How To Use Chromecast Without Wifi In Easy Steps [2023]

can i use google chromecast without wifi

If you like watching movies, you are indeed aware of how much data tethering and paying your Internet provider regularly might cost you. Many Chromecast users want to know how to use Chromecast without WiFi, so we’re here with you right now.

You can use your Chromecast Guest Mode with WLAN without the Internet. You can also use a mobile hotspot as the router and connect a second device to Chromecast.

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The Google Chromecast works in What Way? Chromecast Without Wifi

 Google Chromecast (previously Google TV) is a tiny gadget that lets you stream video to your TV or other digital device. It’s a television streaming gadget that connects to your WiFi and streams video to your television. The benefit of utilizing Chromecast is that it doesn’t need you to have an internet connection to stream music or films since they are saved on the device.

google chromecastBecause Chromecast is an internet-connected gadget, it does not need any service fees, unlike other streaming devices on the market.

As a result, after paying your Internet provider, you won’t have to worry about any monthly expenses. A USB hard drive and a plugged-in USB flash drive are also supported, with 108p (Full HD) and 4K video output.

Wi-Fi connections are always temperamental, particularly if someone has experienced a bad relationship. Even with Wi-Fi network issues, there are still things to do to use Chromecast. It is Chromecast without wifi. Let us discuss this.

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Key Takeaways

· The most straightforward way to stream content and use Chromecast without a Wi-Fi connection is guest mode. As the guest, instead of the host’s Wi-Fi, a connection of mobile data is required. 

· A wired connection can be an option for a weak Wi-Fi signal. There is a requirement for an ethernet cable and ethernet adapter.  

· It can be troublesome to find an official Chromecast ethernet adapter unless someone uses Chromecast with Google TV or Chromecast Ultra.

· However, some other brands in the market of Ethernet adapters mention working with Firestick devices and Chromecast.

How To Use Chromecast with The Help of Guest Mode? Chromecast without Wifi

From an Android or iOS device, the guests can connect to the Chromecast without knowing the host’s Wi-Fi password on the network. It is Chromecast without wifi. The only issue is that the host is related to their Wi-Fi network turning on guest mode.

chrome cast guest modeIt can be problematic if you are the host, find yourself without Wi-Fi, and fail to enable guest mode already. If the guest mode is already enabled on your chief device, you can use a second device and link to the Internet through another phone’s hotspot, distinct network, or mobile data.

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§  Host instructions

1. Open the Google Home app– Turn on the Google Home app and tap your device.

chrome cast wifi

2. Go to settings- Tap the setting icon in the top right corner.

chromecast without wifi

3. Tap recognition and sharing– Tap recognition and sharing to access guest mode settings.

chromecast without wifi

4. Tap guest mode-You should be able to see your PIN of guest mode. Tap on guest mode.

chromecast without wifi

5. Toggle guest mode to “on”- Tap “on” to enable guest mode. As you can see from the start of the blue toggle, you already enabled guest mode at some point.

chromecast without wifi

Follow this instruction to use Chromecast without wifi

§  Guest Instructions

In case you are a guest, then follow the below steps to link to your Chromecast without Wi-Fi : 

1. Turn on Chromecast Guest Mode- On your phone, go to settings, tap on Google, other devices & sharing, cast options, and at last, guest mode. This step is preferred for Android users. Meanwhile, iOS users can go straight to casting.

guest mode

2. Open a Cast-enabled app- Open a Chromecast app and tap the icon of “cast.” Go for nearby devices. On your phone screen, follow the instructions. If Chromecast fails to pair with your device at this stage, go to the next step.

guest mode near by devices

3. Enter the PIN- You might be prompted to enter the four-digit PIN of the host from their Google Home app. In ambient mode, you can also find the guest mode PIN.

guest mode pin

Google Support highlights that the guest can cast from iOS 11.0 or higher or Android 5.0 or higher. It also highlights that some apps on iOS devices might fail to work in guest mode.

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How To Use Chromecast with The Help of An Ethernet Internet Connection?

For a weak Wi-Fi connection, an Ethernet connection is a good alternative. It offers you a smoother Chromecast experience by speeding up. So you can enjoy  Chromecast without wifi. 

A Chromecast Ethernet cable and Ethernet adapter are required for this. It is confirmed by a chat with Google support that for Chromecast, Google is only selling Ethernet adapters with Google TV and in the box with Chromecast Ultra. 

chromecast ethernet

Follow the below steps to use Chromecast with the help of a wired internet connection:

1. Into the USB port, plug the adapter.

chromecast without wifi

2. Attach the Ethernet adapter cable– Ensure your TV’s HDMI port to the Chromecast is plugged in.

chromecast without wifi

3. Link your ethernet cable– Look for a long enough Ethernet cable to reach the router with an internet connection. Plug the ethernet cable into the ethernet adapter of Chromecast.

chromecast without wifi

4. Plug the adapter within the power outlet- When everything is connected, use your ethernet adapter to plug in the power outlet, generally used for Chromecast devices.

chromecast without wifi

5. Through the Chromecast app, try streaming- To cast from a Google cast-ready app, use your mobile phone, whether iOS or Android. If someone uses Chromecast with Google TV, try flowing something through the user interface.

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Just like in this case, the Chromecast without Wi-Fi methods. Chromecasts are famous for their ease of use, while fixing issues is not straightforward. Extra bits and pieces might need to be purchased if you fail to have them to hand. In addition, not everyone has access to a second device for the guest mode trick. So, there is no reason why you fail to use Chromecast without Wi-Fi when you have all the necessities. You can also check the Top 7 Locast Alternatives Of 2023.

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