Bypass iPhone Passcode in 4 Quick and Easy Ways

bypass iphone passcode

Have you ever been in a situation where you forgot your iPhone password and had to format your phone? Had to lose all your valuable data? But what if you knew that it’s truly possible to unlock an iPhone without knowing the passcode? It’s 2020, and we have made advances in technology. Thus by following a few steps, you can have access to any iPhone without knowing the passcode and you can bypass iPhone passcode. If you would like to recover your password, click here.


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Follow The Steps Carefully to Bypass iPhone Passcode.

  • Open the lock screen and press the keys ( 23456 ) and then press the emergency button
iphone lockscreen
iPhone Lockscreen
  • Then press the keys 5976#1 and dial. By doing so, the codes shall disappear.
  • Then dial the keys 1*1*1*1*1#5
  • Followed by 2*989#*1*1*1*1*1* and dial the cancel button
  • Then press the keys 012 and then press the emergency key.
  • Afterwards, press #69913# and then dial the dial button.
  • Then press the cancel.
  • Open the search bar by swiping right.
  • Then go to the clock and add a new time zone.
  • And, swipe up and press in the keys 04#*8#98 in the emergency dialer, if done right, then the code shall not disappear.
  • Then dial the keys *469# and press the dial.
  • Further press the keys 15649 and then cancel.
  • And then, open the clock and set an alarm that is 1 min delay than the current time.
  • Then enter the keys 6853# and *125639 and further #499# and then press the dial button
  • within 10-15 secs the screen lock shall open!

2.The Second Approach to Bypass iPhone Passcode.

  • Take your iPhone and say ” Hey Siri “
hey siri
Hey Siri
  • Upon getting a reply to ask for what time it is.
  • Then the time button pops open with a clock.
  • Now, add your custom time zone and then select the time zone and then share the selected text to text message to a random unsaved contact
  • Then try to save the random contact and add a contact photo from the gallery and then press the home button.
  • This shall unlock the phone!

3.The Third Approach.

  • Ask Siri to initiate a reminder alarm and then select the time 1 minute later than that of the current time.
iphone remainder
iPhone Remainder
  • As the remainder alert gets popped, select it and copy it to text message
  • Then store the random number with a contact photo from the gallery.
  • Upon going back to the home page, the phone gets unlocked.

4.The Fourth Approach to Bypass iPhone Passcode.

  • In this ask Siri to set an alarm that is 1-minute lag than the current time
  • Then as the alarm pops, press and hold the power button,
  • Then press the home button. This shall clear the RAM. And upon redirecting to the clock page again, press and hold the power button.
  • This shall crash the lock screen and Boom! your phone will unlock

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Following all the steps accurately and precisely shall give you the desired results and you can bypass iphone passcode. Although, you shouldn’t apply this for any malpractice or without the phone owners’ consent. Doing so can be a legal crime. The first approach may not work if apple has fixed the software glitch.If you are wondering how to transfer contact from android to iPhone, then here are 5 easy and quick ways to transfer contacts from android to iPhone.

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