboard key to press to activate microphone recording then hit the appropriate keyboard key to fix Discord Mic Not Working .

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Reset Discord Voice Settings:

You might have to reset your Discord mic if you’ve made changes that have caused it to stop working. Discord’s voice settings can be reset via the app or online client.

reset voice settings

1. Go to the bottom left corner of the Discord app or web application and pick the settings cog symbol.

2. Select Reset Voice Settings from the Voice & Video menu.

3. Discord will prompt you to validate your identity. To do this, select Okay, and your settings will be reset.

The default configuration of your voice settings can be restored by resetting them to ensure that your  Discord Mic Not Working  correctly, you may need to programmatically alter some options (like the input device and different volume levels) at this stage.

Activate the Automatic Input Sensitivity feature:

1.  Click the first result press windows key, type it in, to find Discord

2. Discord Settings are now open (you can search for it in the down left of the window, looking like a gear).

3. Select Voice & Video from the left sidebar once more.

4. Toggle just on Automatically calculate input sensitivity option under Input Sensitivity as you scroll down.

input sensitivity to fix discord mic not working

 If your microphone’s light is green, you can now test it., the issue Discord Mic Not Working an be resolve.  If your mic isn’t working in Discord tweaking the settings may help you  

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Discord Mic not working , Install the latest audio driver :

Follow as Below to fix Discord Mic Not Working:

audio reset to fix discord mic not working

An out-of-date driver or a corrupted file might sometimes be the source of the problem. You can quickly remedy this by manually updating your audio driver. Manually update your audio card’s driver by going to the manufacturer’s website and selecting the most recent version. Contact the company of your chipset and request the same if you’re using the motherboard’s onboard sound .


Follow the instructions above to resolve the Discord Mic Not Working issue and continue using Discord.

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