A spy app is a device that can track a person’s activity while running on an android phone. Employers use these apps to monitor employees and parents to covertly monitor their children’s activities. The article discusses whether “can you spy on an android phone without access to it for free?”.

With mSpy, eyeZy, and MobiPast, you can effortlessly spy on an Android phone without having access to it for no cost. Spy software lets you easily monitor various data points, such as multimedia files, text messages, call logs, and GPS locations.

These apps let you use an Android phone from anywhere in the world, allowing anyone who isn’t physically present to monitor your activities. Read below to learn if can you spy on an android phone without access to it for free.

“Can You Spy On An Android Phone Without Access To It For Free?” | 3 Easy Ways

Here are the different methods to spy on an Android device.


mSpy is a great monitoring tool for Android devices. The mSpy website adopts a multilingual arrangement to assist users globally in getting started with their spying acts in a flash.mspy

This free Android spy program lets users learn nearly anything about the target mobile device. For instance, you can view someone else’s contact information, email account, etc. You can also restrict access to particular installed programs and websites to protect your loved ones.

The keylogger function of mSpy enables users to monitor particular keywords on the target device.

With 24/7 service, mSpy ensures that customers can get started when they have questions about a site’s use. You can receive prompt responses with the live chat add-on, which offers several settings.

Features Of mSpy

mSpy scores well in phone spy app superiority with more than 36 functions. Here are a few notable features:

  • Tracking SMS texts.
  • Locate their device’s GPS location in real-time.
  • Get these interactions‘ duration, date, and time stamps by remotely monitoring call logs.monitoring mspy
  • To keep track of keystrokes, use the Keylogger feature.
  • Monitor conversations on social media sites, including Facebook, Instagram, Telegram, and Kik.
  • Control installed programs and applications.

Installing mSpy

Can you spy on an android phone without access to it for free? You don’t have to be a skilled hacker to utilize mSpy to organize a “spy app for free without access” operation on the target’s device.

You can easily gain real-time access to your child’s device using the instructions below. Here’s how to start making use of mSpy’s legitimate advantages.

  1. Register a Free Account: Enter your email address and choose the T&Cs and Privacy checkbox to establish a mSpy account.create account mspy
  2. Choose Your Strategy: After establishing a distinctive mSpy account, select a subscription package that meets your needs for the spying app. Cost-effective mSpy packages are available, and signing up for this service doesn’t require a loan.choosing strategy mspy
  3. Begin The Monitoring: Get access to the desired device and install the mSpy program. After installation, you will access all the data on the target’s device.mspy features


Another spy program that provides data from the target’s device is eyeZy. With eyeZy, you can watch the target phone’s GPS, social network accounts, multimedia files, and other functions from a distance.eyezy

EyeZy’s unique Magic Alerts feature sets it apart from other spy apps. EyeZy protects you from the potentially harmful effects of this with bank-grade encryption technology. So, they are shielded from the prying eyes of con artists and other hackers when you browse data remotely.

The platform’s unique Friendly Installer makes installing eyeZy easy. It is among the good spy apps for phone.

Features Of eyeZy

Some of the key characteristics of the eyeZy are listed below:

  • Get alerts when they enter a zone of hazard.
  • Discover private communications, including text messages, talks on social media, and more.
  • Check out who they called, when they did it, and how long each call lasted.features
  • See their photo galleries and other documents.
  • The target device’s keystrokes should be recorded.
  • Specify which websites and apps they can access.
  • Get the events for their calendars.

Installing eyeZy

Modern monitoring technologies in eyeZy allow you to covertly watch over your loved ones from your dashboard. The following describes, “can you spy on an android phone without access to it for free?”:

  1. Get Access: Disable Play Protect in the Play Store’s security settings to gain unrestricted access to an Android smartphone using eyeZy.disable play protect
  2. Start Remotely Monitoring Their Device: Once eyeZy has been loaded on the target’s device, you can use your eyeZy dashboard to track your smartphone. You may check the device’s media, phone logs, GPS location, and browser history to see whether your ward, spouse, or employee is up to any nefarious deeds.eyezy monitoring

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MobiPast is an alternative if you’re looking for spy apps for Android that enable you to track someone without owning the target phone.mobipast spying

Features Of MobiPast

  • Monitor the GPS location of your target and create alerts for when they depart from particular locations.
  • Track the target’s text messages, call history, and more.features mobipast
  • Limit access to specific applications.
  • Follow the conversations of your target on social media.
  • Look through the destination device’s media files.

Installing MobiPast

Installing MobiPast, an app to spy on android phone on the target device, is relatively easy. 100% of the time, MobiPast is in stealth mode. Its first-rate surveillance service also provides a vast array of tracking options. This program will be very helpful if you want to keep an eye.

  1. Install the device monitoring program without cost.mobipast install
  2. Just after entering your email address, click “Sign Up.” The app can be configured to start tracking the device.mobipast
  3. At that point, you only need to log into your MobiPast Control Panel to begin monitoring the target device.mobipast monitoring

MobiPast also can recover deleted data from the target’s device. You can thus search for any incorrect files that your ward may have deleted to hide their traces and then confront them.


How much time does it take to spy on an Android device?

If you follow all the necessary steps and choose a reliable hidden spy program, it should take at most five minutes to spy on your Android phone. The data from the target phone must first be uploaded into the main dashboard of your selected spy program, which might take up to an hour.

Do you need multiple apps to spy on an Android phone?

No, having a lot of apps is not necessary. One app is sufficient to spy on an Android phone for your purposes.

Is mSpy detectable?

No. Unlike other phone tracking programs, a typical user may see no mSpy app on the target device. It means they won't accidentally see a strange app logo on their device and worry that someone is watching them.

Can someone secretly monitor your phone activity?

Whether you use an iPhone or an Android phone, spyware that secretly records and monitors your activities can be installed on your device. Someone could watch the activity on your cell phone without touching it.

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It is about whether “can you spy on an android phone without access to it for free?”. There are various situations where it would be desirable or necessary to figure out how to spy on a cell phone without using the target phone. So you can easily spy on an android phone without access to it for free using the methods given in the article.

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