Craigslist, started by Craig Newmark almost twenty years ago, is a free classified ad posting website. Later, Craigslist Posting Software revolutionized digital marketing. Several large and small-scale businesses have moved online as the internet has taken over.

A simple way to post on Craigslist:

  1. Visit the homepage of
  2. On the top-left corner, click Post to Classifieds.
  3. Select the category related to your post.
  4. Enter text and click continue.
  5. In some categories, you can have the accessibility to add images as well.

Craigslist has been the top classified ad posting website for over two decades. It has more than 50 million page visits monthly and networks in more than 500 cities. As of 2019, it was the 116th most visited website on Google. What are you waiting for? Get ready to curate a successful ad campaign for your own business. Know about the best pest control software from this article.

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Best And Free Craigslist Posting Software List

With the six best automated ad posting software that we are going to review today, you will be able to pick just the right one for your campaign.
Also, now you will eliminate those tiresome ad scheduling and categorizing processes because this software is pretty smart to handle them independently!

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Craigslister eAssistant

This Craigslist Posting Software is so popular because it provides you with many advanced features for free, which might have cost you a premium on other automated software. The features help to edit, delete, or rename the ads easily. It also provides for rewriting or spinning the ads.

craigslister eassistantYet the best quality is that it allows you to Advertise the ads on Google, Yahoo, YouTube, or any other platform that offers video networking. Some other tools are also provided to make your ads visually appealing.

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Clad Genius Craigslist Auto-Poster

True to its name, Clad Genius provides several tools to run a successful ad campaign. First, it allows you to post ads on Craigslist, Backpage, and Kijiji while also letting you create an account on Hotmail, Gmail, and Craigslist. It provides for auto-scheduling and reposting the ads. Also, Check out where to look if you want to get Craiglist accounts for sale
You can set up a single ad and run it through as many cities and categories as you like, all automated. Ultimately, it also gives you a review report of the campaign. It also supports IP solutions, Dial-up, private proxies, and DSL and lets you bypass the captcha and the phone verification.

clad genius craigslist auto-posterThe highlight of this particular software is that it uses auto-thesaurus and ad mutation to change the ad’s title and body, producing a unique ad every time. This reduces the chances of the ad getting flagged or removed.

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This free Craigslist Posting Software is among the most popular automated ad posters. Along with Craigslist, it also allows you to post ads on eBay and Backpage.

crazillaYou can schedule the ad time, after which this tool automatically posts the ads. This tool provides several features, including ad reposting, content spinning, cache management, multi-site management, captcha bypass, IP rotational system, etc.

Cl Auto Posting Tool

With an easy-to-use interface, this software helps in easy campaign management with the ability to post more than one ad in different categories. It also provides for automated e-mail verification and an automated captcha bypass.
It also allows ad scheduling and automatic reposting.

cl auto posting tool craigslist posting software

Other than that, it has a proxy IP rotator, IP renewer, and cache cleaner.
Though there are free features, the premium version can be purchased for 10$.

ESc Ad Poster

Craigslist Posting Software provides almost all the features of an automated ad poster, including ad scheduling and reposting. The premium comes cheaply, and the software has a very easy-to-use interface.

esc ad posterYou can also add contact information in the ads, which helps your clients to reach you easily.

Clad Blaster

The software has several advanced features, including scheduling, auto-posting, and auto-renewing the ads. You can post an ad in multiple cities, but the only shortcoming is that the software allows only 150 daily ads. Also, Learn How To Post To Craigslist In Multiple Cities: A Comprehensive Guide To Expanding Your Listings’ Reach.

clad blaster craigslist posting softwareThe premium version can be purchased at 20$, but there is a free trial service that will help you test the software in advance.


What can I post on Craigslist?

Users of Craigslist can advertise products for sale or look for items as well. Even more than just buying and selling is included in the ads. Additionally, posting housing for sale, lease, or rent is possible on this classified website.

What are Craigslist ads?

American corporation Craigslist, which runs a website for classified ads, is privately held. However, they contain areas for housing, jobs, for sale, wanted items, volunteer work, and discussion forums.

Is Craigslist a helpful marketing tool?

It resembles the conventional newspaper in many ways. For businesses, Craigslist is a fantastic resource. Also, they can market their company, attract more clients, and boost sales. You may have a successful marketing plan on Craigslist by using a few easy strategies.

Can one profit from Craigslist?

One can profit from Craigslist. Also, there are no regulations on what one can sell on Craigslist. Hence, Craigslist has an endless supply of free goods you may take, use again, and then sell. Properly, what one person considers waste may be a treasure to another.

How can I sell something on Craigslist without a profile?

You have to create and post each ad separately without a user account. Answer a confirmation message sent by email. Before a listing appears on Craigslist, it can verify it. On the Craigslist website, account holders may access a single interface to view their advertising.


Those are the top six auto ad posting software that allows you to post ads on Craigslist quickly. You can post multiple free ads using the above software.

Based on our review and your financial investment, you can decide which software to use. As it is known that Craigslist uses local websites to post ads in a particular area, the choice of your software must also depend on your target area.

Now you can design or advertise furniture with the apps mentioned above. Hope you run a very successful ad campaign!

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