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best word game apps

What is a word? Simple – a group of alphabets! Really? Then, Is ‘Utb’ a word? ‘coz ‘Tub’ and ‘But’ are! Ahh! these word games! You need to improve your skills with these free word game apps, if you couldn’t figure out the first sentence!

What the heck! In the era of texting, when ‘going to’ has been shrunk into ‘gonna’ and ROFL & LMAO can clearly express one’s whimsicality, then who cares for the grammar behind a word?

Well, everyone does. Especially when the English language has become a status quo. English might be a funny language, but people do take it seriously. They do mind each and every word, then should not mind your own language that’s none but a mix of words.

Welcome to Game of Words! Learning about words through books replete with millions of words may bore you, but playing with words every day may make you learn about millions of words. Thanks to the applications. Oh! Sorry! Apps!! (shrug) Let’s get edutained this year! If you prefer to brush up your math skills instead of english skills, check out these math apps.

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7 Best Word Game Apps to Play in 2023

Here are the current Word Game Apps, which will entertain you and educate you at the same time.

Word Swipe Pic

Well, In Shooting Games, you love to shoot the baddies. But, here, for shooting the words, you don’t need to be a great sniper but an ordinary swiper. Yes, it’s a wonderful game where one just needs to swipe the correct word, and he makes it. That Simple! Also, clues are hidden in the picture given above the randomly piled up words to be swiped correctly to advance to the next level. One keeps winning coins as he progresses, further adding extra fun to the game.

Word Swipe Pic
Word Swipe Pic

This game’s rating is 4.8, and more than 500 k downloads have been made, making it a fantastic word game to go for.
I must say you should try this game just after going through the article. Don’t swipe in between (ha!ha!).

Download: Word Swipe Pic

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Word Up Vocabulary

Do you want to learn English fastly? Then you must know that there is no world like fastly. To learn fast, you need an as fast app like Word Up Vocabulary, which helps you improve your word power and prepares you for English-based exams like IELTS, CAT, etc.
Thus, such an app, where learning can be fun, must be a part of your beloved mobile.

Word-Up Vocabulary
Word-Up Vocabulary

Downloaded over 1M+ times, this app is also rated as 4.8 stars. You can also score higher and share with your friends to compare where you stand.

Download: Word Up Vocabulary

Word Cross

If you are a word game lover, then I am none to introduce this app to you. Everybody knows how to fill the grid by crossing over randomly placed alphabets bringing a meaningful word out of them. You perfectly cross the right word, You get it. It’s that simple.

Word Cross
Word Cross

Having an awesome rating of 4.7 and downloaded over 10 M+, this app is winning the hearts of Word Game lovers. Also, keeping the popularity in mind, the developers have updated it this year with new themes and features. Those who breathe words in like oxygen can collect more coins to unlock new worlds.

Download: Word Cross

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Word Escape

Who doesn’t want to escape from boring hectic life? Almost all but one needs money to do so! What if you just escape and refresh your mind by downloading an app for free. Sound cool? Then be super cool as this app is for you only.


So, what are you waiting for? Turn the internet on and say hi to your Play Store. With wonderful themes, this game lures you to play upto the levels you don’t think you will try on the first attempt. You keep escaping from one level to another by completing the grid filling in the right words. It is a hgihly addictive timed word game app and scores 4.7 stars and over 10 M+ downloads.

Download: Word Escape

Word Cookies

Sitting somewhere and playing a game on the phone? What’s missing? Snacks….!!!! Crazy-crazy!! I have started salivating. Haven’t you? That’s why this game is created in a way that satiates your psychological hunger.

Word Cookies
Word Cookies

Wonderful graphics in the form of cookies compel you to eat the words up. The hunger for knowledge is infinite; thus, be ready to engulf this game. Moreover, it has been downloaded over 10 M+, and is rated as 4.6.

Download: Word Cookies

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Wordlife-Crossword Puzzle

Nothing is immortal. Then how can the words be? Don’t you believe it?

Where art thou?Can you guess what it means? No? Better google it. A century before, such words were living like a king, but now these are dead or obsolete. This new app named Word life is based on nature that teaches the importance of the word.

WordLife Crossword
WordLife Crossword

Each (t)ec(h)o-friendly level brings you near life, i.e., word. You earn, progress, and unlock a new level and learn new words.
You can shuffle and take the hint if you’re stuck in between. It’s one of the best word game apps to go for, which is not only rated as 4.5 but downloaded over 1M+.

Download: Wordlife-Crossword Puzzle

Crossword Puzzle

Well, all newly born kids don’t utter ‘Ma’ as their first word. Some directly say ‘Mom’ because they are born in English Speaking Families. For such people, this game is made. Those who have a good vocabulary should download this game right after finishing this article. This game deeply involves one physically and mentally. One needs to identify a word by guessing a short description about it.

Crossword Puzzle free
Crossword Puzzle free

You can take a hint and try to guess the word, but hints keep reducing as you use them. Thus this brain teaser is really an awesome game for word puzzle app-addicts! It has a rating of 4.5 and has been downloaded over 1 M+.

Download: Crossword Puzzle

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Final words

Well, those who don’t have time to try word puzzles in English newspapers or magazines must download these apps as they are not only handy to go for anytime or any place, they are also easy to operate, fun to play, and entertaining to learn from.

These games are purely for the masses as they are android based (bingo!) and free to install. Hurry up! Mustn’t you avail the golden opportunity? Also, it’s purely my choice to rank these apps in such order. Your choice may differ in this, but one thing I can assure you that you would cent percent agree with me that these Word Game Apps are really a treat for this year. And to pull down the misconception, word games for adults do exist!

I can bet you would indeed love the idea of edutainment and will not resist yourself from, at least, trying these apps once. At last, I will only say -when words can play with our future, we better play with words!

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