Can you get Sling TV on Xbox 360? With the well-known streaming provider Sling TV, you can watch live and on-demand TV shows on Xbox 360.

Without a satellite or cable TV subscription, you can view live TV channels with the help of the well-known US streaming provider Sling TV. Download Sling TV from the shop page to link to the Xbox 360. After downloading, enter your credentials and start watching Sling TV.

With no more delay, let us look more at: is Sling TV on Xbox 360 and how to get Sling TV for Xbox 360?

Sling TV

Online channel streaming is one of the finest strategies to reduce cable costs because it is far less expensive than a cable system. Sling TV is a website where users can get US-based live TV channels. In February 2015, Sling TV was the first to offer a live-streaming tv

You may choose your pack according to your preferences, which is one of the best things about Sling TV. Because it streams live channels, you must have internet connectivity, unlike cable TV.

Sling TV is only available for streaming in the US and only offers US channels. The finest feature of Sling TV is its cross-platform integration, which includes Xbox.

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Sling TV on Xbox features

  • You don’t need a setup box or cables to view Sling TV.
  • As there is no contract, you may discontinue or resume services at any time without incurring any tv on xbox
  • You can select a plan dependent on your demands.
  • Plans are affordable, starting at only $25.
  • Available anywhere in the United States.

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Plans for Subscription

Before downloading this App on your Xbox One, obtain a membership from the official site. Three subscription options are available from Sling TV. The list of them is tv subscription

  • Orange and Blue Sling TV costs $50 per month.
  • $35 for each month for Sling TV Orange.
  • $34 for Sling TV Blue each month.

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Why a VPN is Required | To Get Sling Tv On Xbox 360

Can you get Sling TV on Xbox 360? Sling TV is available exclusively in the US and a few US territories. You need a VPN to view this App outside of the US because accessing it outside of the US is challenging.vpn for sling tv

Additionally, when you stream videos online, ISPs and governments may be able to see your IP address. Your daily online activities have been watched in real-time. Your devices can occasionally be readily hacked. You will encounter significant issues if you access copyrighted material on your Firestick.

You occasionally have to pay a fine to the government to stream that content. To avoid these problems, use a VPN. By changing the user’s IP address to one in a different country, a VPN enables the user to conceal her identity.

This technology can also stream copyrighted video content. Some nations forbid using Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and Hulu programs. Using this application, you can use a VPN to conceal your location.

Can You Get Sling TV on Xbox 360? | The Steps

Can you get Sling TV on Xbox 360? To download and install Sling TV on Xbox platforms, follow the short, step-by-step instructions below.


  1. Link the Xbox One or Xbox 360 to the xbox 360 to tv
  2. Select Find all apps from the store page after navigating there.find all apps
  3. Enter “Sling TV” into the search tv option
  4. To begin the installation, open the official Sling TV app, choose Get App, and then Download App.get sling tv
  5. Select Start to launch the Sling TV app when the setup procedure is complete.selecting start
  6. Enter your Sling TV login information to begin viewing your preferred channels online.log in sling tv

Customers outside the United States who want to install Xbox 360 Sling app must use a VPN service because Sling TV is only accessible there. Before installing a VPN on your Xbox, you must change the location to the United States. Follow the actions mentioned underneath to accomplish it.


  1. Select the Xbox Guide on the left of the home screen after turning on your Xbox-connected guide
  2. Search and choose the setting. Navigate to the Language and Location option by tapping All guide settings
  3. To access the US Xbox Store, change your location to the US.language and location

After moving the store’s region to the USA, you must set up a VPN on your Xbox console. Follow the abovementioned steps to configure the VPN on Xbox after connecting it to the US server.


Is there a manual for Sling TV?

You can funnel by favorite channels that you've added to your My TV screen. Choose the Guide icon at the top of the screen or click All Channels listed to start the guided filtering. You can choose to view only certain genres of channels, such as Sports, Lifestyle, Premium, and more.

Can you get Sling TV on Xbox 360?

Purchase an Xbox One and get three free months of Sling TV on Xbox 360. Instantaneously view live television.

Can you install apps on an Xbox 360?

Select Apps, followed by Explore Apps or Find Apps. Then, find the App using a search or browsing, then choose it. To download and install the App, choose Download, followed by Confirm Purchase.

What is the duration of the free trial of Sling TV?

Until you discontinue your service on, you will automatically be charged each month for the corresponding subscription after the first two months.

How can people outside the US access Sling TV?

You can access the Sling Television service outside the United States by utilizing a VPN.

Do users experience lag while streaming Sling TV on an Xbox 360?

You may have lagging difficulties only if the internet speed drops because we are viewing Sling TV online.

Can I revoke my Xbox Live Sling TV membership at any time?

Since no obligation is involved, you can end your subscription at any point.


Can you get Sling TV on Xbox 360? The optimal entertainment pairing of gaming and television is combined in one device when Sling TV is installed on Xbox.

Although Xbox consoles are known for their gaming prowess, you can get live television channels and VOD material combined with SlingTV. Also, you can get amazon prime on Xbox 360.

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