We all like mystery and suspense, and what better than a game of intelligence and wits to have a thrilling time? For all those curious and sharp minds, various companies have introduced different detective apps, which have been gaining popularity and interest these days.

Some of the best ones include Hidden Objects, Who Is The Killer, CSI: Hidden Crimes, NCIS: Hidden Crimes, Hidden Objects Mystery Society, Another Case Solved, Six-Guns, and Psycho Escape.

This article discusses the best detective and crime apps available in 2023. If you are looking for fun prank websites, check them out here.

What Are The Detective And Crime Game Apps?

Detective and crime-themed games are video games that put the player in the role of a detective or investigator trying to solve crimes or mysteries. These games may be set in various settings, such as a fictional city, a historical period, or a real-world location.detective app

They often involve collecting and analyzing clues, interrogating suspects, and piecing together the events of a crime or mystery. Detective and crime-themed games may be available in various formats, including thriller iphone apps, console games, and computer games.

Benefits Of Detective Game Apps

Detective and crime-themed games can offer several benefits to players. Some potential uses include the following:

  • Improved problem-solving skills: Detective and crime-themed games require players to solve puzzles or mysteries, which can help to enhance critical thinking and problem-solving skills.problem
  • Enhanced cognitive skills: These games often require players to pay attention to details, remember clues, and make connections between different pieces of information. cognitiveIt can help to improve concentration, memory, and other cognitive skills.
  • Increased immersion and engagement: Detective and crime-themed games can be very immersive, drawing players into the story and keeping them engaged as they try to solve the mysteries or crimes.increased immersion
  • Fun and entertainment: These games can be a lot of fun, providing a way to relax and enjoyably pass the time.
  • Improved knowledge and understanding: Some detective and crime-themed games are based on real-world laws and investigations and can help players learn more about these topics.knowledge

Detective and crime-themed games can offer a wide range of benefits to players, depending on the specific game and the player’s interests and goals.

Drawbacks Of Detective Game Apps

Like any game or activity, detective and crime-themed games can have potential drawbacks or negative aspects. Some potential disadvantages include the following:

  • Time commitment: These games can be very immersive, and some players may find that they spend a lot of time playing and trying to solve mysteries or crimes.time It could be damaging if it takes time away from other activities or responsibilities.
  • Potential for frustration: Some games can be challenging, and players may experience frustration if they cannot solve a puzzle or mystery.
  • In-app purchases: Many detectives and crime-themed games offer in-app purchases, allowing players to access additional content or features.  However, some players may find these purchases to be expensive or unnecessary.in app purchases
  • Age-appropriateness: Some detective and crime-themed games may contain themes or content that may not be suitable for younger players. It’s essential to consider the age-appropriateness of a game before allowing children to play it.

Overall, it’s essential to consider both the potential benefits and drawbacks of detective and crime app iPhones before deciding whether or not to play them.

Best Detective Apps In 2024 | Top 6

Here is a list of the best detective apps to play and uncover mysteries.

Nobodies: Murder Cleaner

Overall rating – 4.6 stars

In this one of the finest detective apps, the government terrorist-counter organization is responsible for wiping the terrorists from the country. It kills all the terrorists it can. Your work starts after they have been killed. nobodiesYou must wipe out their dead bodies and leave no proof that you were ever here. You have to hide all the evidence of your superior’s actions.nobody

This game has puzzles and twists that only wits and cleverness can solve. It is one of the best iPad mystery games.

Visit: Nobodies

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Criminal Case

Overall rating – 4.6 stars

This is another one of the mystery game apps which tests your detective skills. You are the detective, and you gave a series of crime scenes, and using your brain, you have to find the criminal. You have to find hidden objects and enquire about people, collect clues, and join them to conclude.criminal case

Every crime scene is a big adventure, and its mysteries make it more addictive. This award-winning game has gained much popularity. It is also among the iPad mystery games.

Visit: Criminal case

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Mystery Manor: Hidden Objects

Overall rating – 4.6 stars

The mystery manor owner has left the mansion, leaving all the residents to solve the mysteries themselves. Here your need arises, detective! Each room here contains mysteries, hidden objects, and dark secrets. You have to roam around the mansion to look for clues and come to a conclusion.mystery manor

This mystery puzzle-solving game needs your brain to be used effectively. Each room tells a different story and has more complex and challenging puzzles. Everything’s up to you in this detective app.

Visit: Mystery Manor

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Adventure Escape Mysteries

Overall rating – 4.4 stars

This game allows you to experience another three types of mystery app games. You can choose which type of mystery you want to play.adventure

One is where you are Princess Nimue as she plays her quest to save her people from the cursed kingdom. You learn terrific spells, meet different creatures, and solve mysteries to protect your people and kingdom.escape

Another is where you play Detective Kate Gray and investigate different murder scenes in Trapmaker. You interrogate suspects and use your wit and mine to solve various crime scenes. The last is where you escape a ruined city and stop a hurricane threatening the world. You are among a team of archeologists who rediscover a cursed town.mystery

This is a mystery where science and magic are used together with wit. Overall this game is also a fantastic one. It offers different experiences and unique puzzles to entertain the player and is one of the best mystery games for iPhone and Android.

Visit: Adventure Escape

Who Is The Killer? Episode l

Overall rating – 4.4

This is a mystery game with a unique plot. You are trapped in a castle with seven other characters, of which one is a murderer. Every day the murderer kills one of the characters, and you have to find and arrest the murderer before he kills everyone. Anyone could be the killer and can have different reasons to do it.murder

You must use your mind, investigate front scenes, find and join clues and arrest the killer before it’s too late. You don’t have much time to solve the mystery, which increases your adrenaline, making it more exciting.

Visit: Who Is The Killer

Hidden Hotel: Miami Mystery

Overall rating – 4.3 stars

This game is more about finding hidden objects and treasures. Finding hidden things like weapons, accessories, etc., would be best to get clues for the crime scenes. You also get to do treasure hunting. This game helps to increase your observation capability.hidden

It also offers many search tools to help you in your adventure, like a lantern highlighting the Hidden object or clock, giving you an extra ring to search for the object, or radar showing every hidden object for three seconds. All these things make the game more interesting and exciting.

Visit: Hidden Hotel


How can I play a home-based detective game?

In the game 'Detective,' you hide something unique around the house and then set a series of puzzles for your children to complete to discover the hidden object. It may be played with some scratch paper or other ordinary household materials. It's simpler to set up than it seems.

Are puzzle games beneficial to your brain?

According to our research, the logic and limited stress players experience when playing brainteasers is a good kind of stress that favors the players' attention. By stimulating the brain's frontal lobe, these two forms of stress enhance cognitive capacities, including attention, focus, and problem-solving.

Do detective video games exist?

A list of the top app detective games would be complete with a mention of Sherlock Holmes! Crimes & Punishment is one of the top contemporary Sherlock Holmes video games. Players direct Sherlock through six specific cases, all inspired by the original stories.


So can you feel these games’ excitement in an individual? If you love a game of wits and mystery, try all these detective apps today!

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