How to Change Gamertag on Xbox app?

Technology has been improving significantly over the years, and so have games and gaming platforms. The gaming world has been advancing exponentially, attracting a huge number of consumers. People are being provided with more facilities and numerous options every day to keep up the enthusiasm.  The Xbox was first launched back in 2001 and had been changing the gaming experience ever since then. It was created and owned by Microsoft. The Xbox has a considerable fan base of its own, and it has been growing over time. The latest lineup includes the Xbox Series X and Series S, launched on 10th November 2020. Microsoft has announced that a documentary regarding the history of Xbox will be released later this year. It will be released soon in six different parts. This article covers how to change Gamertag on xbox app.

xbox screen
xbox screen

Microsoft has been trying to improve the whole gaming experience by constantly updating the performance, connectivity, compatibility, battery life, user-friendly environment, and maintaining quality and safe environments for the users. The company has also revamped the entire system across the PC and mobile platforms for a better experience. 

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What are Gamertags? 

Gamertags are the identities of gamers on Xbox Live. It’s you alter ego in the gaming world. It’s how other gamers see you while gaming, sending requests, messaging, and much more. It represents you while gaming and sharing with other users within the Xbox community. It includes a picture and background information regarding the player. Once an account is created, you will be automatically assigned a Gamertag. People have found it challenging to change these and have faced barriers regarding this. 


Xbox gamers stuck with their old Gamertags can now easily change them with little or no effort. Microsoft now allows all users to change Gamertags after the initial sign-up. People can now use the Xbox app, which can be downloaded from both the play store and app store without their computers. 

Changing your Gamertag will only change your displayed name and will not affect your achievements and other saved preferences. The displayed name will automatically change in the friends’ list, but there are high chances that people might not recognize you with the all-new tag. 

Steps to change your current Gamertag. 

For those who are wondering how to create or change their existing Gamertags, here’s how you do it. To change your Gamertag, you shall first download the Xbox app on your mobile phone. Make sure you log into the account for which you need to change the Gamertag. 

After you’re logged into the account, check for your profile picture on the bottom right of the app. Clicking on the profile picture will take you to a screen that shows the settings option on the top right corner. 

what are gamertags
What are Gamertags

Enter the settings and scroll down until you find ‘Help topics’ under the ‘Support and Feedback’ section. Click on ‘Help topics’ and scroll down to find ‘Manage your account and profile.’ Select the drop-down to see the first option on ‘How to change your Xbox Gamertag.’ Click on this first option and scroll down to find further topics at the bottom. Expand the ‘Change your Gamertag online’ option to find a sign-in provision. 

Click on the sign-in option, which will redirect you to the browser on your phone, and here you will be able to enter a new Gamertag. You will have to check the availability before confirming the new Gamertag. You can use upto 12 characters, which include spaces but cannot begin with a number. 

Things to keep in mind while selecting a new Gamertag

Make sure you do not use inappropriate content while choosing a Gamertag, as Xbox Live is designed to be fun and safe and does not entertain any behavior that disrupts the experience for other gamers. Offensive contents will be removed to maintain the quality of the services provided. Hence, try and keep the standards and quality of the community. 

games on xbox.
games on xbox.

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Profane phrases or words, any content of sexual nature, controversial topics, hate speech, and sensitive events of the past or present are a few examples of content to be avoided.  The Xbox Live allows you to change your Gamertag once before being asked to pay to alter it again. Hence, make sure you find the right Gamertag to use the service without a fee. The fee may vary depending on the region and currency. It will be displayed when you opt for a change. 


Now, you know how to change Gamertag on Xbox app. So enjoy gaming with your Xbox and the whole world of games that it opens before you. Use your creativity and develop the most iconic virtual gaming identities for your gaming community if you aren’t satisfied with your current tag. 

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