Top 12 Delicious Games In Order (Chronological) [2023]

delicious games in order

Do you remember the times when you baked mud cakes to serve your playmates? Have you ever felt like recreating those kitchens for your little loved ones? Delicious games developed by Zylom Studios later by Gamehouse Studios are the answer for you. Yes, as it sounds, the game is a delightful story about Emily, a waitress who works in several restaurants for her daily life. Delicious games have received applauds from many gamers across the globe. In this article, we will look at the top delicious games in order.

Top 12 Delicious Games In Order

Let’s took at the best delicious games in order and also delicious emily games in order

Winter Edition Game 

The Special Edition of the game was finally released in September 2006, winning the best casual game in 2007. This game does not have many storylines and is focused on the gameplay with excellent graphics. The players have to run eight restaurants in five days as a challenge. The Gamezebo rated 3.5 out of 5 stars.

winter edition game
Winter edition game

Visit: Winter Edition Game 

Jakko Van Hunene

Jakko Van Hunene was launched on June 29th, 2007, with an improvisation to decorate the restaurant. The storyline of this game is her Uncle asks Emily to help him out. And now, the player can work for ten days in five restaurants instead of eight restaurants in the first game. The studio also improvised the game feature by allowing the gamer to finish the order ahead of the time allotted. Gamezebo rated 3.5 out of 5 stars for the game. This is one of the best games in this rundown of delicious games in order.

delicious 2
Delicious 2

Visit: Jakko Van Hunene

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Emily’s Tea Garden 

Emily’s Tea Garden became available for the gamers from September 24th, 2008, with standard features as the Jakko Van Hunene. The storyline of this edition is fascinating. Emily wants to realize her dream for a tea garden, so she takes up a loan, and with the help of her Uncle, she works in three restaurants. Finally, she makes money by working as a waitress for her dream tea garden. Gamezebo rated this game 3.5 out of 5 stars. 

delicious emily's tea garden
Delicious emily’s tea garden

Visit: Emily’s Tea Garden

Emily’s Taste Of Fame

The fourth edition, Emily’s Taste of Fame, reached the gamers on June 3rd, 2009. The game’s theme is changed, making it stand out from other games, and it has included a new feature of special events. Moreover, the game has many characters giving the game with most talking characters in the world. 

taste of fame
Taste of fame

The storyline of this edition starts with Emily’s opportunity to participate in a television event. On her way to the event, her car breaks down, and she seeks a mechanic’s help to fix it. But, instead, Emily found herself helpful to other peoples to solve their problems

In 2010, the game got nominated three times in Game House Great Game Wards speaks the success of this edition. 

Visit: Emily’s Taste Of Fame

Emily’s Holiday Season

This delicious emily game in order is about Emily spending her holiday in Snuggford with her family and friends on November 18th in 2009. When she gets back to her home, she develops feelings for two persons, Richard and Pau, and chooses one among them. The Gamezebo gave four out of five stars for this edition n the basis of well-constructed dialogues between the characters. 

holiday season
Holiday season

Visit: Emily’s Holiday Season

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Emily’s Childhood Memories

This game was released on February 3rd, 2011, in which Emily visit her house where she spent her childhood. She spent time with her parents, sister, and childhood friend in the house. The storyline and dialogues were realistic, bagging 4.5 ratings out of five from Gamezebo. 

emily's childhood
Emily’s childhood

The perfect storyline, upgraded, and realistic features of the game edition of Emily’s Childhood memories scored many awards. Such as Best 2011 award by Jayisgames for the best time management game and the Dutch game awards for the best casual game among other delicious games in order.

Visit: Emily’s Childhood Memories

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Emily’s True Love

Emily’s True Love is the edition in which Emily explores the world and helps other people with their restaurants while searching for her true love. This edition is launched on November 30th, and a special edition was also released in the same year. This is the first game in the Delicious game series to get a 5-star rating by Gameszobe. 

emily's true love
Emily’s true love

Visit: Emily’s True Love

Emily’s Wonder Wedding

This emily games in order edition reached the gamers on June 29th, 2012, with a pack of different episodes for the first time. Each episode contained two levels consisting of twenty-five episodes with more than forty levels. The storyline of this edition revolves around Emily’s wedding with Patrick. During the wedding, Patrick’s mothers come to the event with his ex-girlfriend leading to chaos. In the year, it also realized a premium version of Emily’s Wedding. This version had five episodes with a beautiful soundtrack pictured with Emily’s photos.

wonder wedding
Wonder wedding

Visit: Emily’s Wonder Wedding 

Emily’s Honeymoon Cruise

On September 26th, 2013, a second game was out containing different episodes. This edition has seventeen episodes. The storyline is Partick and Emily discussing their future while they are on honeymoon Crusie. Emily is not ready to have a baby, but Patrick wants to have one. Even during their honeymoon, they are helping people on the cruise. 

emily's honeymoon
Emily’s honeymoon

The very attractive feature of this game is that the players can control the characters of the shop, restaurant, or any other place. The same year, a platinum premium version has been launched with additional features such as delicious wallpaper for the desktop, concept art, and bonus restaurant. To know about the best Xbox 360 motorcycle games, click here

Visit: Emily’s Honeymoon Cruise 

Emily’s New Beginning

Emily’s New Beginning is all about Paige, the baby girl born to them. The edition, released in 2014, depicts Emily’s challenges as a mother, wife, and businesswoman. She manages all the roles very well, receiving applause from the users. The excellent review resulted in the launching of a special edition on December 25th in the same year. 

new beginning
New beginning

This edition wasn’t available for all the non-subscribes like n the previous editions. This was only accessible to the gamers who subscribed to Zylom and Gashouse. 

Visit: Emily’s New Beginning

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Emily’s Home Sweet Home

On June 4th, 2015, the game was out only by Zylom and Gashouse subscribers. In this episode, Patrick and Emily buy a new house. They make a strong ally with the neighbors, and Paige meets a new friend, Grace. Later, Grace encounters an accident while she was in Emily’s house, jeopardizing the bond between the two families

home sweet home
Home sweet home

This edition later became available for non subscribes from June 18th, 2015. 

Visit: Emily’s Home Sweet Home

Emily’s Hopes And Fears

This last edition and one of the new emily games was out on November 18th, 2015. This edition is more user-friendly as you can play it on Kindle, Android, iOS devices only for the subscribers of Zylom and Gashouse. Later, after two weeks of launching, the game was available to the public. A new character ‘Allison’ is in this edition. Allison is a famous character of Gashouse games like Hera’s Machine, a medical game. 

hopes and fears
Hopes And Fears

The game’s storyline is that Paige is sick, and Patrick sets out on his journey searching for a flower to cure his daughter. This ends our list of the best delicious games in order.

Visit: Emily’s Hopes And Fears

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